Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Tony (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Tony, Thank for yours letter and for your picture, I love your smile very much.
My honey, that is necessary my visa, I have no it, but it not the problem for me to receive the tourist Visa in any country because I already travelled to Cyprus, and I have familiar in this agency. i have my passport.
About my grandmother.. That it is possible to tell, she is the woman which was very young within the Second World war both worked at a factory and my grandmother on pension did tanks for our Army.
I very much like to go to park and also as I already wrote to you I I adore cinema my honey, therefore in my city I very much frequently leave at cinema with girlfriends.
Tony, i wrote to you my number of phone, why you didn't write me your number of phone and also your adress? you can write for me sms if you wish.
My adress is Kazan, Karla-lIbnehta90-34, Russia, Olga Kolotuhina and your?
My honey, I understand you because probably you wish to have a meeting.., but you are sure in it?
Now at me usual hair, my honey are long, I did not have short hair.., why you ask? You have also correspondence with other woman?
I send you pictures of me in a dress I hope, that you will love it dear Tony.
And also I shall wait for yours sms...
Letter 2
hello dear Tony,
Yesterday I wrote to you sms but how I understand, what it is your home telephone number? And you can write to me your mobile phone?
Also my honey, tomorrow I shall do a picture and to send you I skin a picture of me, well?
Also about a meeting..., yes you are right, that here again many nuances my honey here are very difficult. I shall be with you frank.. As for me I think that there is no one woman who does not like flowers a tall. I prefer blood-red roses, delicate lilies, and noble irises.
When there is a vase of flowers on the table at the hall or on bedside table near the bed, it means that you will be elated all the day, have a desire to do the best for everybody. I am fond of dancing very much.
I like to dance also. Most of all I like Latin-American dances, because they are so passionate, rhythmical and active.
What necessary man …, his qualities character and soul … in the man I to appreciate such qualities, as kindness, mutual understanding, humanity. I want that my future the man loved people, children, the nature, were pleased lives. Honesty, openly, such qualities which should be at the man of my dream! Also trust, I think, that on this quality building all relations., if the person does not trust the partner also speeches cannot go about love., about the true love!
But to achieve trust, people which want be together should communicate and communicate a lot of time, until then while they not understand, that know about the friend the friend practical all! When the border of trust will be maximal then the greater is possible to expect for something than dialogue through the screen of the monitor is simple, you so do not think? Especially considering today a situation dangerous to both, both for men, and for women. I many times heard, that women from Russia and also Ukraine, also the countries of the Europe and Africa very often deceive men because of money when the girl asks to transfer money through the western union, and then vanishes in a unknown direction. Yes, it is the fact, and I am not afraid to write it to you my honey Tony because it is necessary to be realists in a virtual life, and in a real life in general. Here in my city now very strict rules in the western union and it more than two years because when I travelled to the man from France to Chyprus, the man also sent me of money, the part of money is more exact on wash flight to Chyprus. I do not have the reasons to deceive men on the Internet because I consider it very silly and not as favourable employment, and the most important destroying employment between friendship of people and in general morals. And so, now in the western union, in my city to receive the necessary sum, it is necessary to leave a copy of the passport, then employees of the western union do inquiry to Moscow and check as many times the given woman received money and whether the given girl or the woman of money from other men if it so do calls to men from which she received money and if men speak received, what yes really were deceived from her then the woman bears the criminal liability under clause "swindle", therefore it is very strict now and to make the given crime, is necessary 100 times to think, and whether there are 1000 euros of freedom for 3-5 years? I think, that was not present. In fact, I here not for money, I here, for creation of family, for a birth of children.
I understand, what impact the man after the girl has deceived his., receives what mental derangement he tests after that. It is impossible and is inexplicable, such malicious people ready on such crimes whence undertake!! But also besides crimes from women, I heard and about crimes of men, and it is not less important fact and a situation which also is necessary for considering from the point of view of realists …, the woman who really wishes to create family, wishes to be happy and to do the happy husband arrives to the country where there lives her the groom, and after the airport at this woman select the passport and all documents, money, all necessary for a life, … as a matter of fact, the woman becomes homeless in another in the another's country!! But it is not enough of it, this woman sell in slavery and she works in the countries of the East, or in the Europe as the PROSTITUTE!!! Awfully terribly!! But my honey, I hope, that we not such people about whom I wrote and for us the most important nevertheless family and serious the attitude which will be filled love, reciprocity, respect, understanding in family! As to concrete me, I yet did not meet the true love, but I think, that I shall find its and my choice will be correct! I send you a copy of my passport, I wish to be with you frank on all of 100 %, I hope, that you also will be frank with me that done not happen between us. On character I quiet the person, very hardworking person, in fact in Russia was impossible to live, if will not work. I open, fair and at once speak all directly without hints. That is actually, I do not hide something from the person with which I communicate and the more so I do not deceive him! In fact the deceit is a defect. Sooner or later the God will punish the sinner for his crimes. I very sociable woman and sympathetic, help all people than I can help: encouragement. Also I very much love children and animal. I soft also love tenderness and caress, as well as any other woman. I like that me noticed from crowd.
I do not love in the person, such features as a deceit, lie, the swindler, roughness, treachery, impudence. I think, that you do not possess these qualities. I think you share my opinion although you expressed it differently without such love and sympathy. I already told you that in my life there has been no serious relationship with a man. I see that men pay attention to me, but I feel that their intentions are frivolous and insincere. I do not want fleeting relations based on account and deceit. All I want is to find that man, who will completely understand, respect and love me. In return, I will give him all that he desires. Spiritual affinity and mutual understanding - this is what I am seeking in a man. This is what makes strong relations between a man and a woman. You seem to me to be that man who I can trust. You are very open and sincere. I think, Tony e, that you are not like other men, who laugh at my words and thoughts. I very much did not want to interrupt our relations. Write to me again. I wait with great impatience for your coming letters.
Always frank Olga
Letter 3
hello my dear Tony, Thanks for your remarkable letter, I was glad to read it. Dear I happy that it is your mobile, I will call you then when you will see my number of phone call me back because I write to you sms but my sms came back to me…or if you wish write to me sms yourself. .What do you think about it? +7 927 882 79 15.
Know.., at once it is felt, that you apply on your letter and heart and soul, I feel heat of your letter and sincerity, therefore and I shall be with you sincere and frank as well as you with me my honey Tony.
Dear I was not a scammer woman I know about this problem, and that’s all.
We correspond with you not for long, but I already test to you any feelings I cannot explain it, but I know, that it is present at mine heart.
I am very serious in the choice because I have already made a mistake, but I trust you as well I am glad that you trust me honey Tony.
That is necessary my work and a life in Russia.., I shall not say lies to you and to hide it, but also do not consider it how to complain to you of it.
I love my country, I love beauty of my country, a wood, a field, mountain, in fact Russia the Great country, the huge country rich with resources and the beauty. But the politics of Russia very bad and negative, Russia lives by a principle People for the State, instead of the State for people.., and I shall not hide from you that here many bribes, everyone wish to fill the purses and to be rich.., but I adhere to other values..., I still trust, that there are on the Earth people for which money would not play the most important role in a life, and nevertheless on the first place there were such concepts, as love, family, a duty, respect, trust and simply humanity. I very much the gentle person and sometimes seem to me that easily to crush under it to press me politics of Russia. My salary is 180 euros a month.., yes it is true you probably are now laugh , but it is the truth. I pay for the house, for water, for light, and still it is necessary for me to buy meal, clothes and all rest. The pension of the grandmother which has worked all life on the country makes only 230 euros a month.
It is awful. I carry clothes on 2-3 years while under repair footwear speak me, that these shoes are not a subject to repair, but nevertheless looking and living here I am able to be pleased lives, I love Russia, and I wish to create family Therefore at once while we not on are close to each other I so much wish to tell to you these things that you have solved and whether it is necessary to have correspondence with such woman or it is necessary to direct the search to other channel and to find something of that I really advantage. If suddenly we succeed in our relations and we decide to have a real meeting you can arrive to me to Russia, but it will be not easy, because with a today's politics of Russia, Russia again becomes the closed country for all countries of the world.
There can be it again Cold war? I do not know, and I do not wish to think of this.., because a shiver also it becomes terrible. You will spend more money when will arrive to me because then it will be necessary for us to arrive to you, and it is not important as many money you have in any cases today you king and tomorrow you anybody and it is necessary to remember a "gold" rule. Money love economy! But I live and I shall live and I shall hope, that I to find happiness. Also my honey will be more better to arrive to me the first to you because if we succeed with you it will be necessary for me to live in your country where absolutely other people, other mentality, other people, others corrected, other Constitution, I hope, that you understand me. It very important honey Tony, you divide the given opinion with me.
If I shall arrive to you I shall put all the efforts to arrive to you for own money and to legalize papers for my arrival to you also for own money because I know that is now created on sites of acquaintances, and I know, that the majority of women deceive men because of money, and I consider, that it is silly and without honour. And if I shall be need from you some a little sum the money, your right won’t give it to me or to agree to help me, I shall understand you in any your answer. But I really will try arrive to your country for my own money!
In fact that woman which to receive from the man let 300-1000 euros, she will spend it for cosmetics and clothes, and sooner or later money will disappear, and he does not become poor, and she will not be rich. These are dirty money, I do not respect with it, these fucking prostitute.. Excuse me Tony. For me it is wildness!!
And men.., in fact it is dangerous to woman to go to any country of the West because there instead of love she can get a job on the panel or roads in the form of the prostitute, moreover and without the passport.., it is terrible to think.
But among this I see good the man.., and once we can probably have our meeting and it is a meeting will prove to all that ture love exists!!
I trust in it. I like you very much dear Tony. If this letter has appeared for you mad forgive me, I have simply opened all soul to you..
Letter 4

Hello my darling, Excuse yesterday I could not write to you the letter because I very long was in agency and also I had difficult actually conversation with my chief.
But nevertheless my honey, I have for you delightful news my chief can give me holiday on the whole 2,5 weeks!!! During this period we can be with you together and whether we can see the most important will we to succeed with you, but I trust that certainly YES!!
My honey, also I have for you the information from agency.
The ticket from Kazan up to Moscow will cost to me 120 euros, also the ticket from Moscow up to Philadelphia will cost to me 710 euros, the insurance costs 50 euros, the visa will cost to me 90 euros, and the visa business days because it is the tourist visa will be made out only 7 days, and I also had already to fly through this agency when I arrived to Chyprus, therefore I have there the friend and also the discount for services of the given agency is rendered me now! From Moscow I will arrive to Paris airport Charles De Gol', then I will arrive from this sirport and arrive to Philadelphia. All time in fly 13 hours 15 minutes, in Philadelhia I can arrive to the Terminal: A Air France 12 april
All my trip will cost to me 1800 Euro.Agency give tickets both way.
My honey, I have only 680 Euro, it will be necessary for me still 1120 Euro, I hope, that you can help me this sum because both of us really we want this meeting and we really serious people who wishes to create family. I really thought, that I can arrive to you for own money, but the prices in agency became more dear for that period of time when I travelled to Chyprus. But if you will arrive to me, yes in Kazan we have only airport, but also you can arrive by the train from Moscow to Kazan.If I would arrive to you, I to think that in it also would be and a lot of useful, as I to think that then when we shall be together and we shall decide that we want to be together that I we shall think that to live in your country. I to think that you would like and I would be glad to live in your country, I to think that if we shall understand that are created the friend for the friend that then we shall be together in your country, and as I shall arrive to you, already I can look at your country, I can find out it better, its culture, can communicate with the people and see what type of the people in your country and when we shall be together for ever, I already shall know much about your country and me it will be easier to live there. I to think that it would be useful travel for me, but though I and really would like and so to look at this country, as I still never was abroad, but nevertheless it not mine to come, and I to think as well about the future, as I to think that always am necessary to reflect on that that will and do conclusions and decisions better at the present moment, as then it is possible to be mistaken and to pity about that that so has not made earlier. I to think that you to understand me. You can think concerning it and I hope that in yours the following letter I can find out your ideas on this account.
I can send a copy of the ticket with which I travelled to Chyprus, I have taken it from agency specially for you my honey and again a copy of my passport.
I hope for you my honey, that all will be good, I worry a little when I write to you this letter, but in my heart the piece of coal, that nevertheless I other woman not as these millions women on sites of acquaintances decays! I am real and serious with you during all our correspondence my honey Tony.
And the most important, that ourselves we want, both we want this meeting not looking on what and as speak risk noble business, certainly if you will think, that you risk in general..
Letter 5
Hello dear Tony, Ok it is about 1760 US $, and how i can get don't know exatly, but here some ways: 1. you can send to bank accounts, but i haven't it, because in russia very difficult open it, only for business. 2. Western Union, when i travelled to Chyprus man from france send me the money so way. I will need from you in your full name (first name, last name), city, adress, state, country. and you will need from me also in my follow details: name: O L G A surname: K O L O T U H I N A adress: Karla-LIbnehta90-34 city: K A Z A N country; R U S S I A when you make me transfer you will get number (mtcn) i will need also for this number only so i can pick up your the money. 3. Money Gram, it is the same way as Western Union. Then i will go to the agency pay for everything and tell to you exatly date of my arriving to you my darling. your Olga
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