Scam letter(s) from Natalia Dorohina to Geoff (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Geoff !!! I am glad that you have written me. In general it is very interesting to correspondence with you. Because with you I can find out more about world and life in your country. But me more pleasantly and more interestingly find out about you. =) For certain you would like to find out more about me so. Because I want tell you more about myself. I hope you will be interesting find out about my hobbies... But I can tell that at me not concrete hobby. =) But I like to look films, listen to music, read books and newspapers. You like visit cinemas??? I visit almost all new films. Because it amazing with beauty and sense... Recently I looked "Samii luchshii philm". Certainly at me was very much big impressions. Also I like looking melodramas. I wish find out what music type like you??? And I like to enjoy Classical music and New Ege. Because it directs at reflections and I like listen this types music for dream. Basically I listen Enya, Enigma and many others. Except for this music I like also popular english music. So. Probably you reflect why I'm began write to you??? I can tell only one... I cannot find in Russia person who loved and respected me. As one wise person has told: "WHEN WE LIVE WE ARE IN SEARCH, IN SEARCH OF WHO CAN GO WITH YOU ON A VITAL WAY. BECAUSE ONE TO GO VERY MUCH AND VERY MUCH DIFFICULTLY". I think that you agree with me??? More particularly, I search person kind and careful!!! Probably it only children's dream. But I think that you such. purpose my life it find person who can cares of me and ours with him children's. Recently happened so I was on funeral schoolmate. Recently he has died of used drugs... And he has died of overdose. He was the excellent friend, he always came to me the aid when to me it was bad. He was the successful businessman. But unfortunately he has used drugs. I very much regret about it. And consequently I categorically against drugs. I understand that you difficult to understand my letters. Forgive me that I use translator and consequently probably mistakes in translation. I learned English at university and I can speak fluently. But I do not have time write in English in internet-cafe. I hope that you understand... For this reason I use translator, it is fast and simple. So. I shall finish now my letter and move to home have rest before tomorrow's day. I shall wait your letter and I can tell you that your letters began more than simply e-mail... Today I again shall send you my photo. I hope to you pleasantly... Yours faithfully Natalya!!!
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Geoff !!! I'm glad see your letter again in mail box. It is very pleasant me find out about you even more!!!! Sorry that I cannot write you earlier! Since yesterday's morning I was on daily watch in hospital. I did not sleep and think about you... Therefore having come home during the lunchtime I sleeped. With mornings I went to sports hall. I like go in for sports because I think that it is useful for health and maintenance of spirit. From kinds of sports I prefer gymnastics and aerobics. I like swimming. Summer time on river called Solonec, this most salty lake in Russia.... In this lake extract salt.... Certainly, after that it is necessary to wash a body, but I love movement and consequently I float in this lake!!!! and winter time in pool. I like to watch myself and I like when I look beautiful. =) And for this purpose I put not small efforts. Many from our people do not go in for sports. They speak that they do not have time. But I think that for sports always is possible find time. I daily go sports hall. I was accustomed to sports in childhood. Father always spoke me that it is necessary and I completely agree with him especially now. I remember that time when I studied at university. It were cheerful times. Certainly study was difficult, but after study always cheerful. At us was cheerful company and we each day off went to various clubs and cafe. This tradition has remained till now and when we meet that we gather in any bar. And we recollect ours student's time. Many of us have already work in other cities. But the majority still in our city. When I studied in university we studied set of sciences, but basically natural sciences. We six years studied so much to become the doctor. It is always pleasant to recollect student's times. But now I wish tell you about tastes in meal. I love different kinds of the foodstuffs. But basically I can cooking myself. I like cooking because it very much interestingly. Especially when you cooking something new. My favourite dish it Blini with cottage cheese!!! The true Russian house Blini with cottage cheese!!! . I love them. You know that such Blini??? Still it is interesting me what you like??? And how the food in your city is various??? You are able to cooking himself??? I still want to ask you phone number. Simply I want to hear yours voice. And I think that you probably too not against hear my voice. I cannot to give you my phone number because I live in an apartment where not present phone. I as have no cell telephone. And neighbours do not allow me to use their phone. Most likely I shall call you from telegraph. So. I shall move now home. I hope that you are not offended because of absence of my answer earlier and will write to me tomorrow.
I shall wait very much... Yours faithfully yours Natalya!!!!
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