Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Jerome (USA)

Letter 1
Hi I live in Russia.
And I would like to get acquainted with you I have seen your profile on a site of acquaintances.
all penpals. Also I write to you from the electronic box if to you interestingly and you search for the girl for serious relations that write to me and send to me the photo I will necessarily answer you. Also I will send you the photo.
I will wait. Nadija
Letter 2
Greetings Jerome! I am very glad that you have written to me so soon. If it is fair, I did not think that you will not answer me And still I would like to tell to you a little about myself. That you knew me is better. :) My name is Nadija to me 28 years. I wish to tell at once, that at me very serious intentions and mine Aim to construct serious relations. At once I want To explain to you why I has chosen the Internet and correspondence with People from other country. First, I was disappointed for a long time in our men, Because they on the first place have an alcohol, And serious relations in the end of this list. Secondly, I was disappointed in the politician and Economic situation of our state. At times to me In terribly evening to go along the street. I think, that you You look news. You look news? In our country there are very terrible and catastrophic situations.
Once the plane was grasped by terrorists, also there was a case when school With children terrorists have grasped and it was on September, 1st, or the same happens at theatre.
Unless I am similar on not the normal person, That at such situation in the country to have children!
No. I do not wish to sit at home and to wait for my child from Schools to think only of that that there that not Happens, that its any ***** driver not Has brought down on road... I hope you understand that at such situation of a happy life in Russia cannot be...
You understand me? Well will suffice about it. So, as I have told at me very much Serious intentions and I very seriously concern to To it. I corresponded earlier with many men and Has ceased to write to them after the request to send the intimate Photos. In my opinion, people which ask it Are interested only in my body and them does not interest My spiritual condition, my private world, washing a shower. Men for some reason forget, that under nature laws Choose women, therefore I will choose them, instead of they Will choose me. I saw the program on the TV About international marriages also has come to conclusion, that The man chooses the woman, as a thing. First of all, Them interests: a ******, feet, a teeth and the sizes of the separate Body parts. And here that the such does not happen I I will choose To itself the man... I will listen to my heart and to read it Letters. If it does not suit you give Let's stop on this letter and we will not continue Correspondence. You like my smile? :) In this letter I attach the photo...

While.... Jerome
Letter 3
I am glad to receive your letter Jerome and I see that to these you wish to show to me, What is the relation to search of the companion of a life too seriously. So, only after the first letter each other we have already one general line - both of us very seriously concern search of our second half. You know dear I wish to suggest to play to you in one very interesting game. So as to name to us it, give we name it, hmm "let me tell you about myself". Game rules are very simple, if one rule is fair in it only :)....

Rule 1: the participant of game "let me tell you about myself" in each new letter should new tell something about itself. Allow me to begin......... As I have already told in my first letter my name is Nadija. This name to me was given by parents in day of my birth. A name of my father Sasha, and mums Nina. They have got married when 20 years were it only. I still never was married... By the way in our country early marriages very widespread phenomenon. Oh, has distracted... I continue :) they have lived a long and happy life, but about three years ago my father has died of heart attack and now we live together. At me is not present brothers sisters though if to be fair that at me there is a cousin, but I it saw one two time for all life... As I already wrote to you, I live in Russia, in city Zelenodolsk. Zelenodolsk is a small town in 810 kilometres from Moscow. Though it and small, but very much to like me and I very much like to live here! And how your city? It to like you? From the early childhood my parents spoke me that the most important this FORMATION (well they have started it to speak not absolutely since the early childhood :) and approximately since 13 years when I have started all to understand :)) and good WORK (and it at me is, thanks mum the daddy). I work as the distributor in company Amway. You know this company?? It is very rich company and it has many distributors on all country. I very much respect the work and I consider it as a correct choice... Therefore after leaving school I have entered the university. By the way I precisely do not know how many you go to school in your country, but in Russia we go to school 11 years. And so after 11 years of study at school I have entered the university, which have finished in 5 years. In the end of study to me have suggested to remain at university for 2 years, here it is called postgraduate study. As suitable work there was no I remained. You represent Jerome, now to me 28 years, and I studied for the life of the whole 18 years! Well Jerome, your turn to tell to me about your parents, sisters, brothers and about the childhood...... Go ahead!!!
I will be waiting for your letter. Jerome
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jerome! Today, when I have come to the Internet of cafe I was very glad to see your letter. I am glad that we had such friendly relations! It is very good for me and I hope that it very well and for you Jerome, whether not so? Yes, I did not speak that I go to the cafe Internet to write letters for you. I have no computer at home, therefore I write to you from the cafe Internet. But I think it cannot affect our correspondence in any way. I very much would like to hear your voice, to speak with you. And you would not refuse to speak with me by phone I think. Unfortunately I cannot call to you, excuse, I have no phone at me there was phone Nokia to 5200 me this phone liked but at me all time money for this phone because at us in Russia very big tariffs for phone, and I have solved came to an end that phone is not necessary to me while I cannot contain it. As I consider my life have developed much easier, but it does not mean, that it was too simple and not difficult. For the life I had to see a lot of interesting and terrible that you will not wish the relatives and acquaintances and even enemies who at me are not present, and was not. At school and college I always had remarkable relations with my schoolmates and classmates though not all of them among themselves got on. All my friends consider, that it at me magnificent sense of humour. On how many I know, some of them envy me. I at times too have a feeling of envy to something, but I always extinguish it in myself. This ability helps me to exist adequately in this severe world. I consider that envy and lie is the most bad and disgusting qualities of the person. I never liked people who envied another's happiness and could do nothing for itself, for the happiness. My mother was from a heavy family. At early age my mother and mother of my mother was thrown by the father (for me it will be my grandfather who has thrown my grandmother with the daughter who becomes my mum). At that time it it was very heavy, mother of my mother (my grandmother) was very sick. It was difficult to it to contain a family. My mother would have making related sister, on knowing heavy position in a family of mother of my mum (my grandmother) it was necessary to get rid of a germ (to it was only 4 months), it has made it purposely. They were helped only by relatives. My mother has entered the university. In the afternoon she studied, in the evening it earned additionally and still had time to help sick mother. When my mother 18 years were executed, her mother has died, in two years after that she has met my father, they have got married, and a year later there was I. I am the only child in a family. As I now think, to me it was boring without the little sister or the brother, but it not to change any more. As I was the only child in a family all attention of parents was necessary to me. At preschool age I visited a kindergarten together with my mother. Time to school I was, practically completely, under the influence of my mother. It entirely could transfer all attention and caress to me. At school me practically always named to the diligent schoolgirl. At school I knew, what trade to me to choose. Having finished eleven classes I have started out an adult life. I have arrived in college, and have studied there five years. These years went very quickly and even now I recollect the words when I would speak faster to me was 18 then to me was executed 18 both 19, and 20 time not to return back and it is very bad.
Just now I understand that it is necessary to value each minute of this life.
I think that you think as. On it I should finish this letter but I will necessarily answer you I to you have told a little about the life, I hope, it was interesting to you to read about me.
In this letter I have attached some the photos including a photo! I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully your friend.
Letter 5
Greetings my dear Jerome! How are you doing?, what new? I am glad to receive this letter from you. As me it is very pleasant to Arrive after work to Internet cafe, and to see the new letter from You. Today I had short day on my work. To us people who are trained in The college on the bookkeeper has arrived to my work. They have transferred practice in us In work. They tried to perform work with papers by which I do, thus they Could try to make it. Therefore I have finished today work much more earlier. I have gone at once to Internet cafe. I had more time, and I have Begun to re-read all our letters. For me it became very interesting.
At first I read your letter to me, then. You tried to make it? I read Today your letters many times. And I wish to tell to you, that it Very pleasant for me about which you spend your attention and anxiety I. And I happy very much, that we have conversation with you. I feel Really good feelings for you. Sometimes I think of our relations, and I hope, that we do not play Game with you, I hope, that we create ours The happy future now. When I have gone to Internet cafe today to write this letter to you, me Passing central park in our city. For me it was very much Pleasant to look at girls and men who go there constantly. I think, That it is very romantic to go on park and to hold each other for Hands. It looks very beautifully. I remember, it when I studied in The college, I always dreamt to make it. But I have no favourite person, And I should dream only of it now. But I hope, it sometime my dream Becomes real. There can be you, think, that I have very simple dream During these 28 years. But I wish to tell to you, that main dream, Certainly it is not simple to go on the park holding for hands with someone.
The main dream for me, it to find the favourite person. I simply want, That I favourite and respected. It is very important for me. I very much Insistently have no it now. But I think, that all will be good. I Think, that my real dream becomes very fast. I have letters from you, And it means for me very much. I wish to ask you only about that that you Has written to me every day. If you cannot write to me because have a complex Day, or are very tired, simply warn me about it. Write to me The short letter, it will be important for me. As, if you do not write To me though some words I will worry for you. I think, that for you It will not be difficult. Well, my dear? I as wish to put the photo where I go in for sports :) I think that you will like my form :) I have questions to you, I want, that you have answered them. You have Dream? You love work? You have many friends? I will finish on it today the letter to you. I with impatience will wait
Reception of news from you with impatience. Yours Nadija
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jerome!!! I was very glad to receive your letter and thanks once again that you continue to write to me! It very strongly pleases me! You know, how I rejoice, when I receive your letters. I very much did not test for a long time such pleasure! I think now you for me very expensive person and I would not like to lose you! Well, all of us still after all play game "let me tell you about myself"? In this letter I think to tell to you about my city.
Zelenodolsk it is a small city on suburb of republic Tatarstan, about us many other republics for example Chuvashiya and Mari-el to these it and to like Me. This is especially beautiful in the summer and when you go on it at night! This simply magnificent show!. In our city the river Volga also proceeds. It is one of the greatest rivers in Russia. At us very green city.
In the summer at us it is a lot of visitors on a beach from the next republics, yes I and itself like to float and you like to float??
At us still very young city and it just begins the life at us many gardens and all people begins that that to do in the gardens.
At us speak so If there was no garden that would die of hunger.
Yes really many at us products and vegetables of own manufacture, for example the Potato eat only, carrots.
And still it is a lot of all.
Towards the end of summer all do jam both salt cucumbers and pickle vegetables.
At us an interesting city, but here it is very difficult to live.
In the evening I go along the street a little as very much I am afraid that I will be attacked by ***** men.
Yes I am afraid because we already had such cases, have attacked my girlfriend and have selected at it a handbag. Here the photo where I with the girlfriends that which is above us at it have selected a handbag. On it I finish today the small letter, impatience I will wait for your letter and new photos! Yours Nadija
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jerome! How your affairs today? I waited for your letter. Well I think, you already know it. I hope to you to like to write me letters and I do not bother you with the questions and letters. You know, I am very glad that we have met with each other. How your affairs today? How is the weather in your country? You know, today at us very ***** and rainy weather. Couple of days ago there was a sun. But now it is again very ***** and from it to become very sadly on a shower. I long thought, that it is possible for you to write in this letter. Also has decided to write about the parents, about the last life and simply to state the thoughts and feelings to a life, to you... So, I will begin. I will begin with that what at me there were parents. You know, speak that parents need to be loved. I have understood that it is the full truth. Certainly, in the childhood I often took offence at the parents when they punished me for various offences. Likely each person cried in the life when was small and took offence at the parents, it is a pity that we understand only later when there passes many time.Ii when the father has died, I have understood that very much I love the parents and I understand that they will never bear malice to the child. I very much worried and longed when my father has died. When you understand that you never will see the person with whom you were a number all life, and now you can not see it and you can not talk to it at all, it very difficult and would be desirable to cry! Yes, I understand, all people expensive to us for ever remain in our hearts and I consider that very remarkable line of the person!! Now I live with mother and very much I love it. I try to help always to it in all. The only thing of what dreams my mother now it that I have found the person with whom could live all life! She considers that I still all that little girl behind whom leaving is necessary. There can be it and the rights... Earlier when I was small, we with my parents often travelled... Though we went not too far from our city, but at that time for the small curious girl it there were present adventures! Now I have grown and all the same have not lost interest to travel though now I would like to see the world in wider foreshortening. It is a pity that I do not have such possibility. My dear Jerome, you like to travel?
If I was able to fly that I would fly about all world would visit each city.
Well and certainly would fly to you :) mine Jerome As it is a pity that dreams all it simply. I send you a photo when I have gone to school in the first class, it is very old photo :) My dear, on it I should finish the letter and with impatience I will wait for your letter.
Your darling Nadija!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jerome! Both again I here and again I with you!! I am very glad to read your letter. Thanks for your beautiful and good words which you write me. Thanks for interest and respect which you show to me. I very much appreciate your kindness. You very fair, good and kind person. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you. I will tell to you once again that I very much do not wish to cease to communicate with you! Moreover, I would be very glad, if could meet you! =) as your affairs, my dear Jerome? Than you are engaged, how you spend the day? How your mood? You know Jerome, my mood today simply super!!! Today such wonderful and fine day! Also today day blows as any romanticism. During this moment very much it would be desirable to be with the man and you know, Jerome, such man it you! Yes, I certainly understand, we cannot be now nearby, I cannot embrace, glance you in your eyes. But you know, I receive huge pleasure and huge pleasure of that I write you letters and I can receive from you letters! !! In this letter I wished to tell about how there passes my day. To you probably interestingly to know, that I do, than is occupied also what my interests. I think from this letter you can learn about me little bit more. By the way, all of us still play game "let me tell you about myself", you have not forgotten?! I hope in your following letter also to learn more and about you. So, I will start to tell. My day begins in 8 o'clock in the morning. At this time I wake up, I do gymnastics (I consider, that if not to make gymnastics that the person will not receive full sensations from forthcoming day because it will be very sleepy). After gymnastics I do to myself a breakfast. Usually a breakfast is the easy food. It can be fried eggs, toasts, and other easy food. For a breakfast I like to use vegetables and sometimes fruit. Also does not manage and without a milk glass. Then after that I have a rest to steam of hours, I clean the house, I go behind products to shop. Then I go for work. Jerome, I never told to you about the work in detail. As you know, I work in firm Amway. Here, work consists in production sale to other people. I buy production in Moscow. At first I ask people, my friends, relatives that is necessary for them and what they require, I give them the catalogue with the cosmetics name (this firm specialises basically on cosmetics). Then I send the order on e-mail and in couple of weeks to me deliver the order which I sell under higher price, than I buy this production. My earnings also consist in it. You know, it is very interesting work and to me very much to like to work in this firm. I go on set of presentations, lectures and seminars on this work. Here to me tell as correctly to work and how more to earn. I come home somewhere to 4 o'clock in the evening. But it not always, I very often come to other time - or earlier, and can and later. After work I very much like to descend in fitness of halls. To me very much to like to go in for sports and I very much I like to behave in shape. It helps to behave with good mood that is very important for my work! After fitness of a hall I go home and I go to a shower. In the evening I often meet the girlfriends and we go together to walk. Sometimes we go to look cinema in a cinema, sometimes we go and we sit in cafe, we discuss different themes. I already told to the girlfriends about you. You have very much liked them! =) they have told that are very glad for me! You know Jerome, they have defined at once that you very good and kind person. I consider it correctly. Especially as is known at women intuition it is developed more strongly than at men and they feel much better than men. You know Jerome, what it is possible to read character of the person on his face? It is the truth! On the person of the person it is possible to learn much! You understand me? You should find my photo :) in this photo there is I and my fellow workers, at the next meeting :) Well here, on it I also finish the today's letter and with impatience I wait for new letters from you. I hope to you it was pleasant that I have written to you today. I wait for new your letters and photos! I kiss you! Yours faithfully, yours Nadija!
Letter 9
Greetings my dear Jerome!
I am very glad to receive your warm close letter. You very much very much like I?. The big gratitude for your attention. I very much would like to have with you serious relations and to be the sensitive partner of a life for you. In our letters we should continue to study each other better. With each your new letter I will study, that you very interesting person. I enjoy according to the correspondence to you. I think, which we should write each other, as it probably more often. How much possibility allows us. Nothing does the man and the woman is closer, than to execute a lot of time together and more to communicate. I very much like to dream and think of my future. I very often represent our house. To me I would be very desirable to have in my apartment or to give to an old fireplace dwelling and to a considerable quantity of colours. As would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles. What do you think of it? What house would dream to have you? It would be very interesting to me to know your dream. Certainly I will create comfort in the house. Recently I have finished norms of the designer. I think, which in me it very well will appear. I will feel very happy woman if my husband is my reliable friend, will calm cautious and strong, generous and clever.
You like to visit friends? Or to enter into the good noisy and cheerful company? You like free days? You like to have rest?
I very much love free days. In free days I very much like to carry out time for kitchen.
I very much like to prepare. I would like to prepare for you something unusual. I wish to know, which you like to use in food. You love a sweet?
I very much love a sweet, but I observe number, and I limit me in use of sweet food.
As I am occupied on sports meets to contain me in the good form. You care about health? Yes to like me that that you have three dogs and all of them like me.
I understand you to you there is no woman which will wait for you at home when you will come from work.
That you would not prepare it would prepare this all for you.
If we were now nearby I I would promise you all it prepared for you!!!!
And it would be pleasant to you precisely but I think that your dogs do not love extraneous people and they would bite me :) But as I know good and tasty recipes what to cook tasty food. Yes I am assured you such still when did not eat :) I wish to execute further time together and to study each other better.
Everyone yours after the letter I expect impatiently.
Do not leave me during long time.
Tomorrow I will wait your answer.
Sincerely yours. Nadija!!!!!!!
Letter 10
Greetings my dear Jerome!
9A the first lines I wish to tell and on to thank to you, for your pleasant words in the letter. In your letter I liked to read each word and I like to learn you better. I'm fine, I feel perfectly. At us in Russia there have come the May holidays, all people on this holiday blem with the family to have a rest on the nature, sing songs and do shish kebabs. I as moved to this holiday on the nature with the friends and the native people, these holidays for me were cheerful and beautiful, was so all romantically to meet the nature early spring colours and to sit under a birch tree, listening to a song under a guitar. Jerome, I wish as to concern you and to tell in this letter, that my friends leave every summer in travel to the holiday and have good rest summer. My beloved Jerome, it is very pleasant for hearing from you, that you wish to meet me and to travel to me, to get acquainted with my family and my friends. But as I already spoke to you that my friends I will not be in Russia and they I will travel, as to Egypt, to Turkey. If you knew as me pleasantly, at me not to be words as you on to thank that you wish to make for my friends and my family. But me it is sad that near to me in this summer and the next three months, I will be one. Jerome, that you think apropos if I travel to you to begin with to get acquainted your culture and first of all your family. This summer I as will have holiday, from work for two months and then I again should work. Jerome, I want that you understood my words and I very much want that my holiday was near to you. I want that you have understood, that in the summer I all people leave for a city and many travel abroad to take pleasure in the holiday from work. I as want that my holiday was near to you and was to your country, I know as you wish to get acquainted me with your culture, I know that you the cheerful man and I know that from your company will not be sad. What do you think of it that I arrived to you and to be near to you???
My closest airport, it in the city of Kazan. I have no personal phone number and I will be very glad if you write me the phone number, I will call you through a public telephone booth.
I hope that at you all well and you feel perfectly. On it I should go and have good rest of a dream. I will wait from you for new news and I ask you send to me a photo you because I wish to place your photo in the wallet and to see every instant, to admire you Jerome.
Yours faithfully and warm embraces Nadija. P.s - I wait for your letters!
Letter 11
I girlfriend Nadija and I wish to inform you not so good news today nadija have had an accident it the car and now it and hospital has brought down.
Yes it has occurred Yesterday I talked to the Doctor and he has told that it needs to do urgently Operation, many money would be necessary that its condition has improved.
The doctor to me has told it is necessary about 5000 euros.
And I not in a condition to find such big the sums, I girlfriend Nadija my name Marija.
This money it is necessary very urgently in a current of several days, it needs to be made this week as its next week should take away in other city what to perform operation I would write to you what ask you can to help it though than be.
I ask you write urgently on this box.
Nadija to me has told ?????? only when has come to Consciousness, she badly speaks as to it very badly.
I ask you I belittle write.
Letter 12
Yes call there and they to you should Tell as they have refused from Nadija as it is free hospital and they simply not took it have told that it is very hard sick also to it the help is necessary better.
Now it to be in Private clinic, and on it it is necessary so many money for its treatment.
I ask you it is not necessary to waste time on all it simply tell to me you you will help or not??
As it is necessary to pay money till next week.
Tell to me as soon as possible.
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