Scam Letter(s) from Yana to Larry (USA)

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Letter 1


My name is Yana. I from Russia. I live in small city Zelenodolsk. I work on road service station. I saw your profile. I like your the information on you.I very much want to find the present friend, and the unique love! But I want to get acquainted with you closer.
It is possible? Also I would like to tell more about myself.You may see me on mine profile. If I have interested you, if you search long and serious attitudes, write to me on e-mail: I hope that you will answer me. I shall wait.
Excuse me please if I have broken your calmness the the my message!
I shall send the photo to you in the letter!

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Frank.
I am very pleased, that you have answered me. I loved yours
On this site and I have decided to write structure to you.
I search for people, with which I could to conduct all life. My very serious intentions.
I live in Russia in city of Zelenodolsk.
It - very beautiful and small city. Here it - is a plenty of sights,
As it - very old city. To speak the truth, I have already despaired to search for my existing love,
My prince here, And I has decided to try to search on the Internet.
I shall tell to you about me directly. My growth of 172 centimeters, weight of 53 kg.
To me of 26 years. I work as in road stations.
I like to be borrowed on sports meets, meets, meets. I frequently go to a hall of training, and in fitnes club I Like to keep
Directly in the form. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol. I think, that it - youth,
Beauty and health. I think, that you agree with me. I hope, that my photos will love you.
I ask, that you have sent me your photos. I think that occurrence not the most important.
On we mine the main thing in the person of its downpour
And his private world, but I am very interesting to see yours the Photo.
I live with mum. I have told to this, that today to me the letter from the person has arrived from
Other country. It has told, that it is good, but impossible to trust at once.
We should understand the friend, it is better than the friend. We should transfer a long way which
Whether we shall understand in the end together really.
But I think, that we shall well. I shall help you to study about me.
I well speak English. In me the good teacher was, and I was the schoolgirl of time,
And the knowledge of the English language remains in me from school.
I think, that you can understand all my letters. If something to you will not be clear,
Tell to me about it. Your letters will help me to teach your language better.
I have no any internal computer because it for me.
I shall write to you from the Internet of the center.
In us in City there are many theatres, museums, buildings of culture.
We with girlfriends frequently visit cinema, and we look various films. It - is more
In total I to similar when to arrive spring. On streams of water of streets and children allow
Paper court, sing birds, fires of the sun and high temperatures. Character is again given birth also I
I feel, which the new life begins. My girlfriend informed me
To look his unique thing on the Internet. I did not expect, that you will answer me.
I thought, that it simply jokes. I hope, that we well we research each other
Also a computer, it is simply impossible, probably, help us to find each other.
I wish to know more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits,
Friends. Tell to me where you really live. What do you like to eat? I ask it because I very well go.
Write to me to all about itself, Well? Not, by it to be mixed to ask,
I shall try to answer all your questions.
I with impatience shall wait to receive news from you.Whether my friend I can see you on the other site of a site your structure. I very much want it to see. You could not send me a site where there is your structure.
Your friend Yana from Russia.



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