Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Theodore (Greece)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Theodore!
At last I`m here and can find these pictures that you were telling me about.
I never knew that in Greece there are mountains (!)
You are such a nice person!
I really like to communicate with you.
And I enjoyed our phone talk :)
Yeah, in the Net there can be lots of bad people who only want to fool you and break your heart... But I do believe that you are different and honest, you don`t play games in here. I hope that I`m right... :)
It`s like here in my town, we have some scallywags who call the phone at 2 am and say nothing, or say something like 'why aren`t you sleeping??' and then they put down the reciever... Or kids ring the doorbell and run away immediately, and then laugh out loud from some safe place... You know I try to teach my students not to be such bad people...I teach them to be kind and gentle... I don`t want them to be bad. Because you have to teach people (kids) since a very young age...
See, they think it`s funny!! Yeah, right!.. I don`t understand what kind of pleasure it gives them...
And I understand that it can hurt to be fooled, cheated or be told lies... You know, you always seem to be aware and be prepared for a possible ****, but you can`t help trusting all the same!.. And then you are trapped in the same snare... So I`m convinced that you should never fool people, it`s hard to say that you won`t be fooled instead. But all the same, lies are bad. Maybe I am not too realistic as for our time, but I really believe that somewhere there`s a man who will make me feel like in heaven, who`ll show me all the love he feels and will stay with me forever!...
Well Theodore, sometimes I am carried away with my dreams indeed... :) but I am also aware about current events and world news, I mean I don`t try to run away from reality! But living in such a petite place you can`t help but dream :)
You know, I watched a film recently 'Next best thing' with Madonna and Rupert Everret, where 2 friends suddenly became lovers and their lives changed. This film made me recall my similar story from the past...
I had such kind of experience before: I had a very good friend of mine, Victor. We were really good friends since our early school-days, we were very sincere and had no secrets from each other...I loved him as a friend... Well I had a boyfriend at that time and he had a girlfriend too, and then one day he told me that he loved me as a lady, a girl, you know... Besides, he told me that he had been in love with me for 5 years already! He actually betrayed me!
That sounds weird, isn`t it? But as soon as he told me he was in love with me, he destroyed our special, very nice relationship... I was really sad... And then I understood that it`s better to separate your love-life and your friendhip...Coz it won`t end up good... And then we made a poor attempt to date... it didn`t last long, besides in the end we became almost enemies! He was very offended with me and soon brought me down in a very bad manner (it`s hard to recall this all, sorry) so I`ve decided to clear it up right from the start: either to be exclusively friends or exclusively partners.
You know, it`s much better if you found or build your friendly terms upon your sensual love, it`s safer :)
Do you think people should at first be friends and then become lovers, or people can 'ruin' their friendship with their dating?
Do you think love at first sight is possible Theodore?
Do you think it`s possible to restore friendship after a failed love-experience? I think it`s very hard...
You know, you feel so insecure when your first time fails... Especially, in such things as love. But you have to risk all the same... If you sit there all alone, waiting for the phone to ring, you know, you can be waiting for the whole **** life!
And I believe that we will be very close friends, and partners.
Coz I also see that you are a nice charming person. And I`m very glad that it`s mutual :)
Letter 2
Hi, my dear Theo!
Good to hear from you again!
Thank you for the agency info. But there`s no one of those you said, in my town. I asked in my travel agency, and they say that only they can do it. It`s 300$ for visa and 150$ for a passport, or they said if not order from that travel agency well, I will have to go in Kyev, and live there for some time, wait for the documents are made. At least so I`m told. Because, I can`t leave work, and renting a hotel room in Kyev will be quite expensive to me, Theo... Sorry, I think you can`t help me with your 'cooperation with hotel and touring bussiness'. Only if you pay for making the passport and visa for me... That sounds as if I ask money from you. But I just don`t have such big sum at my disposal... I earn not much. If we don`t figure it out I just won`t be able to visit you... Which is bad. But I want to meet you, Theo.
I want to tell you some nice news: I`ve got a funny Guinea pig!!! :) I can make her oink to you on the phone :)
It is so funny and cute! :)
And she is really like a PIG :) Because she produces sounds 'oink! oink!' like a true pig. I think in your city there can be Guinea pigs as pets, right? Oh, she not so small, my friend`s friend gave it to me, he sort of breeds them, that pig is about 8 months old. But she` s quite big. Her name is Ovsianushka, that is Russian diminutive for 'oatmeal' :) D`you know why she has such strange name, coz when my friend gave it to me he was carrying her in the box where oatmeal flakes used to be :) She is tricolor, black, white and light-brown; it`s usually females if they have three colors. And my pig is so funny, indeed! Her ears are acemetric and it gives her even funnier look. :) Maybe if i have photocamera I`ll send you a cute of Ovsianushka :) Do you like pets and animals in general? If you do, which animals do you like mostly? I like black animals, especially black cats... But you know it`s a bad sign, a sort of superstition, when a black cat runs across your road. Do you have some kind of bad signs where animals are involved Theo? Once a black cat was regarded as a witch that turned into cat every night to cass the bad spell or curse on people, and because witches were always associated with black magic, and black color was always considered the color of evil. ( but nevertheless it is also concidered as the color of passion, sexiness, and enigma, I think... ) Or there`s a common superstition about a person comes your way with an empty bucket; then it`s bad to dispose of the litter (garbage) in the evening; or to put a hat on a table; or to sit on the table; or to sit in front of a corner of a table, etc.
You know, i like to study, rather to find out meanings and origins of the superstitions. It is very interesting to know your folklor and your ancestors lifetime. You begin to understand yourself better. You know, culture of every country is important, no matter how small this country may be... Some country are more fashionable, picturesque, richer, has more of a hype :) Well, that doesn`t make the country worse, no way. But i mean, that any country deserves a certain amount of respect.
I love my country, anyway. That`s where I`ve lived and I know every inch of it (well, that`s figuratively), and people here are not worse than in some other country. The conception of 'country' itself doesn`t mean that it separates it from the whole world. I mean, I don`t like the word state or country, it`s better say 'land', 'territory'. Because it presumes to be a part of something big; e.i world/planet. Once we just divided the planet onto its parts and voila, we detached. But we are human beings and we should never forget that! So what if we live in different lands and we speak different languages, if there`s love between us we will understand each other without the words, don`t you think so? :)
Well the government is not ok, in fact, but the country itself is good... Like any other country. if Ukraine had the same government and politic as for example Germany or Switzerland, or France or Canada, it would be a great country.
I don`t blame anyone, it`s just you are luckier to be born in such a good country. As one stand-up comedian once said about Ukraine: 'I live in the best homeland, but in the worst commonwealth!' :) I don`t like people play hipocrite and say that Ukraine with its politic system, and the mess among its government, is the best country in EVERY way!! It is not so. And everyone knows it, some people are just scared to confess it Theo...there`s nothing to be ashamed of!
Well, I want to be frank with you and say the truth to you.
Please, tell me what you think of it next time
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