Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Borkriss to Jorge (Colombia)
Letter 1
Hello friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name Olesya. I live in Russia in the city of Penza.
I saw your structure on a site. I liked your structure.
I think, that we can build friendship and even attitudes.
I think, that you very good and kind person. You want serious attitudes?
I was not married also I have no children.
If I interested you, write to me on mine e-mail.
It will be more convenient for me if you write to me on mine e-mail. Mine e-mail: If want, can write to me e-mail, and I shall write to you, and I shall send
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Olesya.
Letter 2
I live in Russia!!
I have sensitive heart, I am a romantic woman, the loyal, sincere woman.
My individuality is silent, steady, self-contemplate, quiet, fair.
My dream to create loving family. I wish to travel through any sea to find true love.
I should belong to one to man in the deep dark blue sea of love which I shall love and care. I search and I dream of the person with whom I can create serious attitudes.
The person with whom we shall understand and support each other is necessary to me In the attitudes and love between us!!!! I very much love in the person,
That I for it did all that I can also it to me also helped when I shall appear in a difficult situation!
It will be pleasant to me to be with the person who will look after me also we we shall give Flowers each other! I very much dream the romantic person.
I want that it was the kind, sensitive and sympathetic person who can take care of me.
Letter 3
Hello George!!!!!

I search for people, with which I could to spend all life. My very serious intentions.
I live in Russia in the city of Penza.
It is very beautiful and big city. Here it is many sights,
As it is very old city. To speak the truth I already has despaired to search for my existing love,
My prince here, And I has decided to try to search on the Internet.
I will tell to you about me directly. My growth of 173 centimetres, weight of 55 kg.
To me of 28 years. I was never married. I have a formation the teacher of average
Schools. I learn children 3 classes to Russian.
I very much like to do different hairdresses, I like to do other kind of hair.
I do not have any children. In me very beautiful eyes,
I think, that you estimate My kind in a photo.
I like to be engaged in sports meets. I often go to an educational hall, and in fitnes club I Like to keep
Directly in shape. I do not smoke, and I do not drink some alcohol. Beauty and health. I think, that you agree with me. I hope, that my photos will like you.
I ask, that you have sent me the photos. I think that occurrence not the most important.
On a deposit the main thing in the person his soul
And its private world, but I am very interesting to see yours the Photo.
I live one in small apartment, I have lost parents in the childhood when I was 5 years old, I long could not will be measured with death of the parents.
I well speak in English. In me the good teacher was, and I was the time schoolgirl,
And the knowledge of English language remains in me from school.
I think, that you can understand all my letters. If something to you is not clear,
Tell to me about it. Your letters will help me to teach your language better.
I have not an internal computer because it is very gentle for me.
I will write to you from the centre Internet.
In us in the City there are many theatres, museums, culture buildings.
We with girlfriends often visit cinema, and we look various films. It is more
In total I to love when to arrive spring. On street drains of water and children it is allowed
Paper ships, sing birds, lights of the sun and heats. The nature again is born also I
I feel, that the new life begins. My girlfriend advised to me
To look its unique thing on the Internet. I did not expect, that you will answer me.
I thought that it simply joke. I hope, that we well study each other
Also the computer, it is simply impossible, can help to find to us each other.
I wish to know more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits,
Friends. Tell to me, where do you live. What do you like to eat? I ask it because I very well go.
Write me all about itself, Well? Be not confused to ask,
I will try to answer all your questions.
I will look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend Olesya from Russia.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jorge!!!!!!!!

It was pleasant to receive for me again yours the letter today.
How you? In me all today are good, I have a remarkable mood.
Possibly it because I have found your letter today.
However I wish to tell in this letter a little about these to which like to eat and prepare
You know, that I very much like to prepare!!!
Also should brag these in me, it very well appears.
I prepare almost for all. They - various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
In the best way in me it appears our national Borsh.
You have heard about it?
When I do pies which I usually I prepare for them with a cherry and apricots.
You love pies? If yes it, with what?
Nevertheless I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I in a condition to be prepared for it.
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from an Italian cuisine I love a pizza. Most of all from the Russian kitchen I love pel'menis.
Who you on Zodiac mark?
My birthday on December, 31st. And I the Capricorn.
I should tell to it to me very pleasantly to read your letters.
I any more do not wish to have something with the Russian men.
My dear I will tell to you my history in my following letter
On it I will be to finish this letter.
I hope for your prompt reply.

Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 5
Hello my sweet George!!!!!!!!!!

I hope to you pleasantly if I you so I name.
I very much would like to make to you pleasantly.
Gratitude for then your letter. I was glad to accept it today.
I have read it even some times.
I hope to you too pleasantly to read my letters.
In this letter I wish to tell to you on that, how many for family relations important.
The family - a society cell, and it should be protected. I do not understand those people and those pairs which again and again marry in them, children will appear,
And then from them get divorced. I do not understand that for this purpose it is necessary to break a family
In the first it is a trauma for children, and in the second it is a trauma and for your heart.
Also it is not known, how many will spend time, while it will be cured.
The family should be kept in any case. If the family breaks it, it is necessary to find, that compromises go on concession.
Often families break because of change. I deny such actions of people.
Concerning me if I become loving people, that I to it I will be true about last days
And it not simple words. I speak it seriously. I am already far from, that small what to be imprudent about it to speak.
I have been wounded by other person, and I know that such change.
I wish to tell to you one history from my life.
As soon as my familiar has acquainted me with one guy. It were one and a half years ago.
I have started to notice, that this guy is rather distinguished to me, paying praises me and gifts.
I became loving its all my heart of the maiden. It was such advantage, kind, gentle.
We have met its whole year. I thought, that he will offer me to leave in it in marriage.
I did not speak it, it, but in detail smother waited for it. I lived as in a fairy tale. In all of us it was good.
But suddenly I have started to notice, that it somewhere has disappeared on long.
I asked it about it, but he spoke it in it of business which it tries, it in all of us was good.
I was a little uneasy, but did not give it the big value because loved and trusted it.
And once to me at home, there has arrived one girl when it was not, and she has told to me, as my guy there some months!!!
You can present, be presented it, that I felt during that moment.
She has told, which did not know, that he meets someone and when studied, has decided to arrive to me and to speak the truth.
I have left it at once as though it has not been damaged me.
Since then has transferred a floor of year. They I could not speak a floor of year with anybody from men.
But now I understand, that on it the life does not come to an end, and it is necessary to live further.
I also could not trust men, I believed that all of them liars.
But I know, that is on light of the person which can love and not lie to the favourite girl.
My former guy admitted me love constantly when we were together. He spoke me it is looking directly in eyes.
And after it speaks, as was possible not to trust it. But now I see, that if the person was in the habit to lay for a life for it, there are no human rules.
Such history which took place with me in a life and which has compelled me to address in search of love to the Internet.
I see, that with you there was something similar, I see that you the sincere person and very good,
I am assured, that never could operate with the person badly.
For this reason I have decided to find love under the Internet because according to letters probably to study soul of the person.
Its outlooks on life.
Probably to study very much instead of which the person speaks you a congratulation looking in eyes,
And directly only also thinks of it as though faster, to pull the girl in a bed and then to lie to it which loves it during long time.
I with impatience will wait for your letter.

Your true friend, Olesya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jorge!!!!!

I have arrived today to the cafe Internet also it was very glad to your letter.
In me as morning was bad Mood and only you could like me.
I already start to be absent under
Your letters and when you will write to me in me, that I am encouraged also
Always I feel excellently. I was more and more and have started to be
Convinced I am more, that already already to have the appendix to you and
To look forward your letters. I not to think, that such May
Take place also it very pleasantly for me, also I think to you also. It
Very pleasantly for me which you understand me and capable to listen
I. Understanding - the main thing Between people when they want
To have serious relations. If people not in a condition to listen each other
And also do not understand, in them, any future is not present. I
It is very glad, that in us very much my gentle all well. I wish to tell to you
Many thanks for it, that you in me, for this purpose, that we have found
Each other and now more and more and we study more, and we get used
Each other. It is the most important in our life. I very much even would be
Wish to remain within one minute with you and to speak confidentially mine
Road. Even, to hear your sweet and gentle voice, but we have no
Phone. If it be made on the computer I during long time
Have made it.
I will try to name you on your mobile phone when at me will be
Ability to call you I will take advantage at once of it.
I so love red roses. To me during long time did not give flowers and me
Dream, that during such beautiful time I will find love and it
Will present me red roses, and I will love it without
Mind. Also it, all will be so romantically, and I was beautiful
Already during long time did not check such feeling and very much wanted
To check up them!!!
But while I one also search for the partner in a life. I very much want to
Continue with you relations, and I believe, which In all of us can be good
My sweet!!!
Earlier I worked
For 8.00. Hours, and now till. Higher education presence in us
It is very difficult to find normal work. I estimate this work
Because, if it you will lose other Work, it is necessary to wait 1
Year. Certainly, in Russia now it is very difficult to live and me
Without distinction where to live, though in the north, only if With
Me there will be my favourite person!!! You agree with me?
This Sunday I go to church
And I will pray concerning your health, concerning your successful affairs. I
The supporter and I believe in God. At a leisure I always go to church. I
Pray there concerning all which I know. You as
Suspect it To a case? Unfortunately in me time comes to an end, I
Would write to you even more, but to all of us still all life in the future.
Please, write to me how are you doing, that you do, how do you feel, as
Your relatives?

I will wait from you for the letter and very very to pass on you mine
The fine friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Olesya.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jorge!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to your letters, I always wait, when I will enter into the Internet
And I will read and write to you!
Heart tests a deposit, you have left a wound in my heart, and this wound is closed
When I have read your letters!
I do not accuse you, was not present on against, I am glad to it!
I wished to count people similar to my soul, I think, that I have found! It you!
It is silly, apparently, falls in love with letters and a photo, in letters, I see yours
Soul, yours feelings to me!
I wish to thank you for the big attention to me!
But the big inquiry does not play with me if it is game! My warm youth and soft and
Me difficult will pass loss!
I do not aspire to accept you, I to leave was not present! I try to
Understand you and to write more about me directly!
But I do not deny, that you are necessary for me, you became whom it is important
And necessary for me!
And even if to us I will not be doomed to meet to remember you always!
All in your hands! Do not leave me, and I will not leave you and as soon as we will be meet!
In Russia there is time when probably to have many entertainments it
I live in Russia, and we have a warm climate to bathe and
Sunbathe it probably only 3 months!
In the winter coldly also only probably to slide on a ski!
You have a house fireplace?
Very, to love me open fire! I look at it, and I would like, which has burnt my heart
You have inflated coal in my heart, and I feel your heat!
According to your letters I understand, that I am necessary for you!
It so? What lifes has made for the sake of me and our happiness?
It is very interesting to me! I wish to know that character in you?
My character is very loyal! I was difficult for deducing from!
I very much the goods! And if I see, that the person, I never open soul, I turn away
From it!
Do not turn away from me! Please! I stop to write the letter, but I will think of you!
I hope, that we will together soon!
I will wait the letter! Yours for ever Olesya!
Letter 8
Hello love Jorge!!!!!!!!! I have received your letter, it is full of compassion and liking to me.
I think it during that time when we are copied we very much, has rallied and between us
The feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think
You, you took a place in my heart. You on will always remain in my heart. Now it
Beaten so often and only for the sake of you. It has been filled by love with everyone yours
The letter. It shivers from each your warm word, from that love, with which your letters
The filled. My heart belongs now only to you, my love. I am very happy, which you in me.
I during long time did not check such fine feelings as now, and to it I am obliged only to
You. Only with you I again could feel, that such penalty felt as love. And I became loving
You on always!!! I will love you till the end of my life!!!! I thank the god for it
That it has presented to people such feeling as love. The love can considerably change
People. And I feel it. Representation you I can and shout and laugh at happiness. I can sit
Also think hours of us, my long-awaited!!! I dream, as we meet and thrown
Each other in embraces. I pay in happiness, that we together. We have more, whom it not
Necessary, we live only for each other. We are full of desire to make each other
It is a lot of from the pleasant. Such my dreams. On work I became little bit disseminated also mine
Girlfriends speak it I not. They are surprised, that I have started to smile and rejoice
Often. I became not a considerable quantity from disseminated, because my ideas only about you, my love!!!
There would be no minute, that I did not think of you. You have accepted a huge place mine
Life. All see, that to me is, also I am not ashamed it. I am proud, which we have
The found friend the friend and to me hunting to shout it on all planet, that all have heard about mine
The pleasure also was glad to me. Yes, I love you!!!!! My love to you sincere and pure as
Morning dew after a rain. My huge love and it wishes from you only reciprocity. And you
Consider it carefully, please!!!!!!!!!!
Every day I was more, and I will grieve without you more. You are necessary for me and as I
Think, that I am necessary for you. Thus it is bad, it between us distance, but it not a
Interfere with two people who are loving each other. You co-ordinate my love with me?
The person flies even on the moon because it is interesting to it it there. And it
Important for two people of love to be in a place and to be happy!!!!!!!!!! As you think
My fine on the account of it??? We should give each other, only love and that it
Connected to it. We became frank with you, and I think, that you wish to learn about mine
Sexual experience. In Russia all men only dream to pull you in a bed and to make with you only
It, that its hunting, they do not know love of a word and them as animals only and to dream to
Satisfy force, but I do not want it, I do not wish to be to data of the first visitor that it
Took pleasure. Love it something from aforementioned it give to the person to study
Happiness in this life to study spiritual mood, and some men represents its unique as a floor,
I think, that it is not correct also I hope, that you agree with me. I to wish to have a floor only
With the favourite person. I to be its data completely both I smother also a body. We together study
All depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of flat love, and we will be
Enjoy the friend the friend all life till last moment of our existence.
Today in me free day and we with the girlfriend went on a city, has gone on shops, also I waited
At the moment that you will write me the letter, and I waited for it. I feel that ours
Hearts are broken in one rhythm, and you feel it? You feel as I you, it is pleasant to me???
I wait for your letter, whether important for me know, that you divide my ideas. For ever yours Olesya!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9
Hello my love Jorge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to read your letter to me again. Fine, I am not annoys on you.
I did not know to think, when you have stopped to write to me. But I have calmed down now
And with me everything is all right. I understand, that in you time was valid not and
You have been very borrowed with affairs.
Fine, I am already valid, I cannot without you and without your letters.
In me it is torn with a happiness drop when I have read your letters. I thank the god
For this purpose, that it has sent me such person as you, such gentle, sharp,
And the most important love me. And I am very glad to it that on light there is a love.
Such penalty and I its test is feeling to you, my honey!!!! Yes, I will not stop
To say you, that I very much love you. I think, that the equation of very simple love
As 1 + 1, but at the same time very difficult because together with pleasure the love can
To bring and tears and sufferings. And these my sufferings of that we not together, my love,
That we, probably, do not concern each other, look each other in eyes still more many many desires which I and you, probably, we do not execute the friend for the friend. I understand the honey, that for our meeting it is required
It is a lot of time, but I sometimes reflect at night, which we cannot be
Together and I all life will suffer from love to you. But I do not wish to think
About it because it not and all of us we will equally meet you. Honey, we will be
Together also we will be happy together. I so want it, my love!!!!!!!!
My child, you for me became the most desirable person. You are necessary for me as heart.
I cannot live without you. Now my days pass monotonously, because my head
It is forged by ideas concerning you, my body wants easy yours fingers, my lips
Want passionate kisses with you. Yes, my dear, I cannot hide dream from
You, because they concern only you.
My sweet, I wish to be your second half in a life. I wish to be your princess,
The lady, I wish to be your adviser to be your partner in a life, and the most important which I want
To begin your wife and I want it, you became my husband! I to give birth
To you beautiful children also I want it, they were similar to you. We will lift together them
And to love them. You agree with me, my soul?
I know, which with you in me other life full of happiness and love to you, will begin absolutely. I trust
In this my honey and very much I hope.
My love, I will be very patient, and I will wait for very our meeting even if it will be necessary for me
To wait for all it my life. My heart on always belongs now to you and only to you it
The owner. In your power and I know all body and all bodies, that you will be cautious.
Honey, I will wait for our first meeting as the schoolgirl expecting for the first appointment in a life.
My dear, I completely yours because I trust you.
Honey, I nevertheless do not wish to write a detail about a body, because I very much restriction, but I you
I assure, that all bodies of my normal body and all of them belong only to you.
Fine, I require you as the lock in a key. I want you as subsoil waters in a drought.
I am very strong you, I adore, and very much I will grieve on you. Please, trust me, my desires and feelings
Are fair, also are pure as decrease in tears on my eyes in a melancholy on you. But you do not think, which they tear off
Burning, these tears of happiness. I am too strong you, it is pleasant to me.
My mum approves you and transfers you congratulations long as a life. It is very glad, that we
Have found each other and are happy. She sincerely tests for us and also it wants, we were together.
My love, I very much wish to be with you together faster. I very much require you.
My prince, I send you one million hot kisses. Allow these kisses to accompany
You all the day long.
My body wants you, my heart is broken more insistently from your letters. It is a pity to me that we not now with you
I will wait from you for the letter today and very to be absent on you.
To remember. That I very much love you, my future husband!!!!!!!!
Your future wife Olesya.
Letter 10
Hello my love Jorge!!!!!!
My love I love you.
You my love for ever.
My love I love you my love and all time to dream as we with you and we like each other.
My love now about dinner and I to write it to you and to write.
My love I love only you and you my love.
When I to rise in the morning I to dream.
This dream spoke me.
I to see a lot of light because this light to express your love.
I to see as this light to become more and more and more and I my love thought about you.
My love I love you also shall be the safe for you my love. I love you and only you my big love.
With the BIG LOVE YOUR Olesya.
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