Scam letter(s) from Donna Grant to Gilbert (USA)

Letter 1
Hey l am sorry about that email,i suppose to send it to my ex bfriend in london,we broken up before i left london,i mistakly send lunch or dinner would have be perfect,but i am not in town for now,i am so busy right now,i think i have to tell you little about my self. l really i do not know how to go about talking about myself, cos i rather keep it low for i consider myself to be an easy going person with a natural perspective towards life. am originally from United kingdom but l just relocated to states , sadly the only child of the Grant..i mean my folks. i never thought got the opportunity to enjoy parent hood,i lost my mum when i was barely eight years of age, my dad, had to run the 6-9 kinda job, worst of it all he was miles away working trying to make ends meet like he always claimed. i got to live with my aunt in london after the passing away of mum...was never like having her around regardless of the love and care i got from aunt jessey. my child days were not the best of life i would say...sadly again when myself and dad came being together i lost him shortly to a terrible motor accident exactly 11 years this year. its kinda funny to say i have no family.. though i have always taken aunt jessey to be my only family now,she gave me life when i had non..such memories have only brought about sadness and ill moments in my life...but its my life and nothing really i could have done then to help things.My aunty taught me the value of hard work, honor, integrity, courage and kindness. These are the qualities that I hold glad though i have a pleasant and happy life now, for it is good today and definately my tomorrow will be better. Apparently am into sales of contemporary african and southern america artifacts dating from 16th to 20th century. this has obviously taken me to places i never thought i would be or visit in my life time. i have made a few trips to peru, brazil, india and also china.l am presently in Africa, benin republic,i hope to be here for the next ten days though after i have made all necessary shipments for my goods.All i want from a man is respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, truth, kindness, sincerity and most importantly love and understanding.So your turn to tell me about yourself ok. write me back when you get a chance..

TTYL Donna
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