Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Bob (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my name Elena.
I liked your structure, and would be remarkable to learn about each other?
To me not for a long time have helped to adjust email the address, and I want that you have written to me.
This name:
That I I search from a life:
I answer, I want the quiet and constantly arranged life with the person loving me more.
I hope that you write to me because I shall be glad to send you the photos.
In hope.
Your new friend from Russia.

Letter 2

Hi Bob!!!!!! It was so good to open my box of mail and to see the message from you. It really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter! I live in Russia the country. I wish to be fair with you and I want that you trusted me from the first letter! I do not think, that there is a sense to speak lie. You agree with me? I not such person to speak lie. I hope, you too have a desire To communicate With me and to send messages. Thus, we can learn more About each other. Both of us we search for love, and I want, that my love was strong, pure. I think, that you want, that the same things as well as I! I wish to hope, that you will be good The person! My heart quiet. Me the insult, lie, and Treachery forces to shout. Me forces to laugh good jokes. When I look at a card of the world, it seems to me so to greater!!! I find yours The country Also understand, that thousand and kilometers of thousand separate us. But it doesnt frighten me! On the contrary, it very much leaves to communicate with Someone with whom you at all did not speak! During The communications We shall understand our characters, distinctions between us. But I am assured We Will have many the general things. The first - we are active people, which To not do Stay in one place! We try to change ours lifes, I love this position. Everyone The person should be the owner of its life. Our world is so greater, is more Than 6 mlrd people in it and we are so excellent!!! I would like to tell to you, that I have no computer of the house, and I write to you From the Internet-club. So, you understand, that I have no opportunity to To write To very frequent but if I am interested in the person, I shall make all my best to Communicate with it... That I almost know nothing a question about you. I have written to you Carelessly. I should tell at once that you did not ask me a naked photo me. To me do not like when it ask. I the serious girl and me serious attitudes and marriage are necessary. I also do not think, that so many people will search for love on Internet! In our city there are no many opportunities to get acquainted with men from Other countries. I did not use Internet earlier. I have not cautiously opened a site, and it speaks To me, that here there are many men! It was very interesting to observe on a site and this set of opportunities. I wish to speak you so a lot of prophetic! Before us still it is necessary to study a lot of time Each other! About! I, worry when I send you I wash a photo. I think suddenly it to you it is not pleasant. And now look at a photo and speak, how you find me? Frankly conversation, I Tried To send you my best photoes, to make impression upon you... I Have made be able to make It? So, look and speak me. I valid worry, as the little girl in the first the purpose of the person! I would like to ask you that you have directed to me the photo. It will allow me to represent you and your life, better! How you can describe your character? Well, I Now to inform you on some things to me. Well? So, I wish to begin with history. I was born 1984 on November, 3rd In Russia in city Kazan. Where I now live. I work in a museum. Maine my work very is pleasant. I have finished in Kazan the state university. I of additional norms in foreign language. I well know, and I am capable to speak in English. I Studied English language since the childhood.. Therefore I think, that for us not the problem will communicate in English! You Will agree with me? I wish to find the love, my love unique. I wish to love the person up to the end of my life. You understand me Bob? I was never married. I think, that it is a serious step in a life. I do not have children, and I Think, that I want the child from the beloved. I in general very much love children. I shall be glad to hear about them more. Bob, I know, it will be interesting to you to hear about mine City. We have beautiful lakes and the rivers, green gardens even in city centre ismuch More beautiful. The friend, also what you can tell to me about your city? There were you Born There or you moved? It is greater or not and where it is located? Our city has rich history. We visiting the beach, is a lot of theatres. If there will be time, inform me more on your city! In what city you now live? Tell more about your city. On it I shall finish my letter and I shall wait for your letter Soon! Well, it is all during this time. Please try to answer all my questions and The rate speaks more about you Yours faithfully, your new friend from Russia Elena

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend!
How are you?
I am very glad that you answered me my letter.
I have received yours e-mail and now I write you here. I hope that you will answer me today.
After I shall see your letter I shall answer you and to send my photos.
I shall finish now my letter and to wait for your answer..

Hello my dear! Many thanks for writing me back and to divide more than your world with me. I so am excited in studying new things about you, you, obviously, to me very interesting person and if it was possible, what I would like to conduct hours and hours, speaking with you certainly it would be better actually, but not only through e - mails?? I hope, that our remarkable communications will lead us to good friendship or are possible even to true and real, sincerely speaking the second variant which I love more :))!! I understand, that it is impossible to fall in love with the person knowing very few it. Bob, it is enough to tell, I knew, that you write to me! I felt it! It is valid Brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter! I liked to look, how you very beautiful the man. Our dialogue about mutual questions and answers will be probable. Except for that I want, That you have told to me about your life! Bob irrespective of, I wish to know, what you have understood mine is more whole than ours cquaintance? There is no I have started to know English language when studied. In my free time I like to cook I food and to go shopping. In a museum I look behind things. Search on mine clearing a life. I wish to find the love. I want trust, that our purposes coincide also you also want the love. I hope, that both of us we wish to live a worthy life in love and happiness. Was about my purposes, and it is probable, it is necessary to speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me. I do not think, that there is a sense to speak lie. You agree with me? I want, that my love was strong, pure, the truth, and up to the end of my life! I hope, only for honesty and I To you I trust. Bob That you know, that I - the simple Russian girl, looking it is love, abroad I cause here unfortunately in its own country, it has not received chance to find its beloved. I as a whole am for target people. You know Bob, I so am tired, have been damaged, display has been deceived also, that I am not anything in this world, that I have started to think, that I shall never find my happiness here in Russia. The majority of the Russian men not family - concentrated, not serious in attitudes, they wish to play only in games, to have sex during several times and then then to leave with the statement something. But I do not want it, well, in general, in general, I have not something against sex, I think, what is very important in attitudes but when it is included with love, with true feelings, with real tenderness and passions, you agree with me??? I do not trust Internet, but I heard set of histories of happy other people. These people spoke, that have found each other on distance of several thousand miles Also have grown fond each other. Now they are happy, and live together. If I shall find the person for one to which I In a condition shall give my life then, I think, that I can be named really happy person. You know and in my way fortunately which I am ready to leave my country, to move abroad only, to be with the person whom it will be valid to love me. I do not care its age, its appearance, its preference in books, films, music or food. It is not important for me, the most important for me - its private world, its personal qualities, whether to be ready it with me and to love me for that who I. It - still greater secret for me if there is such person for me and if I shall ever meet it, but I hope, what you will help me here, please, tell to me more yours to show me, what you are only it for me :))?? I wish to speak you so a lot of prophetic! Bob, tell to me about your work. You are happy to the work? It is important to love work. Bob, I to you wished to tell that as I live now. I consider very important for us to know it about each other as much as possible. I from good family. I live in one apartment with mum and the daddy. Daddy Sergey, mum Elena. The name grandmother Tamara. The daddy and mum now to work. My daddy works as the bus driver. My mum works at school as the teacher of mathematics. I often invite my parents, and also I go on Visit to parents! The daddy and mum live together 31 years! Bob, you with the big family? Tell to me a little about your family! ?? Today I wish to send you a photo. Later I shall send you of more photos. To test beautiful day! Elena



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