Scam Letter(s) from Oksana to Bob (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweetheart Bob.

You know dear, I'm here looking for a serious relations and I'm ready to create a family. My opinion is that without sex any relations can stand more then several months. What is your opinion about it? I think that until our age allows us to do it every day and even more, we need to enjoy every minute of our life. So, now a bit about myself, dear. My name is Ksusha. I'll be 25 years old this year. I was born on the 15th of August 1983 in Lutsk. Then we moved to Nikolaevka. It's a small village not far from Lugansk. When I was 3 years old my family moved to Lugansk and now we are living here. Unfortunately we are not too close with my parents. I don't know how it had happened, I didn't noticed that time... but now I can't do anything with it. We communicate, of course, we live together. But as strangers... Ok, if you are interested more in my family, just ask me, and I'll answer all your questions about it. Now a bit about me, I have graduated the University in Alchevsk, the speciality of design and modeler. Now I'm working as a modeler in Lugansk in the fashion atelier by the title "Krasa i Moda" that means in English "Beauty and Fashion". I think that I have told you enough for the beginning, so if you are interested in me and to get to know me better, just ask me and I'll answer all your questions and tell you more about myself with a great pleasure. Write me on my e-mail address:


Letter 2

Privet moyo Solnyshko Bob,

In Russian it means "Hi, my Sunshine"... if you are interested in more Russian words, then just ask me and I'll teach you them with a pleasure. Hope you don't mind it :-))) Thank you a lot for the photo you have sent me today, my dear. I liked it. It's a pity the quality of it is not very good. My dreams and fantasies are to make a family and to be happy with my the only one. I wish to tell you that I wish to have a family. I think that it's really very important to have a lovely person with you. A person whom you can talk when you feel bad, a person whom you can laugh with and cry with as well. Person, whom you are thinking about and your heart is bitting stronger and stronger. I wish you to become a part of my life, but only time will show who'll be with whom and if it's serious or just a thing that can never be a reality... We just need to realize it, don't you think so? I wish you to give me some lessons in English language also. But only if you write me English words with Russian letters, as I did for you in English, other way I won't be able to read them. I know just several simple words and phrases in English, not long one, so extra lessons will be very useful for me, dear. I wish to learn English language very much. I'm sure it'll be practical for me. What do you think about it? My friends say that I'm very stylish. As I have already told you, I'm working at the fashion atelier and I like my job really a lot. I enjoy my profession very much and I think that it also very important when you enjoy the job you are doing and people you are working with. Am I right? Today I'm sending you my photo from my work place, hope you'll enjoy it. On that photo I was speaking with a client by the phone and full filled the form for a new order. I wish to tell you that I make special designs for nonstandard persons. They can be too tall, too small, too slim or too fat. My job is very interesting and it helps me to meet new and new different people every day. What about your job? I'm really interested in everything about you. Will you tell me about it? What do you enjoy in the life? Do you like to spend the time with your friends, or are you a person that prefer to stay at home and watch TV? I wish to tell you that I'm active person and I like to spend my free time with my friends. I also like to go to the swimming pool. I like water a lot. By the way I'm a Leo by the horoscope. What is your star sing? I hope that your intentions are as serious as mine. I have never been married and don't have children, but I think that it's the time to create a family and to become happy at last. My life is a bit empty without my the only one beloved...

Do svidaniya, Ksusha.



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