Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Bykova to Hakan (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello Hakan. I am glad to receive your letter in Absolute Agency. Excuse me for long answer. But I realy want to know your better. And hope for future relations. From you letter I understood, that you interesting person. I hope, that it will be interesting and easy to communicate with you. Though I use acquaintance through Internet first time and I think in this letter I should write to you about my life, family, etc. Usually my acquaintances occured in a reality. And I do not have experience in dialogue through Internet. If I do something wrong, please, do not pay to this attention, Hakan, inform me about it and then I shall correct my mistake. In beginning I want to tell you, that I studied English language only at school. Therefore I badly know English. Now, in translation this letter, I use my part knowledge and computer program. It’s possible, that here will be a lot of mistakes, but think, that the sense of my letter will be understanding to you. Now, I think, is necessary to start from most important. I’ll tell you about myself. As you already know, Hakan, my name is Olga. To me now 24 years old. I was born in 1981. My height – 170 cm and weight 54 kg. Parameters of my figure (87/55/89). Color of my eyes is black. Why I’ll tell all this to you. You can see me in my pictures which you saw in my add. Or which I’ll send you in this letter. Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about my parents. I do not know my father. He has left my mother when I was born. I was brought up by my mum and my grandmother. But in 1997 my grandmother has died, and the last year my mother has died. I have remained one. But it has not prevented me to continue to live. Friends consider me strong woman because there could be one. But I think that my friends have helped me in it. I lived in the Tatarstan republic, in city Kazan. There I finish school and have started to study in university. Two years ago I finish last rate of technological university. But after that I can not found right job for me. After death of mum I have decided to leave Kazan and to move to other city. My girl friend has invited me in the Pevek city. It is in Chukchi autonomous region. I have left the relatives and under the invitation of the girl friend have arrived in Pevek. Now I live here already almost half of year. I live one. I have no brothers and sisters. I have no friends, except for my girl friend. All my friends have remained in Kazan. I very lonely woman. I was disappointed with Russian men. I don’t believe, that Russian men can really love women. It seems to me, that they think only about sex and what to get drunk vodka together with friends. I didn't want create a family with man like this. I am very kind woman. I never refuse in the help if somebody asks me about this. Early I have many friends. But they stay in Kazan. I like cooking. I like experiments with meal. I prefer various salads, meat, and fish too. Hakan, I never smoke. I go in for sports. When me was only 6 years old my mum has given me to a sports complex, that I would be engaged in gymnastics. But after some times I did not like this kind of sports and I have passed to other section. I began swimming. I participated in different city competitions and Olympiads (not internationals. Only in citys of Russia). I have many medals. I even went in other cities of Russia what to participate in competitions by this kind of sports. Now I not swimming. I not have a free time for it. I don't drink, only sometimes a wine on holidays in the good company. I am very romantic woman. I like to meet sunrises and a sunsets on a coast of the river. I romantic girl. When I feel very bad on my soul, I go on the nature and I will be better. I like to walk at the wood and to sit on a coast of the river, looking on the water and thinking about life. Almost all time I am one. I do not know why but so I feel better. I told you before that I am very romantic woman. I think that human's life very interesting. I think that this is all for now. Write about itself. To me interesting to learn about my new friend a lot of new. Where you live? Do you have a brother or sisters? Where you work? What you like to do in free time? What is you hobby? Do you like a pets? I will wait you answer on my questions and of course, you can set any questions for me. Take care. And I wait your next letter and your photos, Hakan. Olga
Letter 2
Hello Hakan. I am very glad to receive your letter again and your nice photo. How are you today? How are your mood? I ask always people about mood. I think, that much depends on it. If at you the bad mood the person becomes more irritable and to communicate with such person very difficultly. Today at me good mood because I have received your letter. Yesterday I thought much about we have got acquainted. About your life. It is valid so interestingly, that people absolutely from the different countries are interested in each other. I really believe, that this interest will grow with each our letter. It was interesting to me to learn about your from you letter. Thanks for you information. It appears to get acquainted through Internet is not difficult. It the same as usual acquaintance in a reality. Only in letters we cannot transfer our emotions. When you talk with person face to face you understand all his emotions and everything, that he wants to tell. In letters these emotions cannot be transferred and consequently it is lack of dialogue through Internet. You probably would like to know, where I live now. You already know, that I lived in Kazan. But now I have moved to Pevek. So now I live in city Pevek. You can learn about an arrangement of this city. It is not difficult for making. If you will take a geographical map of Russia you can find my city Pevek about Chukotsk sea. Pevek is the closed city and people from other cities in Russia cannot arrive to this city without the invitation from inhabitants. Because it is a border zone with Alaska. Therefore my friend has invited me in this city. And to me like here. If it is interesting to you I can send you photos of my city. In general, here it is constantly cold. It is the north. I already wrote to you that I live here only half of year. Therefore I know a little about weather. But in the summer the snow in some places still lays. Here summer very short. But in the winter here as it is very cold. But I think, that this unique place where I can live. I did not want to remain in Kazan. Because all reminds me of mum. I think, that you too tell me more in detail about district where you live, Hakan. Now I do not have close friends. All my friends have remained in Kazan here only my one friend. But she has friends and they concern to me as friends. But sometimes I really feel lonely. There can be therefore I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet and I am glad, that we have found each other, Hakan. I hope, that our relations will proceed also we each time we shall learn about each other a lot of new. Hakan, I want to tell, that in dialogue with you I feel easily. I do not know why it so. Usually, if the person, is not interested in acquaintance to me is more difficult to communicate with him. But with you all not so. It seems to me, that you are interested in me. And it is very pleasant for me to understand it. I cannot present it at all. Really from such set of women all over the world, you have found me. As the world is interestingly arranged. If you have seen the questionnaire of other girl we could not know each other. All this is so interesting. And I am really happy to have friendship as you. I hope, that is possible to turn this friendship to more serious relations which I search and may be you too. Though it happens only in fairy tales. To me to not be trusted, that I can be happy. All last my novels came to an end failure. Usually it happened from men. They abuse alcohol. And after that they can tell so much bad words which did not speak earlier. Then you learn other side of this person and after it he is not interest me again. As I already spoke, Russian men are not able to love women at all. Therefore I have decided to search for acquaintances through Internet. Hakan, I too want to know about your last novels. If you do not hesitate me tell about the you last girlfriend or wife. As tell, why you have decided to use Internet too, what to find wife? How long you use Internet for acquaintance? You already had to get acquainted through Internet? What from this it turned out? I very much hope, that you will answer on my questions. I shall wait for your following letter. Write to me, Hakan, I very much wait. Your girlfriend from Russia Olga!
Letter 3
Hello dear Hakan! How you mood today? Today at me good mood and is especial, when I have received your letter. Yes, to me like to read your letters and to learn you. Thanks for your photos. I hope you had grate party with friends. I would like too to be with you in this time. I think it will be good for us. Each person on a planet differs from each other and each person has own life. In last letters I told much about myself. But you not know all about my life still. You yet do not know about my work, about my hobbies, what I like to do at free time, what like me. You will learn all this soon. But I shall not hurry event. I would want that we learned each other gradually because so you learn the person better. Present, if I shall write to you all my life in one letter. I think, that you would not read it up to the end. Therefore it is better to describe itself gradually. To me like to read your letters. You write a lot of interesting, what interests me. And I am happy, that we meet each other. There can be in the future we shall be together. But till this time it is still far. But all happens in a life. Today I here, and tomorrow I can be in other country. All depends on the person and his desires. As I already spoke, I shall tell about my life gradually. To me to like to communicate with people. And I as like only validity. I try to speak always the truth and to not offend the person. I am never take offence at people. But if any person does badly, I despise him. I am not communicate with people, who malicious. When someone have malicious character it is very unpleasant to have conversation with him. I am despise people who deceive other people. I think that much more better bitter truth, than sweet lie. I hate very much, when someone deceive me. I very strongly trust people. And it is very easy to deceive me, cause I trust to all people. I will never speak with people who deceive and write a lie. But it is very difficult to find out deceives the person whether or not. I am not suffer lie. I hope that you, Hakan, not deceive me. I didn't want to recollect the past. I want to create a happy future. My children's dream, it to be happy in home life. I want to have such husband with whom I could feel like in safety and to be confident, that we shall like each other up to the end of a life. I want, that my children would have both parents. Yes, I know, that between us there is a difference in age. But it is nothing for me. For me does not matter, how old are you and how old to me. The main thing, that we could understand each other and respect our mutual feelings. It is my purpose in acquaintance. You like me. But I already so much time was disappointed in people, that I think to us it is necessary to learn each other better. You pursue, you agree with my opinion? I think, that you should know about my work. Here there is nothing especial. In this city I live recently and I work in a local kindergarten. Certainly, I could have the best work. But I had to work here because I did not have other variant. But it is interesting work. Because I all the day long am with children. I have a group and children very much love me. I shall send you a photo in the following letters. In general I dream of own kids. And I believe, that I will have children from correct men. Who knows, can be even from you. But it still all ahead, Hakan. Please tell me more about you work! What purposes you pursue, communicating with me? What would you want to change in you life? Whether really you think, what Russian girls are more interested in creation of family? I think, that today will suffice to write. In general, I use the Internet in Internet center. Unfortunately I have no own computer what to write to you frequently. I dreamed of own computer, but now I do not have such income to buy a computer. So if you some days did not receive my letters do not think that you not interesting to me. I very much want to know you better. And each time I shall wait news from you. Write.
Kisses. Yours friend Olga.
Letter 4

Hello Hakan! It’s me again. Your new friend from Russia. Though, probably, it is already possible to speak not the new friend. I think. That you will agree, that after those letters which we have written each other, we can call each other friends. You accept my friendship, Hakan? You really interesting person. I earlier never met such man, as you. You can always listen to me (to read my letters), to tell about yourself. To tell you opinion in different questions. It is very easy to communicate with you. I think, that girl who will be your wife very much will be happy with you. But who knows, probably it there will be me if we shall want it. Though it would be more interesting to me to communicate with you in a reality. Yes, I would like such husband, as you. I do not know, whether I like you. In letters it is possible to write much. It is possible to tell to the person, that you love him, but actually he to not like you. Letters do not transfer all those opportunities with which help you can learn the person in a reality. I think, that you do not think me such girl, Hakan. In general, I speak and I write only what I think. I am not able to speak lie. In the childhood my mum has told me, that the lie is the most dangerous thing. There should be I have acquired this lesson for all life. Sometimes my friends even suffer from it. I always speak them the truth. Such case was, that sometimes friends took offence at me, that I spoke them bad words. But passed time and they were sorry for it. They already understood later, that I was right also they do not see myself and cannot understand, that they make mistakes. Such my person. Probably, if we shall want to be together, it will be very difficult for you with me. Though who knows. You all can understand, what you do. But on the other hand I very much would like to have with you other relations. Not only as friends, something the greater than friendship. But I think, that till this moment we should study still each other, that there would be no difficulties with parting later. I started something from a sad theme. In fact we only some time are know each other. I am valid, Hakan, hope, that our relations will develop every day. Hakan, me interestingly your opinion. Tell please, what you think of me? Thanks dear for your photos from you work. Thanks. Soon I will try too send you my photo from my work. I hope you like it. Probably you want to know about my free time. Usually at me the free time is not enough. But if this time appears, I like to looking a movies. I like to look melodramas. I like to look: "Carried away by a wind" and "Titanik." And my favorite film is "A Walk to Remember" These films about very strong love. And I like to look films about animals too. I do not like to look film where are a lot of murders. In our life there are a lot of cruelty, therefore I am not look such film. What is your favorite film? Describe me a nature around you. Do you like a nature? What you like to do at your free time? Tell me more about you please. Hakan, you sometimes reflected on how the world is arranged? Of what the love will consist? Why the man and the woman fall in love each other? Why when people really like each other after small quarrel, all the same forgive each other? Yes, I shall not deny that I did not like. As you understand, I had first love at school. Probably each person has the first love. To me there were 8 years. I have fallen in love with the boy who studied in my class. But he did not look at me all. My unrequited love proceeded about 2 years. Then it has passed. But at heart, the image of the first love has remained. Probably therefore speak, that the first love it is possible to remember all life. Hakan, you had the first love? Tell please about it. When it was also who there was your love? I do not know whether to like you to read my letters. Probably you think, that I boring because I write to you only about dreams and of the imaginations. But I spoke you, that I the romantic girl. To me like to read different love stories. I ponder in meaning of the life. By the way, Hakan how you think in what the meaning of the life consists? It is interesting to me to know your opinion. If you think, that I write about dreams much, please tell to me. I shall change theme. But I think, that the private world of the person can tell much about this person. You agree? I shall wait very much for your following letter. Write. Kisses Olga.
Letter 5
Hello dear, Hakan! How your mood today? I some days not get your letters. I already start to worry. But I am glad today to get your letter again. Today I am very tired. All day I was on work and worked without my partner . It has very much tired me. In general, I already spoke you, I very much like my work because I am constantly around of children. You know in a kindergarten I have the group of children. To me like to work with children because I yet have not own but very much I want it. But I would wait correct man to which I have presented the beautiful and healthy child. Recently I heard on the TV, that scientists have established law, that at beautiful parents usually more often are born is girls. But at not so beautiful parents usually are born is clever boys. But it not always happens. And you, Hakan, whom you want more, the boy or the girl? In general on work it is very interesting to communicate with children. When almost all the day and 6 times a week you are surrounded with children you can hear so many interesting phrases from children. The some kids tell family secrets, the some kids even tell about parents and their intimate life. Children do not understand what speak. But I try to not pay to this attention and to tell they that it is impossible to speak it to other people. In general my day begins at 6 o'clock. I wake up, I take a shower and I have breakfast. About at 6:40 I leave from home and already at 6:50 I am in a kindergarten. Children come usually at 7 o'clock. I spend the rest of day with children. At 9 o'clock we have a breakfast. At 11 o'clock we go to walk and after that we have a dinner. At 14:00 children go to sleep and sleep till 16:00. I have these 2 hours free. I can be engaged in my affairs. When children will wake up, we have a mid-morning snack and at 19 o'clock I already finish work. After that I go to home, cooking for a supper and a breakfast for the morning. If it is necessary, I clean an apartment and I observe news and films on the TV. Usually in 23 I go to sleep. So passes my day. In general children very much help me to forget about past. I stop to think about mum who has lost. But last time I began to think of you more and more. To me like to do it. I constantly do it, Hakan. There can be at present you too think of me. It so is interesting. And how passes your working day? What usualy you do in weekends? I think, that I should stop to write now, Hakan. I have already told to you, that I am very tired today. But I shall write to you soon. But I as wait for your reciprocal letter. Write to me. By the way, how frequently you think of me? You are really glad to our acquaintance? You expect for the future with me? I would like to know your answers to my questions. As I send to you photos of my city. You can see city Pevek where I live now. It really is very beautiful.
Write to me soon. Kiss. Olga!
Letter 6
Hello Hakan. I am glad to receive new letter from you and beautyful photos of your city Stromstad. I like it. I understand that you can not write me early. But I hope that next time you will write me faster, because I realy miss you. Your letter make me joy and if I read it, then my mood will be a good on all day. With each letter I learn about you a lot of new. Already it seems to me, that we are know each other for a long time. I do not know, why so occurs. Also it is my feelings. Yes, I am happy, when I receive letters from you. And me it is sad, when I cannot read your news. It happens, that I am all day is busy and consequently I can not go to Internet cafe and check your mail. And sometimes occurs, that I cannot simply pay Internet service. I hope, that you each time wait for my answer. Also be not upset, that some days you do not receive my letters. I really want to communicate with you more often. By the way, here, in the Internet of cafe I have learned, that is possible to communicate through chat. For example yahoo. If we’ll using it we can communicate in real time. We shall be in the different countries, and to communicate in real time. It is really interesting. I could not present at all, that it is possible so to communicate with help in the Internet. Hakan, can be we shall try to communicate in chat in one of days? What do you think? Only I need to learn to use it. It would be cool if we could so to communicate. Sometimes, when I go on work, or I come back home, I like to think. I think of different things. It happens, that I think of the future life, I think of why my father has left me and my mother, I think of the future, about my future family. But last time, I began to notice, that I frequently think of you. I do not know, why at me occurs so. There can be I have fallen in love in you, as the little girl. Though why speak so. And more adult people too fall in love. And I think, that it is not necessary to hesitate it. And so, I think of you and it seems to me, that now around me some a dear peoples for me. It is my one friend in Pevek and you. May be at me feelings to you have appeared, but I do not want it to understand? I for a long time thought of it. Also has decided, Hakan, can be to us pass to more serious relations? We were friends, and whether it is possible to become even closer to each other? To tell each other about more detailed private life, to share opinions on different things, to tell the secrets and personal dreams which cannot be told even to the close friend? Hakan, do you would agree to have with me more serious relations? To me very much interests this question. Please, answer me on it. Probably I should return by more real life. I shall tell about those things which like me in this life. I like to walk at the wood. I like to walk there at the any time of the year. Early in winter I am ski in the wood almost each weekends. Do you like to ski? I like to ski very much. I have a little dream, I wish to ski at the mountains of Austria. In the summer I like to leave on a nature what to have a rest. Early in Kazan we made a little trip with my friends to river. One of my girlfriends had a small house on the river's coast. We liked this place. There is very fresh and pure air. We spent our time very good and it makes us joy. In the evening we sang a songs with the guitar together. My girlfriend could play guitar very well. When came night, we kindled a fire and sang songs with guitar. I like looking on a fire. I like to observe a sunrise and a sunset. I like to look at the stars. It is very romantic. Any way, what I can tell you about me and my life? I like animals. Most of all I prefer the panther and the snake. What is your favorite animal? I want observe an animals in their habitat. I don't like go to the zoo. I do not like to look at the animals in cages. Hakan, how often you go to a zoo? What is your favorite seasone? I don't know but I think that your favorite season is summer. I like a summer cause it is very warm and beautiful time of a year. I like this season very much. But now in Pevek usually all time in year a winter. I'll finish this letter now and I will wait your next letter for me. Please, answer on my questions about our relations. It very much interests me. Take care. Olga.
Letter 7
Hello Hakan. How your mood today? I'm fine. To me very interesting what you did these days? You thought of me? Thanks for your photo. It realy nice to see it each time. Thanks, dear. But when I have received your letter my mood have risen even more. To me began so pleasantly. I have felt heat in all my body. I cannot simply describe these sensations. It is so difficult to put into words. I am glad, that you agree to want have more serious relations and to learn about my private world more. I think, that before to decide about the future, people should study well each other and know all dreams and secrets of the partner. I am lonely woman and when I receive your letter, I feel that I am not so lonely. And I want to tell you that it is very pleasant for me, that you spend your attention and care for me. And I am glad very much that we have correspondence with you. I feel really good feelings for you. Sometimes I think about our relations and I hope that you not play in game with me. It is not necessary to play on another's feelings. You know, that I very trustful and believe in all. And consequently I can be easily deceived. And I know that you write me only the truth. I hate, when someone deceive me. And I think that we are serious in this. I feel sincerity in your letters. My soul tell me that you are the fair person for me. I didn't want to repeat a mistake of the past. I just want to have a happy future and I hope that you want this too, Hakan. I would want that my future husband really respected and loved only me. This so is fine for waking up in morning and feeling near to you a close person. Or to wake up from aroma fresh coffee which will be brought with your partner in a bed. During a breakfast to discuss our plans per day. All the day to wait, when you will finish work and will return to embraces of the favourite person. In the evenings to sit in embraces each other at the TV and together watching interesting cinema. In weekends together to visit various places (exhibitions, museums concerts, etc.). In the evenings together to walk on a night beach and to listen a noise of waves. To look at stars and to tell own feelings. It so is romantic. I think, that the true love consists in it, what to be constant in harmony with the partner, to understand him and the main thing to respect. Usually people already after 2-3 years after a joint life get used to each other and any more do not feel such love as earlier. Work rises on the first place. He is more often comes at home a later. Less time spends with children and wife. He has a new woman and he decides to leave family and to live with other girl. I think, that always on the first place there should be a family. Hakan, you agree? But what it would not take place, a variety in relations is necessary. Home life should not be monotonous. Each time is necessary to try to surprise your partner. For example, to lead a romantic supper at home. To the wife cooking for a supper, to put candles, to put on a evening dress and to wait for returning a husband from work. I think, that you would be very much surprised to see such conditions of at home. It is possible to include silent slow music. Believe me, it will be unforgettable sensations for you. And you very much will interest, what continuation of evening will be. As I think, that in sex as there should be a variety too. It is not necessary to apply one pose constantly. It is necessary to experiment in it. Both at women and at men it is a lot of points on a body in which it is possible to take pleasure. And the partner should know each such point at own partner what to give pleasure to both. If in family there will be such harmony I think, that the husband will not look at any other women. But, Hakan, I would like to know your opinion. There can be a man's point of view differs from female. Do you agree, Hakan, with me about what I written? Do you like your work? I think, that if somebody doesn't like his work, he is unfortunate. I think that all must to do only things that they like. Any way, do you have many friends? I think that it is necessary to have friends. Cause how I think our life will be much more better if we will have many friends. Friends always will help or still something. But the close loving person it is that person who constantly cares and likes more than the friend. And I so am happy, that our relations went on such serious level. Do you have a big dream? I have and I think that may be in the future I tell you about it, Hakan. I too would like to know your private world. I am interested by everything, what you think of me and about our relations. What has forced you to write me first letter? How you imagine ideal love? What qualities like you in me and what are not like? Please, write to me everything, what you want and that interests you. You like me. I wait your next letter. Kisses for you. Yours Olga.
Letter 8
Hello Hakan. Thank you for you letter. Yes, I am valid is very happy to read your letter again. Each time when I receive you letters to me interestingly to learn what you will write to me. It is interesting to me to read it and to learn about you. Can be in it and there is all of charm of acquaintance through the Internet. In a real life the person can tell much. And in the letter he writes only the most important. For that time which we are corresponded we could learn more about each other if were in a reality. And through the Internet we cannot transfer all this. Also it is necessary to learn the person gradually. Dear, I am glad that your brother bought a new boat. Did he give us this boat when we meet? I want to spend time with you on this boat. I think it will be good time for us. What you think? Hakan, what at you new? How was your day? Did you think about me? Hakan, tell, please about you childhood. It is interesting to me to learn your childhood. What did you like to do? In what games played? How friends called you? Do you have a nickname? I think, that the childhood much can tell about the present human life. Some hobbies remain since the childhood. Also people too take many habits since the childhood. In the childhood usually I communicated with boys. I do not know, why so. But I liked to play with them. I could play machines, in war, in different games. I seldom played with dolls. It can be connected by that I did not have father and all this was interesting to me. I at all do not know. Since the childhood I like to visit different exhibitions, museums. We frequently with mum visited it. To me to like to see pictures, different subjects of an antiquity. I liked to learn and read about pictures and artists. There can be therefore I like visit different museums and exhibitions. And you like art? What artists like you? From music to me like a classical. Though I can listen pop and reggae. Such my interest in music, Hakan. Unfortunately now I should stop to write. Already here 10 at morning. Probably children already wait for me. In the morning I have come to work and when all children came in group I have left I my partner for some time what to come in the Internet of cafe and to write to you. So she now one and probably children already miss on me. They really such interesting. They are very much pleased, when I with them. And I love them and I dream about own. I each time am happy to receive from you letters, Hakan. I very much hope, that soon you will write to me again. And I send you now a my photos made when to me was 18-20 years old. I hope you like it. Write. I shall wait. Kisses Yours Olga
Letter 9
Hi my dear, Hakan. How are you today? You again have very much pleased me when I have received your letter and photos. I not stop to be interested in yours life. Thanks that you explain to me about yours grandfather's boat. I like if you some day take me to this boat. You are interesting to me, Hakan, and I want to know each time more and more about you. You really interesting person and to me like communicate with you. You do not imagine, how difficultly it happens to communicate with people. Some people so tire with the conversation, that at you it would be desirable to stop conversation. But with you all not so. To me to like to read your letters, to represent you to realities, to think of what you think and dreaming. All this so is interesting. We different people, also live in the different countries. We have different culture and customs. But we have the common interests and interesting to each other. I never get tired to communicate with you. There can be you get tired, when read my long letters. If so I’ll try to write to you shorter letters. Can be to you not interestingly read nonsense which is written to you by the young girl. There can be you think, that I live in a fairy tale and very naive. Inform me about it. I shall not take offence. But I really naive also live as in a fairy tale. Not so good, but I am constant in dreams. For example, yesterday I walked on seacoast. You know, that in Pevek there is an East-Siberian sea. Here people do not bathe, because water always cold. But yesterday I was one and walked on coast. I was one and not want that someone would be near to me. I wanted to present mentally only, that you near. I would like that you have warmed me in your embraces. I represented that you near and this warm sea. We walk on sand and you gently embrace me. When has already darkened, I for a long time looked at stars. I do not know why, but I cried. Can be that I have no parents or that I such lonely. I not so strong girl. I very weak. I very strongly experienced death of my mum. I not want to live. But I would find forces what to continue to live. And you have much helped me in it. You have inspired me for that the life proceeds and not all is lost. I have understood, that I should live. I know, that the life to people is given not casually. Each person on a planet should make something for a life. And probably the destiny has sent you for me. I very much hope for it, Hakan. Dear, you believe in destiny? You think, that each person himself builds the destiny or it is given since a birth? What should the person make during a life? You believe, that the life proceeds after death? Probably, Hakan, I have chosen very sad theme. But you understand, that I cannot to discuss these themes with someone. You the unique person to whom I can tell all this. And many thanks, Hakan, that you listen me. You tell me that you like to play in football. I habe photo where I too play football. But it was long time ago. I send it to you now. Hakan, you sometime thought of our joint life? You represented what will be, if I shall be your wife? You would like it? Do you have ideas and dreams about future home life. What do you want and not want, that would be in your home life? What qualities you want to have in your future wife? You have dreams about meeting with the person with which you correspond only on the Internet? It is very interesting to me to learn about it from you. I hope you will answer these questions. And I’ll try to answer on this questions in the following letter for you. I stop to write. Write to me soon, Hakan. I very much wait. Kisses, yours Olga!
Letter 10
Hello my dear lovely, Hakan. How you mood today? At me all right. On work too is interesting. Children such interesting and ridiculous. To me very much like to work with them. What new at you? How your work? How you have spent yesterday? I realy glad to get your letters and your photo. It is your friend? I hope that soon I can close know they. I understand that you busy with work. But today you have free day. Thanks that you answered on my questions. Recently I frequently think of the future and about you. I think about what will be if you will invite me in your country as the future wife. I simply do not present. I at all do not know what I’ll answer to you. But probably I shall agree to your offer. I have nothing to lose here. Only if interesting work and children with which I work now. They have got used to me and love me. But on the other hand my life to change. Yes, I want the husband and children. I for a long time dream about it. But earlier I never thought of the husband from other country. May be during first time to me will to be very terribly in the unknown country and to know only you. But at me such case already was when I have left Kazan and have moved to Pevek. But nevertheless it is Russia. And in your country I should learn your language and constantly to communicate in this language. But so I can faster remember it. But still we have different culture and I do not know whether I can get used to such life. Hakan, in your country many Russian people? It is interesting to me to know it. But I think, that it is not necessary to afraid. You will be near to me and will love me. And for the sake of it I am ready on all. I really want children. I want to bring up them and to allow all our love. We could visit together Disney land, aquaparks, attractions, to visit a circus, etc. I think, that children would be happy. I would want that our children were the happiest children. Also I would want that you were happy and if you will be happy, I’ll too feel like loved. I would want that you respected and loved me. And I shall allow to you of the same feeling. I want to wake up and go to sleep from your kisses. To feel your heart beat when put my head to your breast. To feel taste of yours lips. Probably I write to you it because I do not have not enough man's attention. I would like to hear constantly gentle words from loved man. And I am grateful to you, Hakan, that you speak it for me. I cannot understand my feelings. Me really pulls to you. I still never tested such feelings. There can be it love? What do you think? How you imagine love? You test the same feelings to me? I stop to write now. I should come back to work to children. They already wait me. I’ll miss very much on you and wait your next letter. Write to me soon, Hakan. I very much wait. Kisses, love, yours Olga!
Letter 11
Hello my dear, Hakan. How are you today? How are your health? Today at me good mood and is especial after I received your answer. Last time I began more cheerful and my mood almost always good. It is connected to acquaintance to you. Yes, and children in a kindergarten have noticed it. They speak: "Olga, you became such cheerful". And I am grateful to you, Hakan, for that you make me happy. I think, that my life has changed with the advent of you in my life. And I am really grateful to destiny for this gift. Though earlier, the destiny has very much afflicted me when I have lost the close person for me – mum. It was very difficult for me. But it is not always bad in a life. And now at me the best time. Though I think, that the best that can happen to me, it when we’ll be together. And I very much dream of it. I know, that you too will be glad for our meeting. Because when we’ll see each other and to look in eyes to each other, we can learn more about each other. Though we know about our life through our letters already some time. And now the main thing for us is a reality. Hakan, you agree with it? Yesterday, before going to sleep I thought of you much. I thought of the possible future with you, about home life about children. And I have presented, as it will be wonderful, if we can see each other in a reality and touch to each other. We can show our emotions at all not speaking each other words. For example, with the help of kisses or to embrace each other. It so has excited me. I could not fall asleep almost half of night and in the morning I felt like very sleepy. But all was good, when children came in group. I all the morning long thought of it. And I have come to the conclusion to learn your opinion about our meeting. May be to us really organize our meeting in the near future? For example, the next month? What do you think of it? You would like it? Only I do not know where there will be the best place for our meeting. Certainly, Hakan, I with pleasure would invite you in Pevek. But unfortunately I cannot make it. It is the closed city. I should send you the invitation. But I cannot make it because I live here only more half of year. I should live here not less than two years. There can be in your city we can organize our meeting? What do you think? I think, that so it will be better for us. I can see a place where do you live, your house, learn culture of your country and probably I’ll learn to communicate in your language. There can be in the future it there will be a place for our new family. But we should to discuss a time for meeting. If I would arrive to you, you could have a free time for our meeting? If at the first meeting we solve that we are really created for eacj other, you’ll let me go back? I yet do not know about my work. But I can take a short vacation. By the way, I am sure that your city very beautiful, Hakan. How many monuments in your country? And for whom this monuments are? Do you like to visit sights of your city? And how many this sights in you city? Do you like to visit a museum? I hope that when you was in your parents you tell they about me. It is so? I hope to meet your prents some day. I am really very much excited, when I write this letter. I present already about our first meeting. I see, how all this will occur. But I think, that it is a theme for the following letter. Simple I yet do not know do you agree to meet me soon, Hakan. But I believe, that it soon to happen. Please, write to me and I’ll wait very much for your answer. Kisses, your Olga!

P.S. I not have a my naked photo. But if you want to marry me we need to meet and after that you can study all my body.
Letter 12
Hello my lovely, Hakan! How are you today? I hope you all right. I am very happy to receive your letter. And I like to read your news and your words about me. It so is fine. If it was possible, I would read your letters all the day long. But I have no so much a free time and I not get you letters each hour. Simply your letters give me many ideas about the future life. And I realy like to think about it. I really happy that you want to meet me and tell your parents about me and our meeting. I so happy with you, Hakan. I would like to meet your parent soon. I hope that we will found common language with your parents. And they accept me in your family. You know that I not have my parents and I hope that your parents will love me as my. I don't know still about how we can meet. But it only time and I will know it. Yesterday I again thought of you and our meeting. I would want that we together came in cosy small cafe or restaurant where plays slow silent music and had a supper at light of a candle. I will be in an evening dress. We could have supper and drink easy wine. You would invite me, Hakan, to dance and we would dance all evening under slow music. We could dance while our legs hold us. After that you’ll whisper to me on an ear, that you want to show me more romantic place and we leave cafe. On streets already dark and on the sky is visible a stars. We could leave for city, find a good lawn and lie on a grass. We would look at stars and would talk on any themes. The ambassador you gently would embrace me and have kissed. I so would like that it happened with me. But appeared, that it only my imaginations. Yes, I dream much. But I should dream. Because I lonely and every day at me identical day. Certainly, I would like more romanticism and a variety in a life. And I am glad, that you allow to me of hope, Hakan. I am very happy. Today after work I planning to go to local pool. I already for a long time did not sweem. But today I’ll recollect all exercises. You know I like to swim. And I very much hope, that once we can build competitions between you and me. I think that it will be very interesting. Now I’ll stop to write. Write to me soon, Hakan. Inform me do you dream about romantic evenings with me and what you think? I very much wait for your letter. Kisses, your Olga!
Letter 13
Hello my dear, Hakan! How are you mood today? I'm fine and especially I already very much miss on you and wait for our meeting. It so excites me. I cannot really believe, that already soon we can embrace and kiss each other. I really very much wait for this day. Hakan, and you wait for this day? What will you make, when first time will see me? I think, that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I’ll visit travel company what to learn what I need for arrival to you. I know, that is necessary to receive the visa. But how better and where it can be made? I think, that in agency inform me about it. And still, I think, that we need to specify about date of our meeting. You agree? Because I plan to take small holiday on work and it is necessary to make so, that me and you were free from work. Please, tell me the best date for our meeting, Hakan.!!! I am really very much excited. It occurs for the first time in my life. I still never planned trip to other country. But the main thing, that on this trip depends our future. We can solve about our plans for the future. I am valid so happy. Yesterday I again thought of you, Hakan. I constantly think of you. I am glad, that I found in my life the person who really loves and respects me. I am glad, that someone very far thinks of me and wait for me. Only from one this idea in my body runs small categories of energy and it is very pleasant for me. I think, that near to you I’ll feel like in safety. Earlier I felt very lonely. I considered, that I am valid is not necessary to anybody. But I am very happy to destiny, that it has presented me such chance. And we should take advantage of it. I should stop to write now. Probably children already wait for me. I’ll very much wait tomorrow what again to read your letter. You make me happily, Hakan! And I am very grateful to you. Kisses, your always Olga!
Letter 14
Hi my dearest, Hakan. Nice to get you letter again. I am very happy to read your letter again. It so is wonderful. So, you will celebrate Halloween party in November. I so many times see about this holiday from films. Here in Russia we not have this holiday. But I very much want to see it by my eyes. I think that it is really interesting holiday. What usualy do in Halloween? You tell me that will be good if I can come to you in 10 November. Yes, it is good, but what you think about if I can celebrate Halloween with you and your friends? Do you want it? You can meet me with your friends. I hope that we can found common language. Yes, you are right. I worry about comming in unknown country and know only you there. But to me forces to do it, because I really want to be with you and know your better. And nobody stop me. I hope that you too made so. But I am happy that soon I will know about my travel. Today after work I’ll go to travel agency and shall learn about a necessary way to visit you. I’ll try to learn full details, that we would not have problem in the future. May be to me inform, that I cannot visit you. But I hope for the best. I so am happy, that we organize our first meeting. I can’t simply present it now. I so am excited. I for the first time try to travel to other country, what to create my future. I am very happy. And I hope, that you are very happy too, Hakan. I can’t still believe, that among one million people we could find each other. I not stop to be surprised to destiny. The destiny very simply can connect and separate people. The destiny can take away and give a life to people. The destiny can play with people. Some people speak, that the destiny can be created itself. But I do not believe in it. If you must find the wife from other country you’ll find her. If to you it is given by destiny to win one million dollars in a lottery you’ll win. But some people can predict destiny. I do not believe in it. But when I lived in Kazan I sometimes visited fortunetellers. I heard much from them. The some fortunetellers spoke, that I’ll be happy and in the beginning of 2004 I’ll be married and in 2005 I’ll have the first child. But basically I think it there was a lie. Because that they spoke all, it done not happen. They simply wanted to have money from the client. And after the first visiting I never came back to these fortunetellers. But once my girlfriend has called me to one fortuneteller. She predicted destiny on my full name and date of a birth. It were mathematical calculations. And she has told much about my life. About the past about the present and it is a little about the future. She has tell such things which were known only with my close people. She informed that in my life there will be main recesses. She named year when there will be my main changes in a life. She has told that in 2004-2005 at me will be the big loss. This year I have lost my mum. As she informed that to me waited with a long journey. It I have moved in Pevek. She informed about home life, that I’ll be happy. As she informed, that there is a probability to travel and live in other country. 2006-2007 I’ll find loving man. As she informed that in 2007-2009 I’ll be completely happy in a life. Certainly, I very much would like to trust this. But on the other hand I think that people should not learn about the future. It can affect their life. Therefore after that I never was at fortunetellers. I think, that we can construct our life without advice of fortunetellers. I am right? Ohh, I have absolutely overlooked about time. I should come back to work. Excuse. I stop to write. I very much miss on you, Hakan. Write to me today. Tomorrow I’ll receive your letter and shall inform news from travel agency. I am very happy with you, Hakan. Kisses, your sweet Olga!
Letter 15
Hello my dear, Hakan. How a nice again read your letter. Thanks. What new at you? You already miss me? Probably you wait for news from travel agency. But unfortunately I can inform nothing to you. Yes, I promised, that yesterday I’d visit the company. Yesterday, when I have finished work I at once have gone to travel agency. But appeared, that they are already closed. It was already about 19:30. To me was very sad, that I’d not learn about our meeting. But do not worry, Hakan, today I’ll visit again travel agency. I’ll make it after finish this letter. I’ll go to agency and learn full details about my visiting your country. I hope that you still want it. I very much wait for this meeting. I already feel, that I’ll be the happiest girl on a planet when the first time we see each other you’ll embrace me and will gently kiss. I am really very happy, Hakan. What new at you? What did you do last night? Yesterday's evening at me has passed pending and griefs. To me it was very sad, that I am alone in my apartment. I thought only of you. To me was very sad to go to sleep in cold bed and to feel, that near is no my favourite person. It was so sad. And for some time it seemed to me, that I am really lonely also and I not need to nobody. I was captured with a panic. It was very terrible to me to think, that all have left me in this dark cold room and I am necessary for nobody. I would not like to think of my loneliness. I was helped only by that I have understood that I am not lonely. I am necessary for children in kindergarden which very much love me and the main thing, that somewhere away on this planet there is a person who really thinks of me and I was necessary for him. To me it became easier from these ideas and I have very quickly fallen asleep. I am grateful to you, that you do not leave me, Hakan. Also you allow hopes for the light, happy future. I am glad that you too cross your fingers. I want to visit Halloween party together with you. 60 people it is a lot of. I too never was in such big party. I stop to write now, Hakan. I have again overlooked about time. When I write to you letters time goes so quickly, that I do not notice it. I should go in travel agency now and after that again for work. I hope that now I precisely learn the necessary information for us. I’ll inform you it tomorrow. Write to me soon. Kisses, always your Olga!
Letter 16
Hi my dear, Hakan! I so happy today. I’d so wait for this minute what to write to you about my news. You simply don’t imagine how I am happy, because I have for you news. Certainly, it is good news. But during too time there are small difficulties for our meeting. But I think, that is not necessary to be afraid of difficulties when you begin such big business as our meeting. I was in agency and asked what I need to visit you in Sweden. To me have meet with the agent who has agreed to explain to me full details and he’ll work with me. He has told, that I can arrive to your country. But it’ll be not easy. But it is possible. But will be required some time for registration all my documents. He also told me much about Sweden. But I already knew about it from your. He informed, what obligatory documents I need for arrival in your country. It is the international passport, the visa, the insurance and the invitation from you (not necessarily, but it is desirable). But, Hakan, there are only a few ways to arrival in your country. I can arrive to you only as the tourist, as the student or on business visa. But I can’t arrive to you as the bride because the agency cannot provide these documents. I have asked, what we need to made if we want to marry? The agent has told, that for this purpose it’ll be necessary for us together to address in you embassy and embassy of Russia in your country for granting documents for our marriage. But we should make it only after my arrival in your country. I think, that we’ll decide about it when be together. Agent has told, that will have small difficulties. But he will make all what in his forces. As he has told, that your invitation very much will help us. You can write this invitation to a paper (but only by your hand) and then to scan it and to send me on e-mail. I’ll bring this file in agency and they will print it. The agent informed as correctly to fill this invitation. Hakan, you should write about following:

I am (your full name as in your passport) living (full address of your registration and the name of country) invite (my full name Bykova Olga) living on the following address (Russia, Pevek, Sovetskaya st, 3-27) for visiting my country (name of your country) as my foreigner guest. I oblige to give her residing at my country. Today’s date and your signature.

Hakan, I have written to you an example of a writing of your invitation. You should correct it that was correct. Because I could be mistaken with translation. Please, try to make it as soon as possible. Because tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I’ll visit agency again what to transfer my documents. And today or tomorrow should collect a set of papers. These are my photos on the passport and the visa, references from my work and from police office. I have asked, how many will cost my travel. The agent has told, that he can’t tell the sum because all depends on what airport I’ll fly, cost registration of the visa, the insurance, the passport, etc. But when I’ll bring all documents and will inform the information to the agent, he’ll establish provisional cost of my travel. Still next time I should pay a part of money for the beginning of official registration of my papers. I have this sum and I’ll make it. I am really very happy, Hakan, that soon we’ll be together. I told you all what I have learned in agency. I am very glad, that we have made such step for our first meeting. Dear, what is a Mossaka? It is your national dishes? May be one day I can try it, if you do it for me. Last night I very for a long time dreamed of how there will be our meeting. It was pleasant for me to think of you. And I believe, that is very far you too think of me and I am not lonely at this moment. It was very pleasant for me. Well, Hakan, I should stop to write now. I need to collect documents, what tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to give it to travel agent. But I ask you, that you would prepare for me your invitation and sent it to me in the next e-mail. And still inform me the nearest international airport where you could meet me. It is necessary for specification of full cost of my travel. I hope, that these news have pleased you. I am very happy and I miss on you. Write to me soon, Hakan, I very much miss. Kisses, your lovely Olga!
Letter 17
Hi lovely, Hakan. How are you today? I very much hope that you wait for my letter and is really happy to forthcoming our meeting. I can’t still believe, that we have begun preparation for our meeting and soon we can embrace and kiss each other in a reality. It as dream in which it would not be desirable to wake up. I so am excited with it. It seems to me, that if we’ll stop our correspondence I'll wake up and understand, that it only my dream and me again surrounded only a severe reality and loneliness. I do not want it. I want to be with you beside and to feel heat of your embraces. It very much pleases me. You allow to me hope for the good future and I am really happy with you, Hakan. Thanks, Hakan, that you have transferred me the necessary information for agency. Today during day I’ll go in agency and to transfer this information to the agent. He should still inform me about full details on official registration of papers. I so am happy to this. As soon as I’ll know this information I’ll inform it for you, Hakan. I hope that you too are excited and wait for it with impatience. To me it is really pleasant, that we have decided to organize our meeting. And I believe, that we’ll be happy together. Now I should stop to write. I am sorry, that I began to write smaller letters. At me so it is a lot of words which I want to tell to you. But I am limited with time. I work and also I spend working hours for agency. Even children began to ask me where I leave every day. They such remarkable. And me sadly to leave them here. But I’ll hold all these words in myself for our first meeting. I very much miss and I kiss you, Hakan. Write to me soon. I wait for your letters with impatience. Kisses, your loving Olga!
Letter 18
Hello my lovely, Hakan. How are you today? I hope that you again are happy to receive my letter and learn my news. I’ll begin this letter with news from the agent. Yesterday I have learned a lot of the new information about my travel. I have transferred to the agent all information received from you. Don't worry they understand your handwriting. He could’t inform at once completely all cost of my travel and tell term of manufacturing of documents. But he promised to make it within the next few days. Can be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Yesterday I have signed all papers and the contract for the beginning registration of my documents. As I already pay 200$ that the agent began preparation of my documents. I am so happy. I think, that the return way already is not present at us also I hold the crossed fingers what all was success with us. I so am happy, Hakan. I can’t believe, that our meeting already so is close. This week I’ll precisely know cost of travel and date when documents will be ready. Hakan, you are happy to forthcoming our meeting? I very much hope, that these news make you happier. I am very happy. But to me still is sadly. The matter is that I am going to leave work. It because I prepare for our meeting. And me really sadly to leave children. They already used to me. But I yet have not decided when I’ll leave work. I think that it’ll be within the next few days. Hakan, I should stop to write now. I need to run to work. But do not worry, Hakan, you should’t forget, that is very far think of you lonely girl who very much misses about you. You always in my heart, dear. I’ll wait for your new letter and your ideas about our forthcoming meeting. Write to me soon. Kisses, your always Olga!
Letter 19
Hello my lovely, Hakan. How are you today? I am very glad to read your letter again. It so is pleasant, that our friendship has gone so far and soon we already can meet. Today I again have news for you. Certainly, it has a little upset me. But don’t worry, I believe for best. I just visited agency and the agent informed me information about payment and term of manufacturing my documents. He informed all cost of my travel. It makes 1600 euro. This cost includes my visa, international passport, insurance, consular gathering, the ticket into Moscow, the ticket in your country, charges on way and charges for agency which I already have paid last time. Certainly, I did not expect, that it will cost so expensive. But such big price will consist that very expensive tickets from Pevek to Moscow. As do not overlook that I need in back way tickets. Because such rules of the tourist. But we could hand over then back my tickets if we solve that I should remain in your country. But I think, that already is impossible to change anything. Because I’ve signed the contract and I should follow the requirement of the contract. We should pay this sum approximately in 7-20 days when my documents will be ready. After that the agent will reserve the ticket aboard the plane in the term specified by us. So, Hakan, we still have time to find this sum. But don’t worry. I think, that we can solve this question. Because I should receive the insurance for died of my mum. But I have not received it still. I have left Kazan and the insurance company promised to transfer money in bank. Therefore it is necessary for me to visit bank in Pevek and to learn details about it. I’ll receive this money and I can pay all charges. I so am happy, that we do not lose hope for our meeting. From the very beginning I thought, that we’ll have problems. But without problems there is no happiness. Many people achieving happiness pass through their problems. But I have provided all and now for us will be easier. I am really happy, Hakan. You make me happy. I am glad, that both of us want happiness for each other. We lonely people, but soon we’ll happy and to us will envied others people. I am very happy. I can’t simply present, that several months ago we at all did not know about each other. And soon we already will be together. I simple do not believe such happiness. It is valid as in a fairy tale. Thanks that you tell me about date of your birthday. No, you not miss my birthday. It will be only in November,8. It is soon. But I hope that in this time we already can celebrate my birthday together. Do you want it? Do you happy to celebrate my birthday together? When you will go to Halloween party? Hakan, think, that I have told all what have learned from the agent. Dear if you have not understood something, please, ask me and I’ll explain to you all. Simple may be I can’t written all to you. May be I something have overlooked to inform some details. I very much frequently think of you and very much I wait for our meeting. Write to me soon. I very much miss. Kisses, your always loving Olga.
Letter 20
Hi my lovely, Hakan. What new today at you? I hope you all right. I so would wait for your letter what again to read your words. Thanks that you do not leave me one. Every day I feel, that the distance between us is reduced. I can’t believe any more that remained so small time before our meeting. I am really happy. I think that I already can collect luggage :) Yes, you right, that it is expensive trip. But, Hakan, you not understand me. I tell you that I need to pay 1600 euro. But price to travel to you country cost me about 1000 euro. On ticket about 900 and 100 to charges. But other 600 euro it is ticket from Pevek to Moscow. Because it is really expensive. I live very much far from Moscow. But what to come to you I neet to go to Moscow. Ticket to plane to Moscow cost about 600 euro. I hope that now you understand why agent tell me so higt price. But, Hakan, thaks that you want to help me. But don't worry. I know where I take money. I have insurance from my mum. I take money and will pay for all my trip. Last time, when I have written to you the letter late I would go to bank what to learn about my money from insurance. I would ask bank that they have transferred money from Kazan in Pevek. But to me informed, that they can’t make such operation. I should ask the Kazan’s bank, that they would transfer money to Pevek. So today I should go on a post mail and call in Kazan. Why in my country so all is difficult. I didn’t think that it’ll be so difficultly. But I do not lose hope. I know, that after all these difficulties I can be in your lovely embraces. And I very much wait for this day. Last night I looked film on the TV. I sat on a sofa and I have slipped a warm plaid. But I at all do not remember, what was film. Because I thought only about you. I would like, that this minute I would near to you. I would like, that you would embrace me that to me was warm also we together could to observe a film. I gently would nestle on you and you have told: "Olga, I love you". And I would answer you: "Hakan, I love you too". You gently would kiss me and our kiss would last long time. But we again would’t understand what about was film :) Certainly, me it was sad, that it only my imaginations. But, Hakan, in a reality it’ll be fast. I believe in it. I still for a long time thought of us at this evening. And I only have ceased to think, when film has finished. And consequently I at all do not remember the name of this film. But I think, Hakan, that when we’ll be together for us will not matter, what film to look. We could do all what we want. I already know what. I could cooking for a tasty supper and we could have supper at light of a candle. It is very romantic atmosphere and you know this. Or we could invite your friends and we could spend evening together. I know many Russian dishes which I can cooking for you and I think, that every day you can try different dishes. By the way, Hakan, what products you like? I like a seafood. You like it? If we have invited your friends we could play various table games. I think it never boring us. We should not miss. We live once in a life. And every day should differ from previous. In some families every day is repeats and it very much bothers. Therefore partners start to give attention less to each other and is more often in such families there are disagreements between partners and swear. I think, that we’ll spend every day differently. Every day will differ from others. Every day you’ll try to finish your work faster what to go home and to learn our plans for evening. I can’t wait any more this. I really would like a life with you soon. I stop to write now. I very much miss and I wait for your next news. As I’ll inform you news about bank as soon as I’ll know it. I wait for your letter. Kisses. Yours always loving Olga!
Letter 21
Hello my dearest, Hakan. How you feel today? I am happy to write to you again. But it is a pity to me, that I can’t inform any news to you about our meeting. The matter is that yesterday I visited a post office and have learned phone number of Kazan’s bank which work my mum’s insurance company. I tried to call in bank, but nobody took a tube. I only have then understood, that I have absolutely overlooked about a difference in time. There should be a bank was is closed also therefore I could’t phone there. But I not regret. Because soon I’ll call again and now I know about a difference in time. May be today or within the next few days. As soon as I’ll know news I at once will inform you about it, Hakan. I know that you happy to meet me soon. And I really happy to this. Because I so wait our meeting. And I know that stay not long time and we can be together. I so happy with you, dear. Dear, about 1600 euro. It is not cost in your country. It is all my carges on my travel. I pay for ticket on plane to Moscow 600 euro and stayed money (about 1000 euro) for documents and ticket to your country. I hope you understand. But soon I will get money from mum's insurance. And when I come to you we will have much money for our life. I so happy with you, Hakan. I with such impatience wait for our meeting. Already there was not enough time for our meeting and soon we can embrace in a reality each other. It so excites me. It occurs to me for the first time. Hakan, you test such feelings? I am very much excited about results in travel agency. I’ll visit it within the next few days and to learn as going affairs with my documents. The agent promised, that should’t have difficulties. So all will be good. I so am happy, Hakan. Recently I can’t simply find a place for myself. I constantly would like to do something. Probably it because I would want that time went faster. We are already know each other not one month. And I am happy to meet you soon. I present how it will be. I leave from the plane and our sights go to each other. You hold a bouquet of flowers for me. I approach to you and you tender kiss me and speak: "Welcome to future home Olga". After that we are directed to you home and all way we talk about my travel. Certainly, I think, that it will be not clear for us first time to understand each other and we’ll laugh at our mistakes in conversation. But in future I can well speak and then we can communicate without problems. It so cool. I cannot wait this time, Hakan. It really excites me. But what will be, when will be last day before our meeting? I think, that I can’t simply sleep. And probably you too, Hakan. We’ll think only about our meeting. If now I am tormented by a sleeplessness that constantly think of you, last days before our meeting I can’t simply sleep. My ideas will be only about a forthcoming meeting with you. It very much grasps. Well, Hakan, I stop to write. I’ll learn news from Kazan's bank and Travel company and to inform to you it as soon as I can know. But, Hakan, do not overlook to write to me. Because I very much miss on you and your letters. Kisses, yours always loving Olga!
Letter 22
Hello my lovely, Hakan. How are you today? I hope you all right. At me today very good mood. First, I am happy to receive yours wonderfully letter and to read it. And, second, I have good news about our meeting. Today I visited agency and the agent informed me some good news. He has told, that documents will be ready soon. It’ll take about 8-10 working days. So, soon we’ll together, Hakan. But as soon as documents will ready I should pay 1050 euro for all documents and tickets (cost includes charges on different things and residing night in Moscow). After that agent will reserve tickets aboard the plane in your country in the appointed date. He informed, that it is necessary for me to have tickets in two ways. In your country and back to Russia. Because I’ll travel as the tourist to your country and I should have return way ticket. I have asked, whether will be possible to change date of the return ticket or to give it to cash department of the airport if I’ll stay in your country. The agent has told, that it can be made, but only after arrival in your country, Hakan. So, in 8-10 days I should pay 1050 euro in agency. Tickets from Pevek to Moscow are not included into this cost and I should buy it separately. So it still 600 euro. I was glad to learn this information from the agent. I was very happy that soon we’ll be together. And now I am happy to inform you this information, Hakan. The agent has told, that as soon as I’ll pay charges I can receive the international passport, the visa, the insurance and other documents. But after that I should visit embassy of your country in Moscow and assure these documents. I should not pay consular gathering and various charges to embassy. The agency transfers money there. Also in Moscow I can receive tickets to plane. I am valid so happy to these news. I hope that you too, Hakan, happy to know it. Now I needed to call in Kazan's bank and to ask that they have transferred money to Pevek. As I know usually it borrows from 3 till 5 days. So tomorrow or Monday I’ll call there and to ask to transfer money here. I have already know time in which necessary to call in Kazan. I very much hope, that I have pleased you with these news. I really can’t wait for our fast meeting. You tell me that you will play in Curling on December, 17. I am really glad. Dear, In this time I will be with you already and I will support you on your game. Do you want it? I really want to be with you in this time and we will be. Please, write to me soon. I very much wait. I should stop to write now because I should come back to work. By the way, Hakan, I have still one news. Today I work last day. So, since tomorrow's day I stop to work. Children very much experience it. Today I’ll say goodbye to them. So it is a pity to me to leave them one. But nevertheless they have parents and I hope that they’ll remember me. Write to me soon, Hakan. I very much miss and I wait. Kisses, yours always missing Olga!
Letter 23
Hakan. Hello. I so hasten what to inform you news. But it bad news. Today I’ve counted up time when in Kazan will be a morning. I has gone on a post mail what to call in Kazan's bank. I at once have phoned there and the tube was taken by woman voice. I have explained to her about my situation, and that is necessary for me to transfer money to Pevek. But she check my account and informed me, that my account had no any remittances from the insurance company. I didn’t understand what occurs. I still asked her to check up my account again. But she has confirmed, that my account did’t receive any money from insurance company. I have really been upset. I at once began to find a phone number of mum’s insurance company. I have call there. I have asked, why they have not transferred money for death of my mum. They have told, that did not receive any documents about her death. And consequently can’t pay money. I have asked what would be necessary that they have paid to me this money and what sum. To me have answered that the sum will make about 19000 euro. But what I could receive it to me is necessary to give some documents. This certificate about death, insurance policy, the conclusion of hospital which carried out opening a body of my mum. I have only the certificate about death and an insurance policy. But I have no conclusion of hospital. To me informed, that without this documents they can’t help me. I have hanged up. I have been very upset because I haven’t such document here. What to get a conclusion of hospital I need to go to Kazan’s hospital. I did not understand what to me to do now. Also it was very hurt to me to speak about mum. You understand, that I very much loved her. It was very hurt me to recollect about her. It seemed to me that all my dreams fall. I have begun to cry. To me still never was so sad and insulting. I hate this country. Why constantly in this country it is necessary heap of papers what something to achieve from the state. I simply hate Russian government and the state. I so had problems when sold my apartment in Kazan. It was necessary for me to collect so much many documents, that I sold this apartment approximately about one month. It so is difficult. But now I am completely upset. I do not know what to me to do now. Hakan, it is very shame to me before you, that I promised you to come soon and we’ll be happy. I very much want it. But I do not know what to me to do now. In a week is necessary for me to pay charges to agency. I have signed the contract and should make it. And now I don’t know how to me to make it. Really, to be with you near, it again only my dream? Really the destiny has again played a malicious joke with me? Really I’ll again stay is lonely in this heavy world? I don’t know what to me to do. Sorry. I can’t continue to write now. I cry. I love you dear, Hakan. Kisses, yours loving Olga!
Letter 24
Hi, my dearest, Hakan. Thanks for your support. To me is so sad. I simply don’t know what to me to do. I have remained without work and now I can not arrive to you. It so has upset me. Hakan, what to me to do now? I’am really in a desperate situation. Yesterday I all day thought about what to me to do. I didn’t know, how to me to receive money. All what I could think up it only one variant. I need in money what to arrive to Kazan. After that I receive all necessary documents for the insurance company. I get money from company and after that I should arrive again in Pevek what to pay the documents in agency. But you understand, that it only waste of money. But I don’t have other way. In any case I should receive money from the insurance of my mum. To me so it is sad and lonely. I simply do not know what to me to do. I cry. I cry, because I need your help. I cry, because I need about 800 euro. Yesterday I have counted up all charges for arrival in Kazan. Cost of the ticket from Pevek to Moscow – 580euro. The ticket on a train to Kazan about 44 - 50 euro. And other part of money for residing in Kazan. Yes, I have many friends there, and they will help me to live in Kazan while the insurance company will pay me all money. Therefore completely all sum makes about 800 euro. I didn’t count the return ticket in Pevek because I hope that I can receive money. But me is sadly that I can’t find this sum here. You understand, that here I don’t have close people. The unique person whom can help me only you. Hakan, please, inform me, you could help me with this sum of money? Certainly, I’ll give you back this money and even bigger sum as soon as I’ll receive money or as soon as I’ll arrive to you. When I’ll receive money from the insurance company all sum we’ll not require money long time. 19000 euro will suffice us for long time. But what to receive this sum I should arrive in Kazan. I hope that you understand what I speak. Please, Hakan, inform me what to me to do. I very much hope for your help. I need in your help. To me it is very lonely. I know, that at you very big heart and you care of me. I very much love you, Hakan. And I really want to be fast with you. Certainly, it is very a shame to me to ask you about money. But I do not have other variant. All this only for our happiness. I very much hope that you will not leave me one this difficult minute.Hakan, help to me. I very much wait for your answer and yours opinion about my plan. Or probably you have other variant? I wait. Kisses, yours Olga!
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