Scam letter(s) from Larisa to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear stranger! Glad to get acquainted with you! You must be wanted to know about me more? I am with pleasant tell you about myself! My name is Larisa. I was born in ancient town Lvov. Here so beautiful streets and buildings! When you walking down the streets, you like fall in past… Ancient houses, castles, road making from the stones, coaches…Unforgettable feelings! Did you ever be in Lvov? Maybe in other towns in Ukraine you were? What are you impressions? My birthday 17th of May, I will celebrate 28 years old. I was born almost in summer…I love summer; because out the door warmth, we take off clothes, go to the sea. When your birthday? Do you like summer? Or you prefer winter, when you can play in snowball. :). I like animals very much, that is why I am a veterinarian by my profession. I have pets: dog, two cats and parrot. I choose this profession because it closer to me- treat animals and care. They so unprotected…Most of my friends was against my choice, they said that is no prestige to be a veterinarian in Ukraine. But I chose this profession by my soul. Now they came to me with their pets for a help or for advice. Where do you work? You tired on job? You chose your future profession by yourself or someone advised you? After work I like rest at home with the cap of coffee on the sofa, read some book, to talk with my parents. I’m not often to go somewhere. For me my house- it is my castle, I prefer stay here. Of course sometimes I visit my grandparents and friends on weekend or they came to me. What you usually do in you free time? How you relax? I live with my parents, but I am adult now and understand that it is time to search my second half and create our own cozy nest. I don’t say that my parents drive out me from flat, they kind and care. I love them and they me! My mother a librarian, she is 50 years old, my father a loader, he is 55 years old. Relation in our family is very friendly. I have not brother and sister. I am a single child and I am not upset about it. I never feel myself lonely in my childhood. Maybe, just, sometimes… But I want that in my family were 2 or 3 children; they will support each others and help in everything. Do you have a sister or brother? How are you parents? You know, I believe that I find a good man and he becomes my husband, we will live in light house with our children. We will love each other till the death separates us… In what you believe? Tell me about yourself more…
Waiting for you replay :). With regard, Larisa.
Letter 2
Hello my dear Bob!
Thank you for you message, I am glad receive it from you. You want to communicate with me and it is great! :))). I also wanted to talk with you. Thanks, that you tell me about yourself, about you job and family. I want to tell you about my life more. As I wrote, I am a veterinarian. I like animals, especial young animals- they like child- beautiful, little angels :). To care about them real satisfy! As I wrote, my friends were against my chose but my parent supported me. They respect me and my chose, they said that it is my life and I have to choose my own way. They are very wise! I always ask them for advice. They taught me good manners, to respect others, be good hostess and before to do something think about it consequences. So they cared a lot about my education, so they sent me to a specialize school. And there I began study English language. I didn’t regret about that because I can communicate with you, because from your letter I saw that you are sensitive and tender and very differ from our men. Because our man wanted to have not beloved wife in their house, but housekeeper, who will only clean and cook :( By the way, as I wrote cooking it’s my hobby, love to cook transfer to me from my mother. I always surprise my parents and friends mine dishes. Do you like eat something delicious and extraordinary? Can you cook? What cuisine do you prefer? I like Ukrainian cuisine. Have you ever taste Ukrainian borsch or bacon? I have not bad habits because I am a doctor first of all, and know how it’s harm for organism. I will be a mother in future and I think about health of my future children. Do you smoke? If yes, so, it’s not a problem- you can dropped it easy. Are you for healthy life? I like surprise my beloved man with presents. Not only on some celebrates or birthdays, even in usual day making a present to someone you make him happy. Do you like to get a presents, or to give? :). Have you ever imagined your future? I have…I see myself sitting near the fireplace with the beloved husband and children, we happy family. We understood each other, almost never quarrel. It is a perfect family. Impossible dream about perfect family in out country, because our man often rude, prefer spend their free time not with family, but with friends with bar. :( What about your dream of perfect future? Can you share it with me? I’ll be glad to read about it! I will finish my letter; I want to know more about you!!! :)))). Waiting with impatience on you replay. Larisa.
Letter 3
Hello, dear Bob!!!
How it was pleasant to see you message! Thank you for your answer! It is so interested to communicate with you :). Tell you about myself, and read about you. I want know about your daily life, about job and so on… Have you ever upset on your job? I have today… Us you know I am a veterinarian and of course to me came people with their pets- to make them injection or an operation. Not always we can safe animals, it’s so sad- so such our life… Today to me came an old woman for a help with her cat. She said that her cat don’t eat nothing, almost always sleep and get weight and became very lazy. He is change. I examined them, made x- ray. It was a stones in the livers. It is can treat, but it was too late for this cat- nothing can help him, even super treatment with expensive medicine, it was neglected too much. I didn’t know how it says to the old woman, but I have to… She began cry and I could not hide the tears too, she said that it all what she has. This cat lives with her 10 years. She wanted gave to us all her money for saving his life. I didn’t know how I could to help her. It was painful news. I said that she can take another cat and care about it. She thankful us and went away with her ill cat. Next client-man, came with dog that just was knocking down by the car; he thought that it is impossible to safe his life that he can’t survive. But we made all possible and safe than dog! He broke his leg and two ribs. Man was so happy, she began jump and thankful us. Often people like their animals more than their own children- it is very strange and unmoral! I never could understand that people. Do you have pets? Were some funny stories with them? I’ll be waiting for you replay :) Larisa.
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