Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Bob (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, dear!!!!
I am searchiing for my real love!!!
I believe in love from the first sight. I'd like to find a man who would be able to divide this beautiful feeling with me. I'm sympathetic and deeper person.
I like to cook differente dishes. I like noisy and merry parties but sometimes I love to be along and listen to silence.
I believe, one day I'll meet a man whom I'll be loving person and divide with him all griefs and gladness, creat a happy family, beget charming and healthy children.
Where are you, my love? Resound! This is my e-mail I am waiting for you, Anastasiya!!
Letter 2
HI dear Bob, I like your photos very much... You are very interesting and charming man...
My name is Anastasiya. I am 26 years old.
I am from Ukraine from beautiful town called Poltava.
Thank you for your letter... I am nurse in local hospital. I work in Pediatric department. I like my job very much and I do my work very properly. I am kind and nice person.
I want to have all pleasures from life, because we have only one...
I am very serious girl with a good sense of humor, I have a strong personality. It's doesn't matter for me appearance of man, because man should be interesting, kind, smart, tender, sensible and protective. I am very sensible indeed, I move to tears easily for my emotions but never for the difficulties. I love nature, deep sea, sun, smell of flowers, small embarrassment, walks under the moon, tender kissing, romantically glancing sunset.... I like all kinds
of emotions in our life.... I am looking for foreign husband just because men in our country don't have any traditional values, they lost everything in their life and need only alcohol... I belive that foreign men are more tender and they have respect to their women..
I love children and I think that it's true sense of life to give a new life... I want to have strong and beloved family... That's why I seek for my second half.. I AM NOT HERE FOR STUPID PLAYS. I want to find true love.. I know that it's very difficult to meet but I think that to desire and wait patiently is only one way for HAVE it...
My future MAN will be nice, sweet, honest and cheerful. I am not a woman for whole men.. I am for the only ONE... I don't search for financial supporter, not I need true lover...
If you have the same views write me.. Write me about your interstes, your work, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, your wishes and secrets.. I think together we can find our happiness...
I am sending my best wishes and now one sweet kiss..
Letter 3
Hello dear Bob.
It's so nice to get your letter that makes me very happy and to answer you. Reading your letter I feel that you are a very interesting person.
I would like to be in touch with you and find out if we are searching for the same and if we have a lot in common. These are the reasons and a good base
for getting good relations and probably to fall in love with each other in the future.
I adore to listen to the music and to go out of the town, to stay near lake or to have a nice walk in the nature. My life is great, calm and interesting but more often I start to feel a lack of the important thing like love, beloved person in my life who could understand me and with whom I'm ready to share all my life, to create a nice, harmonic family.
that's why I found such way of research.
Like to make love to you it would give me great pleasure and feeling.
My favorite colour is blue.
My favorite Meal is cold meat and salads. I really like cooking and I am good in it. I hope that one day i will have the opportunity to show you my abilities in cooking..
I would like to hear from you soon... Please, tell me what do you like doing in your free time???? What do you think about your work?? Do you like it or not???? What kind of woman do you want to have near yourself????
Waiting for your soon answer...
All my respect,
Kisssssssssss and huggsssssssssss
Letter 4

Hello, my sweet Bob! It is so pleasant to find your letter again! I have news for you.
I've made today an important decision. I decided to write to you only, but not to another men too, they don't attract me more!
Do you remember I said in my last letter that I write poems? Pity, I write usually in Russian, but... It is my first poem in English.
May be, it is not so good, but English is not my native language and I can only say what I can. I know you so little,
but you're so close!
I feel my heart beating:
it says it is yours. I hardly believe in:
love was so easy to find,
and I'll do anything
for you to be mine! I hope you will like.. Because it's only for you... Now I want to continue to tell you about myself...
About my hobbies, well I like to go to the gym and also for swimming, sometimes. Also I like to read historical and politic books, and sometimes when the weather is good I like to go out for fishing and to make picnic. About my family, well my father past away 2 years ago, so I have my mother, and 2 older
brothers which are married and have children.
what attracts me at a man is not his body first of all, but his brain and how he act, how he behaves to other persons. If he is kind and elegant, and nice and sympatic. Is he a loving person and have a great sense of humor, that he likes to make jokes and fun, to say the short way if he is a person full of life and culture this attracts me to a man, also the other side which attracts me to a man is her eyes...
All this attracts me to a man. Now, I am waiting for your answer and your thoughts.. I hope you will tell me a bit more about yourself, your life and your future plans..
You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this! With my tender kiss to you, your Anastasya.
Letter 5
Hi dear Bob! Thank you for your so lovely letter. It was pleasant for me to receive it from you.
Now it is very cold here. Strong wind and black clouds.
But when I red your letter it becomes warmer. I feel like your words come to my heart.. I feel their gentle touch... Thanks for writing me, you made my day. I hope you're alright? You never cease to amaze me with the things you say. It's really great I have such passion in you. I think the Internet is a good thing too, otherwise I might never have come in contact with some like you. I'm really excited that you daydream about me, it is so endearing. I think your view on how to care for someone you love is absolutely lovely. It's rare to find someone who will care for you so much. I really share most of your views in life. Truly, no two people can like the same exact type of things, but the could learn to compromise. I have to say that your letters are really interesting.
I like to read them.. I want to tell you a bit about my spare time..
I watch tv when there's something interesting on or some cool movie.
I think walking in the woods is kind of cool and romantic. I haven't done it before, but I could try it with you. I am a one woman kind of guy too.
I haven't really had serious relationships in the past, but then I hadn't met the right person either. I love my friends, they are awesome. We do so much together. And they are funny as hell too. My dream is to be able to someday have a family with a man who loves me as much as I love him or even more than I do, to have children and be able to give them a life that is as comfortable as I can afford. I know all this seems difficult, but I try my best to see that it comes true, so I am searching right person who will also want the same... I don't really have specific things to ask you, I trust you and you should trust me, you can tell me everything by yourself. I hope this turns into something great between us too. I look forward to reading from you soon.
Kisses and hugs, Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear and sweet Bob
I am so happy to hear from you...
It is so wonderful to know each other more with each beautiful and warm letter! I need your tender words and your care that I feel from your letter! I have so much to tell and to share my ideas and thought with you...
i hope that soon i will be with you in the paradise..can I come there to you? i would really like to come to your place and arrange our meeting...
i know that the first step of our meeting should be mine.. Because you are a man and you are busy with your work.. I am your woman and I should do everything for you and for our future.... i don't want to wait long time.. Because with each passing day I fell closer and closer to you.. Yes, it's very strange because I didn't see you yet, but this feelings which are in my heart are very exciting and I think that now I depend on you, on your letters, thoughts, words, feelings..
I am just addicted to you... I have you in my mind, in my soul, in my heart... Belive me, my feelings are real and I open my heart to you now because i can't hair them any longer.. I ned to share what I feel with you..
I don't know your reaction but I know one thing that I am falling in love with you... It's my heart and I can't do anyhting to it...
so please. I can come to you and we will make our dreams true... I will try to know what step is necessary for it..
i dream every night and all day about our meeting..i want to feel you closed to me.. hear your voice..feel your hands..
and specially to show you that i never lie show you how i am in real life... how important you are for me and how big my love...
I am looking forward your warm and loving letter!!!
I am hugging and kissing you, my angel!!!
Your sweetie, Anastasiya.
Letter 7
Hello dear Bob! This letter is addressed especially for you... your letter seemed interesting and outstanding for me! Thinking about you, I have a mind that you'll agree with my thoughts about the life... Both of us live in very modern world with a lot of the technological mechanic in it: we wake up because of our clocks inform us about the time to get up, we use the lifts coming up and down in the buildings, you and I arrive to the necessary places on the buses, metros and the cars. The iron machines are around us during the work and in the rest time. But it's so great to close the eyes and to remember about the most important thing in this world which move the walls and crush the barriers: about the love. You will agree with me that its very difficult to meet the unique person for whom you could present all your caress, your passion and love. Spending together 24 hours a day, you ask the heavens to make 1 hour more, you want to enjoy the life with your darling half! Looking at the lovely face of your partner, you have a mind that you know every line of it but from the other side you see something new every time. Making the work or doing something necessary for the life you are hurrying up home to see your half. As for me, I know that I will be hurry come back home to prepare a lovely candle-light dinner for you so that we will have a very romantic night. So, as you understand, I want to love. If you want the same, if you are tired to be alone so as I, answer me. Your Anstasiya.
Letter 8
My tender Darling Bob.... I was not so happy today until I saw your letter in my inbox. You are completely right. You write with so much happiness, it’s impossible not to smile. I’m very fine, I hope you are too. Well, I said a lot about me in my last letters, so I don’t know what to say now. Let me think… I will tell you about... about.. about one legend! (Hope you like it!) Listen: There were these 2 birds that were hatched on opposite sides of a great river. They were never able to fly because they had only 1 wing each, but they had beautiful voices and they sang beautiful songs. When it came time for them to leave the nest, they could only walk. One day when they both were walking on the shore of the great river and singing they heard the others song. For a long time they sang their song for the other. Then one day there was a log floating on the river. Because it was from the giant trees in the west, it was very long and touched both shores. They both jumped on the log and began to run to the other. When they met, their embrace was so tight that they became one and they flew away together....singing. Do you like my story? I wish we could do the same when we meet..
I really think that our love should united.. we need to meet each other and I found the way how we can arrange our meeting...
I found travel agency here, in my town, which can organize the trip to another country very quickly. They make visa, foreign passport, buy the tickets and even find a hotel where you can stay abroad. I think it will be a good idea to use the service of this agency. What do you think about it? But unfortunately i have never been out of my country and I don't know how everything should be arranged. Can you help me with all this issues??? Here is their e-mail address Write them and ask them to help us. I hope that next time you will tell me news. Because I want to see you as soon as better... I wish you good day and take care please. I really feel that our future in our hands and soon we will make the most important step...
My love and kisses for you, Anastasiya.
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