Romance scam letter(s) from Oluwaseun Rotimi Fayemi to Bernd (Germany)
Letter 1
My name is Dr.Akinade , of living faith Hospital Airport area fazenda praia Cape verde island,I am contacting you in a regard of an accident patient brought down to my hospital about 5hrs ago and we just done with her 1st aid as she was rushed down here in stange on comma,she has been responding to treatment and she canttalk to anyone this moment.I found this contacting details in herbag I have tried some phone number i found with her but all is not availble to call so i think sending an email to this address will help as i saw it saved as (SWEETHEART) in her Diary. I will want you to get back to me if you get to know the person named Miss jenneieve please do get back to me as soon as possible so we can know someone is aware of being here before we get to drop her back on the road. I will want you to give a call as soon as you read this email and we can proceed on treatment because she will need to be operated as she was seriously wonded in the auto crash while over 6people die in the inccident. Dr.Akinade N.B Her friend is also here with us called hellen and have sent her also to send you some mails
Letter 2
hello love thanks so much for your caring about me , i really apprecaite it thank somuch
Name. Olaseinde Oluwaseyi adebukola
address. fazenda
city :santiago
state: Praia
country : Cape verde island
postal code : 00238
Thanks and when you are through scan the receipt to me and send me all the informations giving to you at the post office . thanks
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