Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear! My name is Natasha or Nataly. I am 27. I was born in Lugansk. It's a small town in Ukraine. I’m living with my mother and brother here. As for my appearance I have fair hair and brown eyes as you can see in my pics. I’ve got lots of hobbies, but my favorite way of spending time is cooking for my relatives and friends. I work at the office like a manager. I like my job very much. I have a lot of friends. My best friend is Julia. She is an English teacher at school. We like to spend holidays together. My favorite holiday is New Year, because I like snow, I like to play snowballs or make snowman, surprises, presents. I often have vacation this time, so I have much free time and I can see my favorite films and TV programs (My favorite film is “Titanic”, because I think it’s very romantic film) and I can go shopping and buy presents for my relatives and my best friends. I like to give presents very much, even more than receive them. I enjoy choosing presents very much! It’s so pleasant to find things special for your close people! As for music I like classic one. It’s quite and it always can make me calm. But it all depends of the mood what music you listen. Do you agree? Sometimes I like pop music. What about you? Who is your favourite singer? I like sunny weather, when the light wind is blowing. I like Night Sea very much. I like to admire the night sky, I like to see the stars, they are mysterious. I like to go for a walk along the sea shore in the evening with someone whom I love and I like nature, especially mountains, rivers, may be most of all in spring, when can we see first flowers( for example I like snowdrops, lily, and of course I like roses) and leaves. As for my dreams I want to meet a person who can feel my heart and soul. I would like to have a man who will be my love, my friend, my husband, my life… It’s very, very important for me. I want him to be romantic and interesting, tender and loving. I’m sure one day we will find each other. Maybe it’s you? Hope you will be interested in me and than one day after we both understand that we have one heart. I want to meet a man with whom I‘ll be happy and I will make him the happiest man in the world. In the morning I want to prepare breakfast for him. In the evening I’ll be waiting for him and we can go for a walk or go to the restaurant. If we start to chat I think that it will be the first step in our future. I like children very much. What about you? I’d like to have one or two babies. I want to live in a cosy house or flat it doesn’t matter to me, the main thing is to live with a beloved man. I would like to grow flowers and fruits, have a small library with lots of books with poetry. I write poems myself. I want to live and understand that I’m loved and needed and I will do everything in order my second half know that I love him and need him. We will be happy together. And what do the words Love and Family mean for you? Hope after reading my letter you’ll get interested in me and we will continue getting to know each other. I’m waiting for your letter. Yours Natasha.
Letter 2
My dear Bob, I was so happy to receive a letter from you! Thank you very much. When I read you letter I understood that I want to communicate with you more. I want to understand what you think, what’s in your heart and in your mind. I wish to know you better. I am very open person and now I write what I feel and what I wish to say. I’d like to tell you more about me. I like listening to the music very much. Then I am calm I like to listen classic music. It’s so quiet and calming. But I like positive music when I am in a good mood. It makes me more happy and jolly! I want to dance when I hear it! In such minutes I love everything and everyone! I want to divide all this nice moments of my life with you! What music do you like to listen? I understand it depends on your mood but maybe there is the best music for you. I want to know more about you! Tell me about your family cause it’s very interesting for me! I’d like to tell you more about mine. I live with my mother and brother as you know. My family is very friendly, we love each other and have warm relations. My mother’s name is Svetlana. She works at school as librarian. She spends much time at work and she come back home in the evening. I know that she works hard and she is very tired after job so I always cook supper and wait for her. I try to help my mother in everything and support her in all good or bad events. I love my mother and little brother very much! I think family is the most important in our life and I try to do all best for mine. My brother is only 15 and he is a schoolboy. I often help him to do his homework and always understand in all troubles and happiness. My parents were separated when I was 12. Father began to drink a lot and sometimes he even bit my mother and me! My brother was just born and it was really very difficult time for us. Fortunately it was over and now we live happily! My father visits us very seldom and doesn’t help us. It doesn’t matter for him how we live. My mother is the dearest and closest person for me and I can always tell her all secrets. We like to visit granny very much. She lives in the country and we try to come to see her every weekend. We often help her and enjoy spending time together. We love each other very much and family is very important for us. We always support and help each other. Now I dream about creating my own family and I’d like it to be full and happily. I want my children to have both parents and I’d like to live with one man till the end of my life. I want you to be honest with me as I am! I believe you and I hope you don't want to play with me, that you are as serious as I am. Maybe we will be able with you to be happy together. Who knows? Maybe we have already found our second halves, my dear? And we will be happy together with you and wake up and go to bed embracing each other. I hope you are honest with me as I don't like lying at all! And I am honest with you too! I want you to trust me as I also believe you! I hope you understand I don't want to be deceived. I need love in my life. I want to feel someone want always be near me and take care of me! My life is not full as I am eager to find my only man to be happy with! I want to create my family and to have at least two children. I want to know about you as much as possible! I see you are very nice man! I think it's too early to write long letters about love as we need to know each other better first! I am very honest with you now and I promise I'll never tell lies to you as I don't like it at all! So I'll finish my letter. I am waiting for your stories about your family and country and some other information. Tell me about your hobbies, your job, your interests! I want to know more about your life! If you are interested in something according to mine you can just ask and I'll answer with pleasure! Expect for your letter! With all best wishes to you! Nataly.
Letter 3
Hello, my darling Bob!
I am so impressed by your letter! Thank you very much! How are you? I see you are honest and open with me. It’s very pleasant for me to know someone think about me and write letters for me. I like you more and more with every your tender letter to me! We are so alike with you that sometimes I am even afraid of it! I see we will understand each other as we have the same thoughts, dreams, tastes, hopes, plans and feelings! My only dream is to love and to be loved! As I was deceived once in my life. I don’t want to repeat my mistake once more! I loved one man for four years. We were even living together! We were happy (it was my opinion) and we (I?) were going to get married. But he betrayed me! Once I was walking with my friend and we were passing by cafe. Suddenly I saw my boyfriend sitting at the table with other girl, they embraced tenderly. They didn’t see me and he kissed her. I was so shocked seeing it! My heart was full of pain that moment! I couldn’t even imagine that he could do like that! It has appeared he didn’t love me as I thought! I was so upset! Of course I left him at once and came back to live with my mother. I was in great depression for a long time. I didn’t want to believe any man for some time but now I think I am ready for new relations. I want to trust you! And I want you to understand me! As I don’t want to be disappointed in you! I am eager to be happy with you in future! I want to know if your attitude to me is the same. I'm sure we are not difference with you and you want to meet with me as much as I do! It's very important for me to know I am dear for you as I like you very much! It seems I am ready to fall in love very soon. Maybe you even know with whom ;) As you know I am family oriented and I want to have children. I want to live in cosy house with my beloved man. And who knows maybe it's you? I am ready to leave everything for my future husband and go to any country and city if he wants. I am very serious in our relations and I hope we'll be able to be happy together. I think you are my second half and you don't want to play with me in fool games like many men. I really want to be happy with only one man and I don't want to be deceived. I am very open with you! I hope you believe me and are interested in me! Cause I really want to continue our communicating and I hope we will meet with you one day! I am sure it will be the happiest day in our lives! I want to know as much as possible about you. You are very interesting person and I'd like to continue our correspondence. I understand it's difficult to fall in love with man whom you don't know perfectly. But if you feel you can be happy with him and he is the best man in the world, someone who was made special for you... Can you understand what I am talking about?! I hope you agree with me, my dear! Tell me about your ex relations, please! And why did they end? Ask some questions if you want to know more about me! Expect for your answer. I miss you very much and I want to kiss you many times!
Your Nataly.
Letter 4

You see, I even don't know how explain it to you. I don't know what it is. The only reason I can find for this is that I correspondent with one man but I was disappointed in him. He started to send me his ***** photos and I stopped writing him. He asked me to write him again but I didn't want and he told that if I don't answer him he put my profile on scammer's list. I didn't answer him again till that time. Maybe he kept his promise. But I still want to meet honest and open man with who we will be in good and strong relations. Hope it will be you! I am waiting for your reply now! Natasha.
Letter 5
Hello, darling Bob!
Glad to read your letter again! It’s very nice to correspondence with you! I see you write your messages for me with all your best feelings and all your heart! I like it very much as I tell you all I want and all what is important for me too! Today on my way to work I saw old woman walking ahead me. She brought heavy bags and she went very slowly cause it was very difficult for her. I saw her and decided to help. I knew I would be late for work but I was so sorry to see how hard it’s for her. I offered my help to her and she was very glad of course. I put her bags and we went to her house. We went for a long time cause she can’t walk fast. Her flat is on the fourth floor and she went for a long time because she is very weak and her health is not very good now. She told me that she lives alone. Her husband died two years ago and they never had children. So nobody can help her and she have to go for food herself. I saw how hard it is for her and I was really very sorry to her. The old woman was very glad I helped her and she thanks me a lot. It was very pleasant for her someone help her cause she is really alone person. Then I went to job it was too late of course and my chef was very angry with me! I told him the reason of it but it didn’t matter for him. He was even going to take penalty for my delay! But it was for the first time and I asked him not to do it. He said if I would be late once more he can even dismiss me! And were you ever late for work? Now I know it’s not very pleasant and I am not going to be late again. You know, darling, from the first your letter to me I felt it’s beginning of something new and important in my life! I want to read your letters more and more often and to write you more and more. I want to tell you all my thoughts, all my dreams and wishes. Unfortunately I can’t write you more often cause I have no computer at home if you remember. But as you see I try to find some time for writing you almost every day. I always go to internet cafe with especial feelings. Because I know your next tender letter is waiting for me there! And I am always so happy to read every your message! All of them are full of real feelings for me and full of emotions! I try to answer you with all my heart and soul as it’s very important for me to continue our relations, to develop them and to make them better and better with every new message! Now I see you don’t tell lies to me. I hope you like true and justice as I do. I have a good sense of humor but I am serious when we speak about relations between two people, man and woman. I am eager to find my only man in order to be happy with him and to create our friendly family. When two people are together they shouldn’t find anyone else, they should trust and love each other. And I can’t understand men who are looking for somebody else. Please, tell me your opinion according to it! It’s very important for me to know you haven’t anyone other! As I write only to you and don’t want to have someone else! I want you to be honest with me… just to be with me! Now I can’t imagine my life without you! I know you lately but you are already so dear to me! It seems we were together during all our life! But now someone separated us and we live in different countries! I dream about our meeting with you one day! It will be very happy day, don’t you think so? And every next day which we spend together will be so happy! Hope you agree with all my thoughts and feelings! I miss you very much and I expect for your reply! With tender kiss to my darling!
Letter 6
Good day, my desirable man! Bob, you know, every your letter to me is like a big and warm kiss. I think you imagine how I want to feel a real kiss from your soft passionate lips. I dream about it every day since your first letter. Tell me how are you? Yesterday we had family supper with my mother and brother. I came back from work, helped Sasha (my brother) with his homework and cooked supper for us. You know, I am very fond of cooking and I often prepare something tasty for my family. You know, modern girls usually don’t like to cook and many of them even can’t do it! I can’t understand it! I was brought up that woman is the keeper of the house. That’s why every woman should can cook and work about the house. My mother taught me to cook from my childhood and now I am very good in cooking. Yesterday I prepared tasty salad and baked pie. Do you like to cook yourself? What is your favourite dish? Maybe you will teach me to make it? My mother and brother liked supper very much and they said everything was very tasty. I told my mother about you, that we met in internet and about our correspondence. My mother hopes that we will be in strong relations with you in future. She sees my eyes sparkling with happiness and full of best feelings to you! And she thinks I am in love! I know you lately but it seems I met you many years ago! We understand each other perfectly now so I think when we meet in reality we will understand each other without any words! And we’ll be able to talk about everything, my dear! I have so many words to say you but I can’t write them as I want to tell about all my feelings being near you and looking into your beautiful eyes! And there is so much what I can’t say you as it’s impossible to express all what I feel just with simple words! I hope you believe me as I am very serious in every my word to you! I want to know all your wishes, desires and hopes! As for me I dream about our meeting with you. I hope you too! I think about you all the time! While doing something I imagine you are with me, here, that I can even touch you and speak with you! I am always near you in all my thoughts and with all my heart! I hope you also think about me very often! It’s very important for me! If you write me I am dear for you and you think about me often I’ll be on heavens with my happiness! I dream to appear there one day and to see you near me! I understand it’s only my crazy mind but it would be so touching and thrilling! Don’t you think so? Sometimes I feel so lonely! It seems nobody can understand me in my wishes, dreams, thoughts, in my opinion… I hope you can understand me, my dear! I can’t believe you don’t support me in all I write you! Please, tell me it’s not truth! I really need you! I want to know everything about you! What do you like to do? Where do you like to go in your city? What are you thinking about in the morning while lying in the bed? Do you like to be waking with a tender kiss of your beloved woman? Maybe I ask you too much? But the reason is that I am so interested in your person! It’s very important for me to know all your life and all that is in your mind! I hope you understand me and you are not afraid of all my feelings to you! You must know I wish you all best things in your life. I want to know you are happy! Write me more about all you feel! It’s very interesting and important for me to know it! Darling, I think our correspondence can't be forever and it's time to meet! What do you think about it? Tell me where and when you would like to meet me! For me it's not very important cause I just want to see you and to be with you! My largest dream is to make you the happiest man in the world! As for me of course I'd like to visit you very much and to see where and how you live there. It's very important for me if we are going to live there together with you in future! And I'd also like to meet your close people cause your family is my family now and your friends are my friends too! And of course if you prefer to visit me I'll be very glad to see you here! So tell me what do you think about our date? It's very important for me to know your opinion about it! So that’s all for today’s letter! I’d like to hear from you very soon! Have a nice day! Bye, my darling! Your nice Natasha.
Letter 7
My dear Bob, I was very happy to receive your letter again! Thank you very much for your sincerity! I’m glad to know you like me so! I like you very much too, my dear! I miss you very much and you are always in my mind. And I am with you in my thoughts and with all my heart! How are you doing there, dear? Today when I was going to internet cafe I met my teacher from school. She was my class teacher and I haven’t seen her for ages! We were in good relations with her. I taught very well at school and I often took part in different concerts. And I remember school years like very happy and friendly. We were very glad to meet with my teacher and we told each other about our life. I didn’t see my classmates for a long time and she told me about some of them. Most of them are already married. We talked with her but it’s a pity she was in hurry and we didn’t have much free time. What can you tell me about your school years, darling? Did you meet with your schoolmates? Tell me about your studying! It will be very interesting for me! Cause everything connected with you is very important for me! I enjoy our communicating so much! I like to read and reread every your letter! I don’t know anyone better than you! I dreamt about you all my life and now, when I at last find you, I am the happiest woman in the whole world! Today I was walking to the internet cafe with one wish, hope and thought – to find a next letter from you to me! And now I am happy to write you my answer! Thank you for your honesty and attentive to me, my sweet! I want to kiss you many times in your lips, cheeks, eyes… I want to be near you this moment! Hope you don’t mind? I am eager to see you, to feel you, to hear your tender voice and just to be with you! I see your nice attitude to me and I like you more and more! You are so honest with me and you always write so warm and special words for me! You can always make me smile and make my mood very well and jolly! I am so glad I found you one day! Hope you too. You know, every day I am waiting for the end of my work impatiently. Cause I want to go to internet cafe and read your next letter, my darling! And I always have so many thoughts to write you! But very often I can’t express them with any words! It’s only feelings and it’s rather difficult for me to write them in my letters! I’d like to say them to you but not write! I imagine how we talk with you about everything we want! It’s so beautiful and romantic! We sit near each other hand in hand and tell all gentle words to each other… I can see you, hear and even touch! I want to know what’s inside you! I want to be with you forever! Please, tell me what you feel! It’s very important for me! I want to know I am dear for you and you want to understand me, to take care of me, to be with me, to hug and kiss me… Write me more about your feelings and dreams. My only dream is to meet you! I can imagine it perfectly: new country, new people, new places, new emotions and of course my only beloved man near me… It’s so touching and romantic! How do you imagine our first date? Describe me it, please! It’s really interesting for me! So maybe that’s all for my today’s letter! Will be waiting for your next tender reply! I miss you very much and think about you all the time! Don’t forget about it!
With lots of kisses for you, my cutie man! Nataly.
Letter 8
Hello, darling Bob! I am sorry for my short letter but I have to go to my granny cause she is serious ill! I must be with her this moment and I don't know what can happen with her! I am so upset now! Hope you can imagine! I will write you as soon as I come back! But I don't know how much it will take to make her feel better! I miss you, dear! With all best feeling to you. Natasha.
Letter 9
Hello, darling Bob! I am sorry for my short letter but I have to go to my granny cause she is serious ill! I must be with her this moment and I don't know what can happen with her! I am so upset now! Hope you can imagine! I will write you as soon as I come back! But I don't know how much it will take to make her feel better! I miss you, dear! With all best feeling to you. Galina.
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