Scam letter(s) from Irina Fominykh to Alan (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend! Alan, I am very sorry that my reply made you to wait for it for some time.
But in any case I hope that this letter will not be without reply. It is very pleasant for that you are interested in me and in my person. And it will be very interesting for me to know what it will lead to. In general, the Internet acquaintance was advised my by one of my girlfriends who got marriage with a foreign man and she is living in the USA now and everything is OK with them now. And I have heard that a lot of people met each other by this way. Everything this is for the first time for me that is why I even don't know what I should begin with. At first I want to tell you thank you very much for your message. I hope very much that it will be the beginning of great relations between us. I understand that there is a great distance between us but I hope if any relations appear between us it will not be a problem. But if you think that a distance between us is a problem for you, write me about it and I will understand you. Ok, I hope everything is Ok with you and that you are having a good week. And now I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I live in Russia, in the city St. Petersburg. I am 28 years old now and my birthday is the 31th of august. I have dark brown hair, grey eyes, my height is about 170-171 cm and I have a good shape. I have never married and never divorced and I don't have kids. Sure, you will ask me if I want kids? Oh, I think that any woman want to be mother in her future. What you think? Do you want to have kids still? I graduated the University as a manager and I work in the firm which design and project plastic windows and other things. If it is interesting for you I will tell you more about my work in my future letters. Just ask me if you want ok? Why I decided to look for relations in the Internet? Because I understood that people and life in Russia differ from other countries at all. I want my future family to live in a good country and not to know that problems that people are testing in Russia. Why you, a handsome man, are looking for a woman in the Internet? Please, explain it to me, it is very interesting for me to know about it. Ok, this is my first letter to you. I think that's enough. If I see your reply I will tell you more about myself and my life. And the only request to you: if you don't mind our correspondence to continue and you are interested in the relations with me, I want to know your own e-mail and your phone number, cell and home. I want to tell you at once that I am a serious girl, I am adjusted for the serious relations and I will try to do everything for creation of such relations. Ok, I will finish here. I will be waiting for your reply with impatience. I promise that I will reply your letters just after I see them. I send you some of my photos with this letter. I hope you will like it. I will be also very glad to see your photo. Have a good day. Good Bye... With the best regards
your new friend,
Letter 2
Hello Alan!!! In the beginning I want to tell you, that I was very glad to see your letter today. It - really very good news to see your letter after a firm working day. It is very pleasant for me for understanding, that you are really interested in me and relations with me. I hope, that it is really so and I hope, that your intentions are serious also our correspondence there will be only a first step of our relations. I have found Internet - cafe which is located near my work and now each day after a working day or during breakfast break, I shall come there and I shall write to you the letter. I promise you, that I shall be write to you so frequently as it is possible and if not each day then in two days I promise to write to you. Fairly to you to tell, I wrote letters only to my friends and it there were not emails, it was usual letters. I do not know what I should speak you, that it would be interesting to you to study. In general, I never have has written, that letters through the Internet to men, but I shall hope, that my letters will be interesting to you. I shall not deceive you. Today I checked my structure on agency and still more some letters from other men. I have already written to them, that mine search is completed. Well, at the first I want to ask you some serious questions, and I hope to see answers from you. I regret, I repeat this question which I do not understand, that the country in which you live, is very big and I think, that there are many women there but why you search for the girl of your dream in the Internet? Alan, How serious your intentions? What probable to find second half of your heart in the Internet? How many time you think it is necessary to grow fond of persons only on correspondence? Well, it is only some questions. I have many questions to you, but I shall ask them in due course. As you already know, I live in Russia, in city St. Petersburg. In general, there are many many reasons why it is very difficult to find the good person here. No, I do not speak, that there are no good men here, there are good men, but I have not met such for creation of good relations. And my dream should leave Russia and live in the good country, for example as yours. I do it at all not for me, but for my future children as I do not want that my children have met a problem as I and many people, living here have met. I do not speak, that Russia is the bad country, but it is really difficult to live here. It is difficult to find work, it is almost impossible to buy an own apartment as the good salary, here believing to be 200-300 $ per one month. But cost of an apartment - approximately 30000 $ and more. There is very much a high level from a criminal here. I do not want to tell you about all problems. If it is interesting to you to study it, feeling free to ask. And some about me. I was born August, 31-st 1979. My height - 170 sm, I have grey eyes and I have a sports figure. I am usually spoken, that I have the big beautiful eyes. I can tell the following about independent, and I frequently hear it from people: I am cautious, kind, the educated young girl. I have good sense humour, I am quiet, I am a good student, I am cooking very well. If the destiny helps us to meet, I think you will love my kitchen. I have good education, I diplomaed University in St. Petersburg. I live alone, I rent an apartment. I work as the manager in one firm. I have met some people from other countries here, and I have understood, that their relation to women differs from the Russian men. And after my girlfriend has found persons in the Internet with whom she has received a marriage and has gone in live to him to USA, I have decided to test my destiny. My girlfriend and I receive contact, and she speaks all agrees with her, and she is happy that person. And my girlfriend has made me a structure on this site of acquaintance. I hope, that you have not got tired to read my letter to this moment. About what I can tell you independently? I have the brother who lives with parents now. I promise to speak you more about my family and my parents in my future letters. Certainly, if it is interesting to you. Well, I think that have written too much for the first letter. Dear Alan, And still some questions, that I want to ask. Is it your first attempt to build relations under the Internet? If you had such relations in what they have resulted? Tell me about your work and about a place where you live in more detailed? Do You understand my English language well? Well, it is all my questions, and I shall finish here. I hope, that you do not object to it, it is such long. Thank very much very much that you gave me hope. I hope very much, that our correspondence will result in serious relations. I send you my photo with this letter. I hope, that you will love it. I wish, that you had good day. I shall wait your answer with impatience. Bye.
Letter 3
Hello Alan!
It is very a shame to me before you and if you to take offence at me and to cease to write to me I shall not become angry about you.
Many troubles have gushed recently, that it is terrible to me to write to you, suddenly you to throw me for ever.
I at all do not know I that to start.
At me any ***** of bad luck a black ***** in my life.
Yesterday my apartment have plundered also I has remained without money to residing.
Someone knew, that I recently to receive the salary and all my money have been stolen.
Except for it things of owners of an apartment have been stolen.
As I to live in the rented apartment and all home appliances not mine,
Now it is necessary for me to indemnify to the owner of an apartment.
But the most important, that it is necessary for me to pay on Monday a rent for an apartment.
I do not have money even on a meal.
Yesterday I to borrow money at familiar, but nobody the help to me.
To me gave a trifle that I to lag behind.
And consequently I to ask for you the help in money and I hope, that you to not throw me in difficult time, as all others.
Please to send me 300 $ but if there is at you an opportunity have gone more.
Money send through the western union for name Irina Maltseva.
Once again I want to apologize before you for my tactlessness, but I do not have other decision.
And I hope, that you to understand my situation and the help to me.
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Elena
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