Scam Letter(s) from Olga Kovalenko to Leo (Belgium)

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Letter 1

hello honey how are you my dear i think that you are fine honey amd my dear i am sorry for yestday that i did not chat with you my link went of so i am sorry honey but my dear how you have been send money any woman you like i have never marry be for and i need a good man who can love me and marry me but honey i have never get any man to tell me that he love,s me be for and my dear how i see you you can love me or you will but my dear the mail you sent me is to much okay honey i love you
I want you to know how much I love you. We have been through so much these past months, but our love has always come out on top. You mean so much to me and I want so much to make you as happy as you make me. Each passing day has me falling more in love with you. You can do the slightest thing and it warms me. Most of the time you don't even realize it. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. I never knew that love could be so wonderful until I met you. You have given me a new perspective on so many things. I will always treasure our love and keep it safe. I love you, Baby

Letter 2

hello my dear i dont know you okay i want you to send me your picx so that i can se you okay i love you and can you call me now okay
okay cal me and have anice day okay i love you



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