Scam letter(s) from Olesya Tymchenko to Forrest (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Mike!
Have good day.
I am very glad, that you have answered my message.
I for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. And consequently I worry a little.
I want to apologize at once because I do not live in the country which is written in my profile. I live in Russia.
The reason in that that, I badly understand a computer and is still very badly familiar with the Internet.
I have incorrectly specified the country of residing as I have mixed this question, with the country where I want to find the man for acquaintance.
Therefore I have made a mistake in my profile.
I hope that it will not be an obstacle for continuation of our acquaintance.
Because, I have very much liked you.
From profile which have been recommended to me in Web-site - yours the profile was for me the most interesting.
I hope, that we can to communicate and we shall learn more well each other.
And I very much would like to continue our acquaintance.
Now I would like to tell little more about myself.
My name - Julia!!! To me of 28 years!!!
My birthday is 02 March 1980 year.
I have finished training in college, on a speciality the seller - adviser.
And now I work as the seller in small grocery shop.
This work not the best which I wanted, but it very much to like me. Also gives me means for residing.
Also at this Colledge I studied English language.
And I can freely speak in English, but I yet not very well am able to write.
Therefore you be not confused from that that my letter will be little inconsistent.
I am the woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not afraid of difficulties in a life.
I was never married. Therefore I have addressed in service of acquaintances because here I have difficulty with search of the good person.
As I am very lonely and I have greater need for having a of the reliable and gentle person.
My growth - 5 ' 6 " (169 cm), my weight - 120 lbs (55 kg).
In this letter I shall send some my photos.
I once again want to tell to you that I am very glad that you have written to me.
I shall be glad to continue our acquaintance, therefore that, as I already informed, you have caused sincere interest in me.
Please ask questions, I shall be glad to tell about myself.
Please send some pictures. It would be very pleasant for me , to look at your photo.
I shall wait for your messages, also I hope that you will very soon answer me.
Letter 2
Hello Mike!!
Many thanks for your letter.
I am very glad to that that you have written to me.
And I am very glad that you not against, that to have acquaintance to me, not looking at that, that we are divided with many kilometers.
As I promised you I shall tell to you much more about me.
I live in big city. My city name is Ufa.
This city is capital of Republic Bashkortostan.
This republic is part of Russia, and is the subject of the Russian Federation.
My city is large industrial city. With the population 1,1 million peoples.
My city is located on the river "Belaya." It is the big and beautiful river.
In our city many various factories. But basically the petroleum industry here is very much advanced.
I do not know that else I can tell to you about my city. If it is interesting to you, I can tell to you much more about my city.
Now I have some free minutes and with pleasure will spend this time to tell to you about my interests.
I the ordinary Russian girl, actually am not distinguished by anything from others.
I love silent and quiet music. Where it sing about love. To me to like Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez.
I am pleasant like cinema. I love films about love. It is very beautiful. But, I do not like to look serials.
My favourite film it " Last Samurai " (Tom Cruise was a leading role) and " 50 First Dates ".
Also I like to read books and fashionable magazines. Still I like to knit from a wool.
I very much like to go in for sports, without it I feel not in the form.
I am fond of sports from the childhood. I like to swim in pool, it delivers to me a lot of pleasure.
Also I am fond of tennis a little. But I not so frequently am engaged in it.
My hobbies is cooking.
My favourite meal it that my mum was cooking. She is very tasty cooking.
I also am able is very tasty cooking. But I sometimes have not time cooking as I am very much borrowed on work.
I like to eat with salads from vegetables and greens. And I love chocolate and ice-cream.
I love animals, I very much like cats and dog. I have one cat and one small dog.
I live with mum and daddy in a two-room apartment. I live in a separate room.
I have no own habitation, as it is very expensive for me to buy or even to rent.
What else to tell about me?
My favourite season is summer. This very fine season.
It is very beautiful to look at that as all nature blossoms and sing birds.
My favourite color is green. It reminds me of summer and cheerful summer days. When all around blossoms.
My favourite flower is Rose.
I love it for her beauty and tenderness but as me to like a field cornflower, it is very pleasant smell.
I am optimist and I like to smile, because a smile - mirror of soul. For happiness is not required many things.
Likely the main thing that does not suffice me now is love.
People without love cannot be happy.
But when near there is a close person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and what you have.
But the loneliness fills a life with sadness. But I do not want to speak about sadness anymore.
I also think that the person cannot be happy without belief in the God.
I believe in the God. My religion - Christian. My belief is very strong. I go to church 2 times a month.
The god takes a significant place in my life.
I was absolutely small when me christened. In the childhood I did not understand that such the God.
But during my life I have understood that such the God. I believe in the God and my belief helps me to live.
I am glad that I have an opportunity to write to you and I am glad that you write to me.
And at present it really causes a smile on my face.
It would be very interesting to me to learn more about you.
How your life?
How your work?
I hope to receive your letter soon.
Sincerely and with the best regards.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Mike.
I am glad to receive again your letter, every day we begin to learn each other better and it is very interesting for me.
I love your letters and every time wait for them.
Your letters make my day better.
In this letter I want to tell to you about the parents.
In my family we have very close relations.
You know that I live with mum and dad.
We live in a cosy apartment, with three comfortable rooms and a kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have a separate room.
I'm the only child. I always wanted to have the brother or the sister, but my parents thought differently.
My father's name is Anatolii, he is 59. He was born on December, 16, 1949.
Now he on pension for that he has fulfilled many years at an oil refining factory.
He worked as the operator of pump branch.
But he does not want to sit without an affair of a house. He earns additionally the night watchman at school.
My mother's name is Natalya, she is 56. She was born on July, 21, 1952.
Now she does not work, she is a housewife.
She also the deserved pensioner.
The provision of pensions quite suits my parents.
We love each other, sometimes we visit our friends and enjoy the time to the full together.
In the summer we often go to the beach and go fishing.
During the winter period we go skating and skiing.
This is a good time for me! As for my private life I cannot say that I'm happy.
In letter I shall send to you a photo of the my parents.
My parents sit on a table with each other.
They look is very old for the years as they have worked many years in the harmful and toxic industry.
At the left there is a younger sister of the my daddy. Her name is Elena.
Between me and my aunt there is her son. His name is Vasiliy.
They came from other city on celebrating of New Year.
They come very seldom, but we are always glad to see them.
On it I shall finish my letter.
I hope to receive your letter very soon.
Your friend Julia.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Mike.
I am very glad will receive your letter.
I with the big impatience waited for your answer.
I feel, that we with each letter become closer to each other.
Therefore I can tell to you more about my life and my interests.
My last relation with man was 2 years ago. I left him.
Now I think we did not love each other and have various interests.
I thought that our relations are serious. But I was mistaken.
He concerned to I am cold and without any respect.
I have understood that I was simply a toy for him.
Final point of our relations became his change with other woman.
I have for ever forgotten this person and I try to recollect never.
Among all the man who I know I cannot chose anybody for serious relations.
Nowdays there are less and less decent man, so it's rather difficult to find one.
I have failures in searches necessary men here.
Also man in our country do not wish to become husbands, they prefer to walk and much to drink *****.
Certainly, here there are many men, but the majority of them, have one purpose - only ***.
I search for more serious attitudes, probably therefore, I do attempt to search for love and tenderness far from here.
You see I had to address to Internet.
This is my last hope to find a fair man with whom I can keep up the time.
Probably here I can find the person who will love, appreciate and understand me.
But I certainly understand that on the Internet too is a lot of men who are anxious only with *** and which have problems with mentality.
But the Internet opens for me an opportunity for acquaintances to people outside my city and even outside my country.
I'm interested in a man who is older than me, who has a great life and love experience, who knows how to appreciate women.
It is not important for me his financial situation, work and his age.
Most important for me that the man was the kind, fair and decent person.
In my turn I will be ready to give all my love, tender and care to such a person.
I think that the main advantage of the woman is to have skill to make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts.
If you have no purpose serious relations, but seek only *** and an entertainment, that to us is better to stop our acquaintance.
I very quickly get used to people and the therefore to me it is very sick, when attitudes are broken off.
I very sensitive person and me it is easy to injure.
Please, closely read my words and write sincere the answer.
Ok, my letter comes to its end and I have to go.
My favourite, write me your ideas of life. It would be interesting to me to learn your ideas of life.
I am sure, that it will help us to learn much better each other.
I wait for your message.
Your friend Julia.
Letter 5
Hi honey Mike!!
I was very glad to receive your letter.
I feel that with each letter our acquaintance becomes more long.
Certainly, now I write you only the fifth letter.
But I have feeling, that we shall not stop our acquaintance on this letter.
Because now I became confident that that you seriously concern to our acquaintance.
And for you it is not simple entertainment.
With each letter, I feel that we become more closer to each other.
Therefore I shall give you my home address:
Country: Russia
City: Ufa
Street Komsomolskaya
the house 146, apartment 24.
postcode 450054
Name: Julia
Surname: Kuchumova I think, that you can send me the letter correct mail.
If you also will give me your home address, I also can send you the letter.
But I think, it is not so convenient for us.
Each letter will go very long. Still we have a problem that by correct mail not always the letter achieves the addressee.
Probably our mail works badly.
I also would like to speak with you by phone.
And I very much would like to hear your voice. I think, that you also would like to hear my voice.
But I regret, it is impossible.
I can not afford the phone which is connected to the international lines.
It is very expensive for usual people.
Such phones are available at stations of telephone conversations, post offices and government agencies.
And telephone conversation is costs very expensive.
Therefore I can not call to you. It is a pity.
But I am happy, that presently there is an opportunity to contact you with the help of the Internet.
And I am very pleased, that we could meet each other with the help of the Internet.
Yes, I nearly have not overlooked, I have informed my parents about you.
That we have acquaintance. I have told my parents a little about you.
In the beginning, they have considered cautiously to ours to attitudes.
But subsequently, mum sends the regards to you.
She hopes, that in the future we shall be magnificent pair.
If it is fair, I too think so. I very much would like, that my mum was right.
I simply have not anybody, except for you, whom I can inform these words.
And I really hope for continuation of our attitudes. And development something closer between us is possible.
I think, that you not against.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
Your Julia.
Letter 6
It - Julia!!!
You remember me???
I do not understand why you do not write to me!!!
You can is borrowed on work?
I very much want to continue our acquaintance.
Because you the unique person with whom I have friendship on the Internet.
All your letters for me are very important.
And ours with you acquaintance is very important for me.
Yes, was possible you do not like me or my type of the person not in your taste.
Write to me please, whether you want to continue our acquaintance?
I understand all also I shall not be annoyed on you.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
Yours Julia.
Letter 7
Hello my remarkable Mike!!
I am very glad to receive your letter, I very much waited for it!
How are you today? I am fine!
Today we have good weather. In the street it is warm and sunny. And it gives me good mood and of vivacity.
But most of all my mood rises when I receive and read your letters.
I understand, that between us fine attitudes are fastened.
And I become sure, that sometime there will come day when we can tell each other: " I love you ".
My day today began well enough.
I shall write a little about my daily routine.
Per working days I rise early from bed. These are 6.30 mornings.
It would be wonderful, if I could wake up near to you and speak you " good morning ". But it only dreams.
Then I go in a bath where I wash and I clean a teeth. Then I do small gymnastics that my muscles came in the order.
Further I prepare for breakfast. In the morning I do not like to fill in my stomach. I eat a little.
I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs And then I drink tea with a lemon. It is my breakfast.
At 7.15 I go for work. I go for work on bus, as I have not the own automobile.
In 8.00 my work begins. My work not so difficult.
But I when do not sit on one place. I a lot of time go on legs.
Because shop in which I work, not so big, and I should bring the required goods to a counter.
From 12.00 till 13.00 I have a break for a dinner. I usually fill him to write to you the letter.
I have no computer of a house, therefore I use a public computer which is in Internet - cafe.
Internet - cafe is close, to my work. Therefore I have enough time to write to you the letter.
I also write you this letter in a dinner.
My work comes to an end in 19.00 evenings.
Sometimes I have no a lot of time to go in Internet - cafe, in my break for a dinner.
Therefore sometimes I go to Internet - cafe after work.
Then I go home. At home, I am usually occupied with domestic affairs.
It is washing of clothes, cleaning of rooms from a dust. And another.
At leisure, I watch TV more. In days off, I also am in the basic house.
I do not like with recent time to go on various dances or a bar. It is not interesting to me.
Sometimes I go to my girlfriend. We can speak with her on any themes of conversation.
I as spoke with my girlfriend, about our acquaintance. And she is very glad that in my life has appeared the man.
And if to speak frankly I think of you and about our relations much.
I think that we with you approach each other as we with you have the common interests and vital values.
And what you think of our relations? You think that we with you approach the friend for the friend?
Well, I shall finish to write to you.
I shall wait for the letter from you, as always.
With love, Julia.
Letter 8
Hello my love Mike!!!
How - you? I hope you in good mood!
I was very glad to receive from you the letter. Ideas about you do not leave my head!
After your last letter, having come home I very long thought about us.
And my ideas did not allow me to fall asleep some time.
I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
I thought of our attitudes and concerning our feelings. I already has become attached to you so much, that I miss each day your letters.
I always, think of you. I of nothing can do with myself.
Your letters and your words have woken in me the tender feelings.
I am very grateful to you that you trust me. I also very much trust you and I think that you will not harm to me.
And I want to tell to you about all my feelings, with all sincerity.
I do not know, how you will react to my letter, can, will count me more thoughtlessly.
But, I am very romantic. And I began so is romantic due to you and our relations.
I think that I am in love with you. No, I shall tell it more precisely, I am sure that I love you!!!
Yes I love you!!!!! And I am very happy now because I have told to you about my most gentle and sincere feelings to you.
I am glad and happy that I could to open to you my soul. But nevertheless I am afraid to speak you these words a little.
I understand, that you are intended for me, but I am afraid to inform you about it. I also am afraid to tell you that the love to you has come in my heart.
I am afraid to tell you, that I LOVE YOU. I am afraid to tell it as the love should be mutual.
My lovely, my dear, I am afraid to speak you about it, but I LOVE YOU!!! And I can make nothing with my feelings to you.
My feelings to you overflow me. And I cannot hold it inside me.
I very much hope that my love, is mutual. Also, that my heart does not deceive me.
And I think that probably we should meet, I very much hope for that that our meeting in future is held.
We should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other.
Through the Internet it is as that not naturally, we should take each other in hands and look each other in eyes and speak about that as the world is perfect.
I think that you completely understand me, and you agree with me.
I hope, that I have not frightened you the recognition about my feelings to you.
I hope to receive your answer. I shall wait very much for your letter.
With love, Julia.
Letter 9
Hello my love Mike!!!!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
I love you so much, you are my life, my air that I breath.
You are my destiny!
My lovely I, think of the God. And I know that the God is. And he has helped us to meet.
He has granted me one of his best angels!! It YOU!!!!
Hope you always feel as you do now about me I want to be your only woman and you to be my only man
I have all your letters here and pictures that I shell always keep close to me.
You are with me every second of an hour and every hour of the day and every day of the month and every month of the year and
it will be that way from now on as long as you want me.
It became harder and harder because I cannot see you, hear you, I cannot touch you. It is so pity that we are not the birds.
We have not got wings and we have not got an apportunity to fly towards each other. The distance would not mean anything for us.
We can meet in any point in the world. And to fly together to the stars.
Without you, I choose not to look ahead to life.
I must to be with you soon and I hope I will soon!!!
You are my LOVE and we should not be denied each other much longer my love!!!
I must taste you, smell you, feel you, see you, breath you!!! I must!!!
Nobody but you my love. I'm in deep love with you!!!!
My soul is on fire with love like I have never experienced!!!
I crave you, my Prince, please I crave you!! I want to be with you soon!!!
I need your words, I need your smell, I need your feels!!! I need you all!!!
I am so deeply in sync with the universe because of you!!
There is so much I want to say you!!
There is so much I look forward to you saying me!!
I just want you to know that, the answer is YES!!!
I love you eternally....
Your loving soul!
Your forever love Julia.
Letter 10
Hello my love Mike!!
I was very glad to your letter.
I have received your letter and was very glad that you have written to me.
Each your letter is brought to me a particle of your heat,
And this particle of heat warms my soul,
You invest all soul in the letters and I feel sincerity and honesty in them.
I shall answer you same and I shall be always honour with you.
I am sure our love is the best that can exist in the world.
You are the most important and best part in my life, I adore you!!!!!!
My dearest and lovely, I want to tell you million times that
I love you and I adore you with all my passion.
Each day I sit at a window and I think of you. I think, that we already together,
I sit at your home and I wait, when you will come
Then I see your shape and you go to me. I see, that on your person there is a smile.
I meet you in doors, I embrace also whole. Then we go on kitchen and we sit down a table.
I light candles and I bring to you supper. Then we go in bed and we spend unforgettable night.
I know that you love me with all your heart and soul but
I want to feel this love in my real life not only through our letters in the Internet.
I have really fallen in love to you and it becomes very difficult for understanding that my love is so far from me.
I think that it has come time for us to think of our meeting.
As soon as I read your letter, I have made the decision.
We should be together. Tomorrow in the morning I shall go in visa agency.
I shall find out all how I can arrive to you. I think,
I shall not have difficulties with official registration of papers. I solve it, having carried out all night in meditations.
And your letter which I read today has confirmed my decision. I am sure, that we should have a meeting.
We can not find out in completeness each other, hoping only on the computer.
The computer has given much. He has given us hope. And we should not miss this hope.
I am sure, that you agree with me. Therefore I shall be tomorrow in visa agency.
I love you very much.
With all heart, With all love, Julia.

Letter 11
Hello my love Mike!
I am happy to receive your letter.
Today in the morning as I spoke, I went to visa agency.
I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined a type of the visa, This visa allows me to be in your country during 90 days.
I think, that it will be enough to know each other.
I have asked about the prices and time of manufacturing of all necessary documents..
And they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and travel.
Therefore, if I wish to fly in your country earlier, I should write the application and pay the visa on next week.
I was very much surprised with the prices of services.
Lovely, one thing became a unpleasant surprise. It is cost of manufacturing of the visa. I should pay 400 US dollars.
This cost includes the following:
1. international passport cost 75 $
2. visa (valid 3 months), cost 125 $
3. Services of visa agency 80 $
4. Medical survey 53 $
5. Tax duties 67 $ Lovely, you can find out this information it is direct from visa agency.
Phone of visa agency: 347-293-2564
It's make me little suppressed and disappointed. I do not have so much now.
Lovely, I am very sad, when I have found out cost of the visa.
I simply can not pay it. For me it is impossible, as I earn the salary 132 dollars per one month.
It's make me little suppressed and disappointed. I do not have so much now.
I was make application but I must pay for it.
I counted my sum and I found out that I have only about fifty dollars and my wages will be not soon.
I asked my mother about our savings, she says that we do not have savings, and we never had them.
As all money are spent for residing, payment of municipal services and the foodstuffs.
Then she said that the money should not be a barrier between two people which love each other.
I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment.
I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me, because you loves me.
But I have told my mother, that it is very a shame to me to ask the help you. Also that I shall not make it.
But then, I thought also I much has understood that if I shall not ask your help we with you never can be together.
Because I never can save the required sum. But, I have overcome my pride and my shame.
Also has decided to ask your help in payment of manufacture of the visa. And it is very a shame to me and it is awkward from it.
I have asked in visa agency as you can help me in payment.
Serving visa agency have told to me, that the most reliable, fast and safe way, it if you can send me the necessary sum using company Western Union.
I saw advertising this company on TV.
I go in one of offices of this company, and I asked them about service.
They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender.
The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money.
They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
Here is the information about me:
Country: Russia
City: Ufa
Name: Julia
Lastname: Kuchumova Address of branch of western union: VTB 24
The address: street. Lenina, 65
post code 450006. I must know your full name, full address.
My love I need 400 US dollars I think you will help me because we found our love and we want to meet closer.
You must inform me ten digits and I can receive it.
You must know that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very much.
I decide to come to you because I feel this way and you are very necessary to me, decided to come to the unfamiliar country and I never be outside my country.
But I decided to do it because now you are part of my life and I trust you in all. I think you trust me too and love me too.
Also, you must inform me the closest airport to you. This information is necessary in visa agency.
You must know we must hurry because I can receive the documents soon, and if we lost the time it is necessary for a long time.
I think about sense of money, and I'm very sad if this paper can prevent people to meet each other.
In most cases the money play a main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure.
And the quantity of money was and will not important to me, I always not aspired to material enrichment and do not search specially for rich male.
I appreciate human qualities and relations, and I love you!!!
I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now. I want to be with you forever. If it's mutually we will be very happy in our life.
I think you love me too and we will meet very soon. You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
Probably, you will not trust me after that the letter.
But I can repeat to you, all my words, all my ideas, all my feelings to you is a true.
And as though the destiny has not turned to us, as though you have not decided, I shall love all the same you.
And I shall prove to you, that it is not simple words. I'm waiting good news from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together soon.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Your love Julia.
Letter 12
Hello my love Mike!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.
My lovely, I today again went to agency of the visa, and I have found out cost of tickets.
And I have found out accessible flights. And the prices of tickets.
It has broken me.
These are accessible flights and the prices:
Aeroflot === 1542 $
Delta Air Lines === 1598 $
American Air Lines === 1581 $
United Air Lines === 1511 $
My lovely, whether I do not know you can help me with it.
But I have made that you asked.
My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.
My lovely I hope that this sum of money, will not be a barrier to our meeting.
And we with you can be together.
I very much hope that our meeting will be very much soon. I very much wait our meeting.
My lovely I very much love you and I shall wait for your letter.
For ever your love Julia.
Letter 13
Hello my love Mike!!!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.
My lovely I checked cost of tickets from the city of Moscow, up to airport Moncton.
My lovely it is the correct airport? Or it is necessary for me to find out flights up to other airport?
My lovely please inform me it.
I went in visa agency also tried to find out why there is such distinction of the prices.
And me all have told that basically online search, show only the basic cost of the ticket.
And obligatory gathering the airports, obligatory life insurance and medical insurance are not included in this price.
And consequently this ticket so is cheap.
My lovely do not overlook, I have given you cost of tickets, where all costs are already included in the price of the ticket.
And I have given full cost of the ticket.
In this cost are already included obligatory gathering the airports, obligatory life insurance and medical insurance.
My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.
My lovely I hope that you can help me with arrival to you soon.
And I hope that we with you shall be together very much soon.
My lovely I very much wait our meeting.
I very much love you and with huge impatience I shall wait for your letter.
For ever your love Julia.
Letter 14
Hello my love Mike!!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
My love as soon as I shall pay manufacture of the visa, my visa will be ready in 1.5-2 weeks.
And as soon as my visa will be ready I can to arrive to you.
My lovely I think that as soon as my visa will be ready I at once I shall come to you.
My lovely I have a lot of dream of that time when we with you shall be together.
I think that we with you shall have many conversations.
And walks in park or wood avenue.
I cannot transfer all my feelings to you only in one letter.
I cannot simply express as very much I love you.
I love you very much and I want to be with you.
We are created the friend for the friend I love you and, I not can live without you.
I had a wonderful dream of us together.
We were walking in the gentle waves of the water at the beach.
Walking hand in hand kicking sprays of water on each other.
We walked for a long way and then you lay to my down on a soft blanket away from the waves.
I began to kiss you very gently on your lips, then I kissed every exposed part of your lovely body.
Then we slowly undressed each other and began to explore each others bodies with our hands and mouths.
The moon was shining brightly and you soft skin glowed from the moistness of my kisses.
Our skin was on fire for each other and we made passionate love for hours.
We lay on the blanket and looked at the stars as we held each other in a warm embrace.
We saw a shooting star and made a wish together.
Our wish must have come true because we once again gave in to our feelings for
each other and began to make slow and wonderful love to each other again.
When we finally were so tired from all of the wonderful love we had made we
noticed the sun was beginning to rise above the water.
We watched the sun rise from the darkness until it beamed all of its wonderous
light upon our still unclothed bodies.
I slowly put your clothes back on you and then dressed myself, you then picked to my up and carried to our room.
We both fell to the bed from exhaustion. I hope you enjoyed my dream as much as i did.
When I woke from sleep I wanted so badly to hold you in my arms for real and make
love to you as i had in my dream.
Your forever love Julia!!
Letter 15
Hello my love Mike!!
My lovely I it was very glad that you have written to me.
My lovely I very much love you and very much I want to be with you.
My lovely I it is very glad and very happy from that that you can to help me.
Also that we with you be very soon we can together.
It brings a lot of pleasure and happiness. My lovely I already count days up to our meeting.
My lovely, it is very a pity to me, but I spoke you earlier in my letters, that I have no phone.
It is a pity to me but it is valid so.
My lovely, you can not worry, I shall hold you informed about all.
My lovely, yes you are correct, I can guess only that as you are excited from that that we with you soon can together.
My lovely I as it is very much excited, very glad and very happy that our meeting will be already soon.
And I can see you in reality.
I wait our meeting with the big impatience.
My lovely I very much love you and with huge impatience I shall wait for your letter.
For ever your love Julia
Letter 16
Hello my love Mike!!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
My lovely I now am in the big bewilderment from this problem.
And I do not understand why this problem occurs.
My lovely I today went to bank and tried to find out why there is such problem with my name.
I have shown employees of bank my name and the information which I have give you.
Employees of bank have considered all.
And they as do not understand in what a problem.
Employees of bank have told to me only that I have incorrectly written my name on english words.
Correct spelling of my name on english words will be so: Yuliya Kuchumova
Employees of bank have told that probably because of it and there was a problem.
And as they have told to me that there are many mistakes, and probably the clerk simply had a mistake.
Employees of bank as have told, that simply you should go in other branch Western Union,
and employees of bank are sure that there you not will have any problems.
My lovely please do not pass, a correct spelling of my name: Yuliya Kuchumova
My lovely, but nevertheless I am very much disappointed by it.
And I think that simply the clerk had a mistake.
But nevertheless I very much love you and very much I wait our meeting.
I cannot live without you. And I very much want to be with you and that we were happy.
I shall wait very much for your letter.
For ever your love Yuliya
Letter 17
Hello my love Mike!!
My lovely I it is very glad and very happy that you could to help me.
My lovely I it is glad that now there are no problems.
My lovely as soon as I have seen that you could send it, I at once went in bank and tried to receive it.
I as wanted to be in time before all banks will be closed.
But I had a problem with reception of this money.
My lovely I could not receive it because, which you have given that number to me, it is wrong number.
And employees of bank have told to me that correct number should consist from 10 digits, and no any letters.
My lovely, employees of bank have told to me, that you have given me number of a card or the receipt which you filled.
But it not that number.
Employees of bank have told that this number referes to MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).
Employees of bank have told to me that when I shall know this number then I can receive this money.
My lovely, please attentively look at the receipt which has remained with you after you have sent it.
This number there is written down.
And as employees of bank have told to me, that I have incorrectly write your address.
I have write the address of your residing.
But it were necessary for me to specify the full address of that branch Western Union whence this money are sent.
My lovely please give me the address of this place, whence you have sent this money.
And I shall go and receive tomorrow this money.
Also as I should specify the exact sum of money which you have sent.
My lovely please write to me the information about which I ask, and then I shall not have a problem with reception of this money.
And I shall go and pay at once manufacture of the visa.
My lovely, but nevertheless I am very glad and very happy that you could to help me.
Also that we with you be very fast we can together.
I will be very much excited that our meeting very much soon.
This huge happiness for me.
My lovely I very much love you and with huge impatience I shall wait for your letter.
And as the necessary information about which I have told to you.
For ever your love Yuliya.
Letter 18
Hello my love Mike!!
My lovely I it was very glad to your letter.
My lovely, I today again went to bank, and tried to receive this money.
And again I had a problem with reception of this money.
Employees of bank have told to me that money transfer with such number MTCN does not exist.
My lovely please check up once again all very attentively.
My lovely please look attentively at the receipt from Western Union.
Also tell to me correct number MTCN.
My lovely I very much love you and I hope that you can write to me very soon.
My lovely I shall wait very much for your letter.
For ever your love Yuliya
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