Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to Pietro (Italy)

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Letter 1

I am very glad to receive and read your letter. How are you? I hope, that you will not be against if we shall pass on you. But if want I could write on you. As you already know my name is Natalya. I was born and Republic Mariy-El has grown in city Yoshkar-Ola. My city is located near to Moscow - capital of Russia. Not so big to measures of large Russian cities, but nevertheless it it is impossible to name my city small, in fact in Yoshkar-Ola 250 000 person lives approximately. My city is especially remarkable the ecology, in our region it is a lot of woods, lakes and reserves. It would be interesting to me to know about region in which you live, about its features and sights. I hope, that in the following letter you will tell to me about the city. As I would like to tell about myself a little. I was born on August, 3rd, 1980. Has finished pedagogical institute and I have higher education. At present I work as the mathematics teacher in one of schools of the city. To me very much to like to work with children, and I very much love children, in fact children are flowers of a life and on education of the child depends, whom he becomes in the future. And than you are engaged? Please, tell to me about the work, it will be very interesting to me. As to private life I not married and never was married. Children at me too are not present, but, as well as any girl, I very much would like to have the child in the future. To me always did not carry with men, but nevertheless I do not despair and I dream meet the man with whom could to create strong and serious attitudes, the man which would love, cared and supported me in all. I shall write to you the letters from the Internet of cafe. I have houses a computer, but, much to our regret, there is no home telephone number, therefore I cannot leave in the Internet a network from the house computer. I very much would like to communicate and is better to learn you and consequently I wish to ask you that you have written more about yourself as you have really interested me. I hope, that you will love me and will continue to write to me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully, Natalya!!!

Letter 2

I am glad to receive and read your letter. Thanks you for your letter!
How has passed your day, how are you? To Me it is very pleasant, that I have interested you, and you wish to communicate with me. In the today's letter I would like to tell to you about the family. I have a apartment, and I live separately from the daddy and mum. To my mum 53 years, and the daddy of 55 years. I do not have native brothers and sisters. My parents the people most dear to me and I very much love the parents.
Also I would like to tell to you about the hobbies and hobbies. I very much like to sew. My mum since the earliest childhood learned me to sew and knit. And now I can brag of that I can connect itself a sweater or sew a dress. As I very much like to prepare. Very much to like me Russian kitchen, especially I, like to cook soups, for example the Borshch or the Russian cabbage soup, it is very tasty. Probably, you not so was often lead up to try Russian dishes, but I recommend you to try our national entertainments. Still, in the free time I like to listen to music. I like to listen to music on mood. I love classical music, I adore, fate music, I can listen to a jazz. And what musical style are close to you? Also I very much like to dance and go in for sports.
As to my ideal of the man I can tell, that I do not have certain example, the man for me is faster ideal this a certain collective image. But nevertheless I can tell, that the main quality which should possess the man, I would name his individuality and mind. In my opinion, in the person, it is more important not so external data or his age, and an inner world of the man, his consciousness and self-perception of a life. As the important quality in character of the man I consider, his skill to love and respect with the girl, to appreciate her internal and an inner world. Unfortunately, while I did not meet the man which would approach my ideal in the life. But nevertheless I do not cease to trust, that time when I shall meet the prince will come. I very much would like, more to learn about you. Please, write to me about the hobbies, outlooks on life and about the principles, it will be very interesting to me. I with impatience shall wait for your answer. Yours faithfully yours Natalya!!!

Letter 3

I am very glad to receive and read your letter and again I wish to tell many thanks to you for it. How has passed your day, how are you? To Me it is very pleasant, that we start to communicate more closely, it pleases me. Today on work to me have given the day off, and I can borrow in the house affairs. Today we with mum have decided to tidy up an apartment of my parents, but nevertheless I have found a free time and have decided to write to you the new letter. In the today's letter I would like to talk to you that I appreciate and, that I hate in attitudes between two people. To the main parameters in attitudes I consider, respect and trust. Probably, not probably to construct attitudes, if disrespectfully to concern to the person who to you is not indifferent. Inadmissible in attitudes between the man and the woman I consider lie and mistrust. I think, that it is always better to tell the truth, rather than to deceive the beloved. I consider, that it is impossible to construct love on lie and a deceit and those who try to make it already are in advance doomed to failure, in fact love this light feeling and him not probably to eclipse changes and treachery, differently it will be any more love. As not admissible in attitudes I consider jealousy in her any displays. I consider, that if you love the person you should trust completely to him and not always pertinently without any suspicions in something reproach the person. Dear, I very much would like, to know your criteria in attitudes, me very interestingly your opinion.
Also I would like to ask a question on your cultural life. You like to visit museums, theatres, to read books. I very much love theatrical creativity and very often I go to theatre. Certainly, presently people began to visit theatres less, in fact now in the world the set of interesting films is removed and many start to forget about theatre, but nevertheless I consider, that by way of a plot and theatrical performances which image do not concede dramatic art to modern cinema. Still I very much like to read, especially I like novels of Russian writers. Probably, you heard about Chekhov, Pushkin, Bulgakov. Now I once again re-read Michael Bulgakov's novel " the Master and Margarita ". It is very fascinating novel which is to be re-read again and again and each time you reinterpret in a new fashion idea of product, probably, all charm of the Russian literature consists in it and. Unfortunately, my time expires also to me it is time to go home to do cleaning and to help my mum. Dear, I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully yours Natalya!!!

Letter 4

Hello my friend! I am very pleased to receive and read your letter, as was your day like your business? I'm all good. Today in my city beautiful sunny weather and I have an excellent mood. It is a pity that the weather will live not long, because now in Russia starts cold and need time to enjoy such a beautiful warm day like today. Dear, today I very much wanted to write you a letter. I am very interested to talk with you and I always very much look forward to your new messages. I am very pleased that we have such a convenient means of communication like the Internet, because if we wrote each other letters on normal, rather than e-mail, we would not have opportunities every day to read new messages, so I am very pleased that we have the Internet because it is so convenient and reliable.
I am very glad that one day we became familiar with you and began to write each other and I very much like to continue our dialogue. In my view communication on the Internet allows a person open not only externally but also open another human their inner world, because in real life much more difficult to tell their secrets to humans or to share their opinions, but in a letter to do so much easier, so the friendship and relations on the Internet in our time is not such a rarity, and many of my friends not only learned on the Internet, but also in the future is here their love. In my life were men, but they are all evaluated primarily on my appearance and large they were totally indifferent to my inner world, my soul, my spiritual condition. Understand, I search for a man who first loved me not for my beauty, but for my thoughts, my views, my interests.
Unfortunately, in my life has not been such men, but I hope that in the near future I will be able to find happiness and love. You know the last time I was a notice that we have a lot in common probably why we so drawn to write new messages to each other and I hope that in future our desire to know each other, will become even stronger. Dear today I would like to talk about our communion their parents. I hope you are not going against? I would very much like to share their joy that I get from our correspondence with their mothers and fathers, because this is the closest people in my life. My parents are very good and responsive and I am sure that they are not against our communication because they wanted me only happiness and happy when they rejoice with me. And you tell people something from their relatives or close friends, our correspondence? Believe, I'm not opposed to who is close to us from people knew about our friendship, because in doing so, I see only good and I believe that in our communion of which there are no ill. Dear, I would like to know you better and for me it is important to your every message. I have great looks will wait for your new messages. Sincerely Natalya!!!

Letter 5

Hello my dear!!! I am very glad to receive and read your letter. As has passed your day, as your business. At me everything is all right. Yesterday I had very significant day. My grandmother had a birthday and many my relatives send to congratulate it on eightieth anniversary. On this holiday, there was much I make related also we have perfectly spent time. My grandmother has lived long and very heroic life. It has gone through terrible second world war with 1941ii 1945. You, heard about the second world war? Probably it is very heavy, to live during war, when you still the person young and full of optimism. But unfortunately many people of that awful time became victims of that war. The grandmother, often tells about those monstrous times and all this so it is terrible to listen, that sometimes even it would be desirable to begin to cry. But not looking at war and then people fell in love and lived in peace with each other. The darling, probably to us has very much carried, that we live in absolutely other world where there is no war and reigns the world and the order. Today my mum asked me as at us with you correspondence is. I have told to it, that at all of us by way of and our dialogue passes is very remarkable. You know, I am very glad to that in one fine day, we with you became familiar. Now I on the present begin, to feel, that you that person with whom to me very interestingly to communicate and I do not hide that would like to learn you better. We have an opportunity to communicate every day and this right to us is given with e-mail and I think, that with each new letter, we shall learn is better a private world each other, our desires and interests. As in the today's letter, I would like to mention such sharp theme as a problem of alcohol and drugs. Understand, in our country it is very actual problem. Business, that many men in Russia are subject to alcoholic and narcotic dependence and it causes very big damage for our country. Annually in our country from alcohol and drugs, person perishes tens thousand and it is very terrible tendency. And how business with this problem in your country are? I think, that in any country of the world there is a problem with alcohol and drugs, in fact the forbidden fruit is always sweet also people by the nonsense reach for substances which poison their organism. Personally I do not consider, that in operation alcohol and drugs there is, that that attractive, opposite under influence of narcotics the person loses the moral shape and turns to an animal. If in my future there will be a man with whom I really wish to connect the life I very much would like that it in any cases did not use drugs. As to alcohol I consider the use of alcohol admissible only on holidays, but in small dozes, in fact only in it cases the person can keep the moral shape. Dear, and what your attitude to alcohol and drugs? It is very interesting to me to know your opinion in this occasion. Now my time in the Internet of cafe comes to an end also to me it is time to go, but I very much hope, that tomorrow I can see your new message again. I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter. Yours faithfully yours Natalya!!!

ps. Me best friend your.



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