Scam letter(s) from Alina Gybareva to Neil (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Neil. It's me again! I think you will be glad to see my recent photos. In the last letter I have been told a little about myself. As you know I work as the pharmacist. I have the highest medical education. I live in Kazan city in Russia. It is big city and I like to live in such big city's style but sometimes I would like to live in a silent far place. As I told I got a lot of friends. All my numerous friends always communicate with pleasure with me and keep in contact with me because I'm creative person.
Tonight I with girlfriends want to gather at one of them to have a supper, to communicate, to find out about something new, I mean to have nice evening. We gather together not often, that's why each time this event occurs very interesting. It is a pity, that you have not sent me your photos as I have made it. I very much would want, that you have sent me your photos! You are very attractive to me, and I would like to consider you closer! Unfortunately I haven't a father. He lost in accident, it have been long time ago, almost 10 years ago. Now I live one with my favorite cats, I rent the apartment. My mommy lives separately from me, at her the house with fine garden. I help her in a garden but usually she makes everything by herself. Although I try to help her as I can. Is it boringly? All these monotonous stories about a life have already bothered me! What is really interesting to you?
I do not want to carry myself to grey weight of people that's why I will not force you to get boringly from all these stories! So if you will have questions about different details of my life I will answer them, but I will not tell you this by myself! What is the purpose why I looking for acquaintance in the Internet? I want to find the man, the man with whom will be possible to talk about everything! I don't interest in just ***, simple dialogue without any meaning purpose it's important! I need interesting and intriguing dialogue! The conversation it is not usual exchange of grey boring letters! Do you agree? And just in case, than you understood what is exactly important in the man: I looking for serious man who is able to make the correct decisions, who is responsible for his acts and the most important thing is correctly treat with a women. Ok, I will finish on this, I will not write too much to not tire you with reading of my letter. I hope to see your letter soon!
Sincerely, yours Alina.
Letter 2
Hello my sweety Neil! My darling I am glad to receive your letters. I hope that my absence have not led you to sad mood. I think, that it will be interesting for you to get know how we have fascinatingly interestingly held celebratory anniversary of my mum. To speak the truth, first instants of a holiday were little bit negative, but soon all has risen on the places, and the celebratory mood has got the best of all present. There were many visitors, it is a lot of gifts, various and unusual congratulations. I think, that it was possible to take an excellent film as there were many creative performances. End of solemn actions were as the beginning of not less bright part of a holiday. The huge impression has made "fire show" for all! People took part in this remarkable show even most motionless in that time even they have dared to light some fireworks, and various fires. My mum remained very joyful and she remember this day till now as well as we are... I wish to tell a few words concerning distance between us. I mean we got a big distance beetwen us and we still communicate. And we can easy correspond with you and know many interesting things about each other! I do not know, how to explain to it, but you involved me very much and I cannot remember the moment when I would not like to write you. It is a pity that to write it turns out not too often... You any more do not wish to communicate with me??? I correctly have understood you??? I have got a desire to talk to you about a theme of more serious relations. I require dividing my life with someone. I am adult-enough woman, and my intention - to find a family, to live together with the beloved. I wish to ask you how much is it seriously? How much serious our intentions are? I do not play game with relations, and I do not want than you played with our relations. For me it is very important, that you knew, that I believe, that you that which I searched and, at last, have found. Certainly, relations are checked by time, and we are still a little familiar with you. But everything, I think, that we with you will have more serious relations. However we will not hurry up, after all it is necessary to be assured that both of us want it. I think, that it is very important to hear a voice each other. It can help to be closer to us, and more seriously to concern to each other! It is a pity, that you have not given me your phone number.
I asked you to write to me your phone number! Did you read my previous letter?
I hope, that you can write to me your number, I want to call you, I want to hear your voice! I have wasted many forces on the last holiday I will be waiting for your letter. Yours Alina.
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