Scam letter(s) from Lilia Petrovskaya to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet Billy,
I want to correspond with you more
I received your lovely letter, but I don't understand all English.
Honey, I am very sorry, but I need you help me. I pay 5$... I mean for mine to you and for yours to me.
There are different prices, unlimited services, half month and so on, but for the present moment I am not able to afford such a luxury to myself.
Billy, if you understand my situation and if you want, ofcourse, answer me please. I don't want lost you...........
Yours Liliya
Letter 2
My sweet Billy,
Thank you very much for your open and honest letter, Billy, I am very sorry, my financial situation is very bad, I have write you before, I do not know English as well and I use Internet cafe, Oksana she is interpreter helped me to read and answer our letters. I will be honest with you
I must pay for this help, Billy, please answer me can you help me with this problem, I do not want to lost you.....
I miss you, I miss your letter.............
Only yours Liliya

Honey, will send you my **** photos and waiting yours.... 98300 Ukraine, Kersh
Lenina, str, 15\95
Baranova Liliya My sweet, will send you my photos, hope you will like them..
Letter 3
Hello my dear Billy!
I am very very thankful to you for taking care about me and our relations!! It is seen at once that you are a serious man and you know what you want in this life! I like this feature in people very much and of course I am very happy that you are such a man. You are the man from the capital letter M!!!!
Billy,I guess you mix Translation agency with the Marriage
These are two different things. The translators I use deal with a kinds of translations for all kinds of clients, starting from factories, plants and finishing with layers and my letters to you
And I pay in cash to them. The fees are different. 1 letter costs 5
10 letters - 50$, 20 letters- 90$ and unlimited letters translation including phone calls translation -150$.
Of course I wish we could take unlimited. But I know money doesn;t grow on the trees
My sweet Billy, as for English classes
* basic course:5 times per week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$
* basic course:3 times per week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$
honey that goes without saying. I will attend. If you give me this opportunity, I promise to be the best pupil in the world.
Thank you so much my lovely Billy, for your care about me. I promise you will never regret!
I will wait for you reply with impatience!!
Only yours Liliya

My address:
98300 Ukraine, Kerch
Lenina, str, 15\9
Baranova Liliya Billy you can transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is Bank:
Western Union,
98300 Ukraine,
Kerch, Kirova str.,1
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