Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Bob from me Viktoria. I am very happy that you wrote to me. I even didn't hope that you will pay attention to me. But nevertheless that is great we could find each other over the Internet and we can have some kind of pleasant communication with you, hope that we can be more than friends with you cause frankly speaking I am here to find my love, my second half, my man. It is a pity but here in Ukraine that is very difficult for me to find my man. Actually I am in good terms with men but still I was unable to find the right one for me, I have never met such a man that I could say I wanted to be with. I think I have never loved for real. Yes, I thought I was in love but never loved. and it is a pity cause I want to feel this feeling, I want to know how it is when you are going crazy about someone, when you think only about him and noone else. well, I hope you understood what I wanted and I truly hope that destiny will present me such a man soon and he can be you, do you want this??:)) Oh, yes, I think that is a bit early to talk about being together after the first letter:) let's get in touch first than, how do you think?? what are you waiting for from our communication, are you serious enough for finding the right woman and creating a family with her. Oh, are you waiting only for fun here?? As for me I am very much serious about finding the life partner for me and creating a family with him. I think that I am very family-oriented girl, and I want to give all my love, all my tenderness and kindness for my future husband. If to tell more about me, I am 22 years old, I am a student of the law department, I want to be the most fair judge of all:)) I live on the West of Ukraine in the town called Rivne. We live together with my friend in the dormitory cause we consider ourselves to be grown ups enough to live separately with the parents. But of course I go and visit my parents often. But I never regret about that hopeless life when you live with your parents and think about nothing than entertainment. I used to have such kind of life when I was at school but after I entered University the situation changed and I live independent life by my own. I earn by myself for my life and very rare ask my parents for the means cause they are retired already and can't support me as it was later. I am not complaining, I am just in some way proud of myself cause at this period of my life I have achieved much more than my peers. I think I will continue praising myself in my next letter cause I wrote already a lot , not it is your time to be on the stage, ok??:)) best wishes, Viktoria what means victory:))
Letter 2
Hello my dear I hope now friend already Bob. This is me Victoriya from Rivne. how are there?? how are you feeling??I oops, maybe now you have dark night so I want to wish you sweet dreams. if you have just got up I wish you good morning and hope that your day will be lucky and successful:)) As for me now I am going to the University, we have very interesting lecture today, I never miss it. It is called psychology, it is very interesting for me. I have learnt much how to behave with people, how to avoid conflicts and how to build relationships with different types of people. and what are you interested in?? As you know I live alone, and that made me very strong and independent person. I do not have much free time for some hobbies or interests. half of the day I spent at the University and another one at work. I have a part time job as a post woman and also I teach small kids English. Only at 11 p.m. I have the time to sit on my sofa and to say: Ohh, another hard day passed, hope the next one will be the same active for me not to think about my loneliness and not to have time to cry". You know I am very sentimental person, I like dreaming. Now all my dreams are connected with finding my soulmate, my second half. I do not know , it has never been like this but not this question really matters me a lot. I feel so lonely in this huge world and I want to fulfill the emptiness I have in my heart. I want to know the value and the taste of life when you share it with your beloved. I do not know how it is to be in love, to fly upon the clouds.and I am so sorry about this, when I watch romantic movies, when beloved ones just hold their hands, watch the stars falling from sky and feed each other with ice cream I feel the tears on my face, I know maybe this is ****** but still this is what I miss in life. Hope you do not consider me to be ****** or naive?? I know life is not only starts and ice cream, it has lots of dark spots but I belive that we should dream only about white ones not to lose the hope to be finally happy. do you agree?? by the way, what are you dreaming about, what is your most precious dream?? I kiss you on your cheeks and wait for your answer, Victoriya
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