Scam letter(s) from Natalia Petrova to Juan (Colombia)

Letter 1
I am very pleased to receive your warm intimate letter.
You very much very much like me.
The large thank for your attention. I very much would like to have with you the serious relations and to be the sensitive partner of life for you. In our letters we should continue to learn each other better. With each your new letter I shall learn, that you very interesting the man. I enjoy by correspondence with you. I think, that we should write each other as it is possible more often. As far as the opportunity allows to us. Nothing does the man and man closer, than to carry out a lot of time together and more to communicate.
I very much love to dream and to think of my future. I very much frequently present our house. To me I very much would be desirable to have in my apartment or house an old fireplace and plenty flowers.
What you think of it? What house would dream to have you?
It would be very interesting to me to know your dream.
I think, that at me it very well will turn out.
I shall feel by the very happy man, if my close person will be my friend reliable, quiet careful both strong, generous and clever.
You love to visit the friends? Or to be going in the good noisy and cheerful company?
You like days off? You love to have a rest?
I very much love days off. Per free days I very much love to carry out time on kitchen.
I very much like to prepare. I would like to prepare for you something unusual. I want to know, that you love to use in food.
As I am engaged in sports to contain myself in the good form.
You care of the health?
I want further to carry out time together and to learn each other better.
Each your following letter I expect impatiently.
Do not leave me during long time.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow.
Bye! Your Natalya!!!
Letter 2
How are you doing? I hope, that in All of you it is good, also you have good day.
I very much wished to start to write to you, and at last I am glad, by which I do It. Each time when I receive your letter, I have a smile on the person. I like to read your answers to me. When I receive your letter, my mood on it becomes much better. Your letters do pleasure me.
I write to you sincerely and from my heart. I think, that you write to me similar.
I was always pleasant for the answer to your questions which interest you.
I always answer you sincerely. I hope, that it will help you to learn me Better, my character. I can speak all about you because your letters compel me to trust you. I think, that people who wish to build relations, should not disappear from everyone another it. Trust, very important for me. You agree with me???
Two persons of love completely should charge each other. And to be final it is necessary fair with each other. I think, that honesty - the basis of strong relations. I think without honesty, impossible to build strong love. I wish to speak you, it never it is impossible to build relations on a deceit and mistrust. I looked recently a film about love. It names to as "History of the Knight". Possibly you also saw this film. I loved this film. This film was about the person for the sake of whom has made many brave actions
Love. It should face many troubles because of it. It has made much against interests for the sake of love. It is a fairy tale, and it is possible, now, that it is not existing. But I think as in our life many such histories. Some people should go across interests for the sake of it. It is a lot of refusals something for the sake of love. I think, that the love changes people in the best party. Everyone becomes happier and cheerful.
The love helps the person whom it becomes better. It is a lot of passes about it, also are borrowed only in work and do not try to build a private life. But properly everyone understands, that career, and everyone will not be in Comparison with love. Both they were not happy, and they could not find the person from whom very much The friend as the friend. I wish to find my love and to be happy. I wish to make this too happy person. I think, that for everyone it is probable, that also everyone has chance to find it. Everyone is capable, to find love.
I hope, that I also can find my love, I hope that you my love. I would like that we with you could create relations!!! Yours Natalya!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
I am glad to see your letter. You do not represent how many pleasure
Bring to me your letters. I each time with enthusiasm read your letters.
To me to like to see in your letters your ideas, your stories from your life.
I think that you and will continue to write to me further. I think that we should be Are close to each other, to trust secrets. That you think of it. For me very much It is important know that you can to listen at any moment to me, morally to support.
For me it is very important. It can is silly, but I never tested earlier
This feeling which I now test to you. Any story and any film never
Will not transfer it. After our correspondence I every night long cannot fall asleep.
I think of you,
About us, about our attitudes. I never met the man more sincere and sensual
Than you. I wish to be with you, to touch your body, to feel tenderness of your lips and
Heat of your breath. I think, that your kisses would dement me. I wish to bring
To you only pleasure. To me there is a strange feeling, I do not understand, why me
Pulls to you, in fact we are familiar not enough time. Probably, it because I already for a long time not
Tested love. I ask the God, that you not ioaa?aee me.
I think we may be right for each other. I would be happy to meet with you and get to know each other better.
My friends say that I am there was absolutely another, that I became more thoughtful and happy.
What do you feel to me?
My parents see that after acquaintance to you I began to smile more. They speak that I
Never before was not so it is happy. My parents are very happy to see me such. And it
All owing to you!!! Anybody is not necessary to me another. You are necessary to me only.
I very much hope that
You will not throw me. I do not wish you to lose. I am very grateful to the God that have met you. And I
Would ask it what to not lose you. Do not enable me to be disappointed. I very much want
To continue attitudes with you. I want that you have made me the happiest on light.
You for me became very close person.
Letter 4

Hello my love Juan!!!!!! Your letter again has brought light in my life.
How you? I hope, what at you all is good?
My dear I am glad that you apply me to yourselves and we with you shall be happy together!!
My dear Juan my heart is open for you and I shall love you every day all heart!
I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you mine Love. The large thank to you for it.
You have kind heart and it can do our relations more
Now when I have you I think that our life will change. The world becomes Kind, bright and warm for us. I think, that everyone requires this world in heat and love.
Why the world such? Why all happens?
I would like to create strong and amicable family with heat and love.
I would like, that you smiled to me each morning and each evening.
And I shall give a smile to you, I think, that it will bring to us a lot of pleasures and love.
I am ready to give back all for this purpose.
To find the present love it is a very difficult thing. But I have made it! P.S I will not send you a photo to bikini!! I ask not to ask from me such photos!! With love
Your Natalya!!!!
Letter 5
Hi my love Juan!! I am again happy to see your letter.
I have read it and again began to understand that you are the sole man in my life.
Which can understand me and support in difficult situations.
Like any other woman I dream to have my own family, honest, loyal and reliable husband to care for and to help him about everything; children to foster; home to keep and tide up, etc. I am happy that I had met you and had written to you and anybody to another.
That day when I had written you was happiest in my all life. I know that all things are under construction on trust and understanding, Any relations without it can not exist in general, differently. It is difficult to name it as the close relations. But I consider between. We already generated the close and sensual relations. Personally it occurs now to me. I do not know as you my love, but I am in such condition.
It would be desirable to be with you, to embrace you. To see and to love you only. I can not help thinking of you.
I rise and I lie down to sleep recollecting about you. About what you told me. I also think of you and your letters only.
Looking forward to hearing from you. With love, your Natalya!!!!!!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my love Juan!!!!!!! Your letter brings light in my life.
How you today?
I think, that life not so bad if there are people similar to you.
Many thanks for that that you is at me.
I see, that you have very kind heart, and it may do us by warmer.
It is very pleasant for me to hear you my good!!!!!!!!!!!!
I lived very simple way work, the house, days off, visiting of mam, grandmother.
Sometimes I leave on walk in park with my girlfriends.
But sometimes, I am sad, because near to me there is no loved man.
And now, when I have you in the life I believe, that my life will change and becomes bright, kind for us.
I think, that everyone in this world requires heat and love.
I would like, that my loved person smiled to me each morning and each evening. I shall smile to you it there will be a big happiness.
I am ready to do all for this purpose. I kiss you my honey.
I expect your following letter. Love for ever. Yours Natalya!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Juan!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter! I very much love you Juan and I can not
To think of what the friend as about you.
Last night when I went to bed that I thought of you. I have looked in a window the melancholy Sight also has presented you. I have thought that probably during that moment you too sat and Looked out of the window steadfast peering in a night twilight and think of me....
The life improbably interesting thing because never you know that can
To happen tomorrow. I was lonely and very sad to a meeting with you Juan and could
Only in dreams to hope that I will meet such remarkable person as you.
I feel the happiest and the most joyful because
I have met you and have received reciprocity to the feelings. I have learnt love!
I have learnt the most remarkable in the world feeling. The feeling which forces
Pensively to smile at one thought on the favourite person. Feeling at
which you
You rise in the morning with improbably good mood and vigorous spirit and with a smile and positive
Charge you spend all the day long because the first thought in the morning about you my dear and it forces me well itself to feel.
To me does not give rest that that we now are far apart,
But I hope that that day will come when we will be together!! I think that we do not need to delay it!
I hope that you Juan agree with me. Love washing, I think that to us is necessary to meet!!
I wish to arrive to you! You agree?
If yes, I go to travel agency and I learn that will be necessary what to arrive for this purpose to you!!
So you will tell?
I do not know that m is not prepared by destiny but now I am not afraid of anything and there is nothing I do not regret because I love also it perfectly well!
Now there are no bad and cloudy days in my life.
Every day on the it is pleasant and on the it is remarkable. I do not pay attention to bad weather.
I want I can through a down-pour strong rain with a smile on the person and not notice anything around,
To me the naughty childhood and the cheerful moments will only be recollected when children we liked to run under a rain and sincerely rejoiced to it!
I love you my dear and if it so remarkably that and all the rest that surrounds me too remarkably.
I cannot put into words all feelings and all thoughts... It is difficult for me...
Probably even it is impossible because in heart happy emotions both sweet are saved and which it is impossible to explain tender feelings completely words....
Words are too grey to express sense of these great feelings.
I wish to divide with you happiness and pleasure and to make you happy.
I cannot wait our meeting!
My heart fights in excitement when I think of it and I am very excited and raised when I think of it.
I sleep and I dream of us!!!
I hope that you have understood that that I have written now and these words have not entered you into boredom.
I very much love you and very much I wait for your letter.
With love yours Natalya!!!!
Letter 8
El saludo mi por la carretera Juan!!
Soy muy feliz recibir su carta!!!!!
Sueno con el fondo de nuestro contigo del encuentro!
Juan el amor mi manana ire en turistico la firma y conoceria sobre los documentos necesarios para esto que llegar a ti!!!
Mi por la carretera quiero construir con usted nuestra historia propia del amor.
La historia romantica y muy feliz.
Esto sera hermoso! Y el fin de esta historia no sera visible nunca!
Aqui con que sueno.
Cada dia comenzara para nosotros y cada dia el primer rayo del sol caera a tierra para nosotros Juan!
Quiero dar para usted todas las mejores cualidades que me querais soy infinito habra todo su sin resto.
Usted la parte integrante de mi corazon, usted el satelite de mi alma y mi vida.
Mi vida es hermosa junto con usted Juan!!!!!!
Deseo ser para usted el amor unico, quiero sentir cada dia su amor!!!
Mi vida feliz y mi la persona mas alegre en el mundo, porque le tengo Juan!!!!
Le quiero es infinito mi corazon se bate tan a menudo cuando pienso en usted que pienso ello puede saltar.
Usted mi felicidad Juan, mi soporte en las vidas y la persona a que quiero dar todo mas bueno!
Le quiero mucho Juan!!!!
Cada dia mis pensamientos solamente sobre usted!!!
Con la impaciencia esperare su respuesta. Con el amor su Natalya!!
Letter 9
Juan que pienso que tenemos que ahora discutir nuestra contigo el encuentro,
Hoy iba en turistico la firma y conocia sobre el coste del viaje a ti en Colombia, para esto que podria ir a tu, tendre que tener junto a el el visado!!
Toda la suma turistico el visado costara 290 euros.
En esta suma entrar:
Mi visado, que costar - 70 euros.
Los servicios de la agencia turistica - 20 euros
La recogida consular - 200 euros.
El plazo compondra la formalizacion del visado 7 dias, en 7 dias todo sera preparado,
Tan pronto como comenzare a formalizar el visado, el visado sera valido durante 3 meses.
Durante 3 meses podre sin problemas se encuentra en tu pais.
Como me han explicado la recogida Consular la formalidad obligatoria, puesto que
El consulado de Rusia iria al Contacto con el Consulado de Colombia para esto que recibir
El permiso de entrada del ciudadano de Rusia a Colombia. La recogida consular se estructura en el territorio de Rusia,
Este dinero va al tesoro publico del estado, como el impuesto obligatorio de los ciudadanos que salen de Rusia.
Todo esto es necesario y soy obligatorio para esto que sin problemas
Podia llegar y se encuentra en Colombia.
Juan a la cuenta la formalizacion del visado me es necesaria tu ayuda!!
Espero tu podras ayudarme con dinero necesario para la formalizacion del visado!!
Juan te espero, me seria necesario tu ayuda para esto que
Podia llegar sin problemas a ti!!
Juan pienso que ahora principal decidir el problema con la formalizacion del visado, despues de aquel
Como el visado sera formalizado, tendremos que discutir la pregunta de los billetes!!
Pero ahora tenemos que decidir la pregunta con la formalizacion del visado!
Juan espero que comprendes que me es necesaria tu ayuda y el apoyo ahora!

Juan quiero que podiamos ser juntos. Quiero ser feliz, mi felicidad contigo!!
Juan espero que podras escribirme pronto la respuesta!!
Esperare tu carta!! Con el amor tuya Natalya!!
Letter 10
Juan para mi importante esto que amamos, quiero que eramos juntos,
Pero para esto tengo que formalizar los documentos necesarios, me has comprendido correctamente que me es necesaria tu ayuda.
Me preguntas la cuenta en el banco, pero a mi no existe!!
Pero Juan querido conoceria que para esto que entregar dinero, hay un servicio que se ocupa de la traduccion de dinero de un pais en otra,
Este servicio se llama Western Union, para esto que entregar dinero necesario para la formalizacion del visado es necesario saber mis datos, ahora los te escribire,
Mi nombre Natalya, el apellido Petrova, la calle de Lomonosov 28-53, City Cheboksary, el pais Rusia.
Para esto que podria recibir dinero, tendre que saber tus datos,
Tu nombre completo, el apellido, la calle del envio, la ciudad de la salida,
el pais, y asi como el codigo monetario de dinero que se llama MTCN.
Espero que todo sera bueno y despues de que podras ayudarme, iria a la agencia turistica para esto que comenzar la formalizacion del visado.
Juan el amor lavando, sabes mi no puedo cumplir tu condicion, porque no tengo que tales fotografias ti a mi pides.
Juan y no te mandare tales fotografias!! Debes comprenderlo!! Y te pido no pideme tales fotografias!!
Esto me indigna mucho!!
Quiero ser contigo juntos, pero no simplemente que distraerse simplemente, quiero crear con tu la familia. Quiero que eramos juntos!!
Pero una vez mas te repito a de tales fotografias mi no mandare!! Tengo unos principios!!
Debes comprenderlo!!! Espero que has comprendido todo!!
Esperare tu carta!!

Letter 11
Juan el amor lavando, quiero ser feliz con tu y para mi significan mucho nuestros contigo las relaciones, quiero ser feliz con tu, bien comprendo de tu carta que trataras de hacer todo es necesario el lunes, bien sabre. Espero que nosotros es rapido podemos juntos, de tu carta comprendo que quieres comunicarte conmigo a traves de msn, pero poco que se esto, ademas Juan querido, es ahora para mi muy dificil se comunicara a traves de msn puesto que simplemente en las escuelas de Rusia comenzaran pronto las vacaciones hasta el mes de septiembre, y los ninos dan los deberes que se han acumulado a ellos, y asi como han comenzado los examenes cerca de las clases mayores de las escuelas, y es ahora muchos trabajos que mi llego a tiempo mucho!!
Pero despues del 26 de Mayo, sere libre ya!!!
Pero hay ahora no unas dificultades grandes por el tiempo libre, espero que me comprendes!!
Juan comprendo el amor mi que tenemos que hablar con tu por telefono, pero a la cuenta de esto hay un problema, el asunto en aquel que no tengo telefono, y esto es el problema grande para mi, Juan el amor lavando, tratare de llamarte de telefono del uso general, espero que podras escribirme el numero de telefono que podria llamarte!!!
Espero que me comprendes.
A la cuenta de mi viaje a ti, para empezar tengo que formalizar el visado, espero que lo comprendes.
Despues de que el visado sera preparado, podre decirte exactamente cuando podre llegar a tu, pero si aproximadamente querria llegar a tu a finales del mayo o en los primeros del Junio!!
Juan te quiero, aunque ahora somos divididos a la distancia grande, pero espero que pronto esto no nos molestara.
Con el amor tuya Natalya!!
Letter 12
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Mi amable perdones que no podia escribirte antes, veo que recoges a mandar dinero necesario para la formalizacion del visado, esto yo alegra bien mi amable mucho aquel que hacemos los pequenos pasos a nuestro encuentro!
Juan me hablas que te he enviado no todos los datos, pero mi amable como me han explicado en Western Union, para esto que podrias mandar dinero necesario, te seran necesarios mis datos,
El nombre: Natalya
El apellido: Petrova
La calle de mi permiso de residencia: Lomonosov 28-53
La ciudad: Cheboksary
El pais: Rusia 428000
Estos datos te seran necesarios para esto que mandar dinero a traves de Western Union.
Juan el amor lavando, me hablas que no puedes mandar al euro, bien mi amable pienso que sera mejor y mas facilmente si mandais dinero necesario en los dolares USD.
290 euros esto aproximadamente 420$ USD.
Para esto que a ti seria mas claro mandare, ti el pasaporte.
Juan espero que todo sera en orden!! Juan el amor mi no te me basta mucho, lejos pero pronto nosotros seremos juntos! En esto creo y espero!!
Con el amor tuya Natalya!!!
Letter 13
Mi mi amable ha llegado solamente al Internet de la cafeteria y ha visto que me has escrito!!
Juan comprendo el amor mi que has mandado dinero!!
Juan el amor lavando, pero para esto que recibir a yo podria es necesario que me has mandado los datos para el recibo!!
Lo comprendes? Sin tus datos no podre recibir dinero!!
Por eso te pido escribe dado, hablando mas exactamente,
Tu nombre completo,
El apellido,
La calle del permiso de residencia
La ciudad de que has enviado dinero,
Y asi como el codigo monetario de dinero MTCN,
O manda a mi la copia del impreso que ti rellenaba en Western Union.
Juan espero que podras pronto a yo respondere esperar tu carta!!
Con el amor tuya Natalya!!!
Letter 14
Juan el amor mi no te comprendo, puesto que me has dicho que me has mandado dinero,
Rellenabas el impreso, e insertaba los datos, y a ti debia conservarse la copia del relleno del impreso,
Eran obligados a dartela, lo comprendes?
Juan para esto que mandarte no es necesario mi copia del pasaporte,
Solo tienes que rellenar mis datos, que te enviaba,
La copia del pasaporte, te enviaria para esto que a ti era mas claro!!
Lo comprendes! Asi que a ti no es necesario ir con mi copia a la union
Lo comprendes!!
Juan no comprendo el amor por que haces tales complicaciones grandes, no podemos avanzaran algunos dias ni donde, y asi ya hace mucho he comenzado a formalizar el visado, lo comprendes?
Querido a mi es triste de por aquel que los dias van, y asi ni de que no pasa, mi llegada no avanza, ahora hablamos solamente sobre el encuentro, pero ni
de que no se hace!!
Te quiero Juan!! Espero que pronto seremos aiacoa, pero pido no tardes!!
No es necesario tirar el tiempo!! Mejor es mas rapido hacer todo!!
Para esto que seriamos juntos!!
Esperare tu pasaporte!!
Con el amor tuya Natalya!!
Letter 15
Mi mi amable ha recibido tus datos, pero no puedo comprenderte, que juegas conmigo?
Iba al banco y trataba de recibir dinero, que mandarias para esto que podia comenzar formalizar el visado.
Pero de esto no me consiguio, porque, como a mi han dicho ser no puede de tal MTCN,
Puesto que el debe contener en el solamente las cifras!!
Ni que letras, no debe ser alli!!
Y ahora no se que pensar!! Puesto que soy asombrada!!
Puesto que pensaba que hoy podre hacer el paso a nuestro encuentro, habiendo hecho los documentos necesarios, pero ahora soy muy sorprendida con aquel que me has dado no los datos justos!
Asi que juegas conmigo? O ha decidido simplemente burlarse?
No comprendo. Hablarias esto que iba recibir dinero sin tuyos de los datos, y ahora me das falso MTCN!!
Y ademas no puedes mandarme la copia del impreso, si esto seria la verdad ti me ha mandado la copia, pero es ahora?
Para que, para que?
Si has cambiado de opinion encontrarse y di!!
Esto sera mejor que la mentira!! No quiero cuando me mienten!!
Y ahora me parece que me mientes! Pero para que?
Soy muy indispuesta ahora!! Porque juegas conmigo!!!
Espero que podras explicarme todo!!!
Letter 16
El amor lavando, no saber por que podia encontrarme
En la hoja de los estafadores, esto es muy extrano porque
Enganaba a nadie se comunicaba nunca con
Por las personas para dinero. El amor lavando, pensar que es posible
Podia ser colocado alla por uno hombre con que mi no
Ha querido de comunicarse. No te contaba de esto,
Pero ahora pensar que debes saberlo. A mi
Llegaba la carta y esta carta habia de uno hombres
De Inglaterra, he me ha dicho que quiere comunicarse conmigo
Que me quiere to learn mejor, pero him la carta era
Muy extrano porque he escribia muy misterioso
Y las frases incomprensibles. He dicho him que no querer
Con him comunicarse porque a mi eras y yo nadie
No era necesario excepto ti. Aquel el hombre me escribia todavia
Algunas cartas, en que he me enviaba la foto de las muchachas
Con que he tenia el **** y esto eran muy sucio
La foto, he me hablaba que una vez he llegara
En nuestro pais y obligatoriamente me encontrara, entonces he
Me violara y se burlara sobre mi.
Me he asustado mucho de esto y a mi era terrible,
Pero despues no respondia nunca en his
Pensar las cartas y que he podia colocarlo
De mi en la hoja de los estafadores. Esto muy terriblemente que este
Vil el hombre se burla asi sobre mi y mi no
Saber que a mi do.? comprender que ahora ti no confiarse
A mi, pero no soy culpable en esto, no queria simplemente
Comunicarse con desfigurado y este el hombre era aborrecible
A mi. El amor lavando, tratare de llamarte pronto
Y te persuadiras que yo la muchacha realmente real
Que te quiero muy fuerte, hablaremos con
Por ti y lo querre!!! El amor lavando, te pido
Que trates no miss mi telefonazo y entonces seremos
Con exito hablar contigo!!! El amor lavando, no saber,
Si querer ayudarme ti llegarte y unir
?Nuestros corazones o no? Comprender que no confiarseme
Despues de esto el caso, pero quiero decirte una vez mas - no soy culpable en esto.
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