Scam letter(s) from Elena Sherstneva to Bernd (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello Bernd. I is much pleased so soon get the letter from you. I much like your profile, but I should like to get the photographies from you. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola . it inhere approximately in 700 kilometers from city Moscow. I want to speak you that I much like the children. I never married and I have no children. I had the experience of contact beside itself in Russia with mans, but they not there were are adjusted seriously and we happen to part, and they much often drink the alcohol and in good supply, but me this not much likes. I think that you has no such habit. I want to say that I no smoking and Very seldom to use alcohol. but sometimes I like to drink in good company not much vine though this can be much seldom. I want to speak that I wit well to play the piano, I has finished the music school, in which I learned 6 years. I want to say that I live with my mother. I have the grandmother, grandparent regrettably was died, 2 years ago. I want you to speak that I like the varied music, but basically classical. I want to have the serious relations with you, find with you its love and create lucky family. I shall pleased if you this will in the same way want. I want to speak that I write you from computer company and sometimes from my good sign woman. beside me regrettably no computer and telephone at home. I think that this will not be problem for us? I want more to learn of you, about your family. I think that you are able me soon to answer, shall soon write Elena. P.S. I to want you to tell that if you to be going to send me a photo send them in the reduced kind because at me very low speed of the Internet.
Letter 2
Where you to vanish I very strongly to miss on you, I very much wait for your answer!!!
Letter 3

Greetings, my friend Bernd am very glad that I to have acquaintance to you. With such good And the person of honour. And you are very pleasant, that for me to me to allow to find ours Love. To me your family is very pleasant to study more enough. It is interesting to me,
To study concerning your work. I want to learn rather, that you like to eat. As I like to prepare for pies with Various fillings. I as love there - ice-cream and chocolate, and you like? I want to study more Concerning you Bernd because it will help us to study each other better and to find our love.
I want to find with you our love, but I think, that through letters we cannot find her. And on it We should have at the further personal meeting. I want to speak, that I as romantic The woman. I very much love a supper in candles, and behind of it what to dance slowly dance. I Very much I like to leave on walk late at night and to look behind of movement of the moon and to look On stars. I like to create opinion concerning me directly on personal Meeting. I want to spend time in further together and to learn each other better.
I am very sorry but I have no phone in my house. My girlfriend spoke me that people from Europe and America Cannot believe that somebody has no phone and Internet. But I live in Russia. In my country too there is all But it is accessible only to rich people. But I love Russia because it is my country and I was born here.
Probably I to not answer yours questions Bernd, but I if you will set to me them still,
Then I shall answer them soon. Now I shall finish the letter, and I wait from you for the letter, yours Lena.
Letter 4

Hi Bernd! I am very glad to receive from you the new message. I'm sorry I can not write to you much, am very tired at work. Were difficult days, it is a lot of work. Many thanks for your letters and for your attention. I will tell a little about my city which I love very much. It very beautiful also has a lot of greens. The history has Yoshkar-Ola very rich, it played very big role in the past of Russia. In our city it is a lot of cinemas and entertaining complexes. I want to know: do you like russian food? What did you eat of it? What do you like much of it? What weather do you have now? Have you ever seen snow? I think you always have warm weather. In Russia we have a lot of snow? It is very interesting for me what nature is in your state. I have never seen it, because I have I never to be abroad. Send me photos of you and of your nature. Excuse me, I need to go home, there is a lot of work in my flat. Elena.
Letter 5

You where a precipice why you me to not write??????
Letter 6

Greetings Bernd!
In me all is good home and on work!
I very much waited for your letter! I do not understand, that with me,
I the whole days think of you!
You pleasant, good, kind, I can tell to all of you! And you understand me!
It is very pleasant for me, that far from Russia the person for whom I am necessary lives!
I very much similarly to your letters, I with the great pleasure read letters!
And it - more and more, and I understand you more!
I think, that everyone will be good, and we shall meet! Our meeting will decide much!
We should understand each other and have real dialogue!
To have walks, travel, entertainment, I shall go with the great pleasure for you, and we shall have a good supper in candles!
I can write superfluous! Yes, I about a plenty of dream, but my dreams allow to you my image, that I of the person, that I want!
To me you will dream and think pleasantly, that you which that person I wanted to see close to you directly!
That do you think what I have written?
My mum does not understand, as it is possible to find the favourite person in the Internet, I have explained much to her, that it is real!
My mum after my explanations has understood me! Mum has told, which will be not against, but cares of mum for me!
I think, that I shall show your letters to mum and mum to be convinced that you the good person!
You have what entertainments? What do you prefer in rest?
I was not outside of Russia and very to want to visit other countries!
We have the good program on TV about resorts all world, I actually always look this program!
I have very good work, I love my work! At first sight my work seems not interesting and boring! It not so!
We have much from interesting! If I was interesting to you, will write in detail!
What do you like in work?
I shall stop to write, time in the Internet has been finished!
In the following letter answer all questions, and establish on me all that interests you!
It is very pleasant for me to study you and to write about itself! You very interesting person!
I think, that we shall have the incorporated future!
Yours Elena
Letter 7

My dearest Bernd. I am very glad to read your letter again. How at you an affair? I'm fine . I to think, that at you all as is good. All these days I had a lot of time, what To think. And I to understand, that I very lonely without you. And I now precisely to know, what exactly You to not suffice me these days. Today I to receive the letter from my girlfriend. She lives already Almost 1 year in Australia. She has left there to to loved to the man.
They as well as We to have dialogue under the post program. And behind that they have decided to meet and she has gone To it. And now she has given birth to the child and they are very happy together. Its husband is very pleased,
That she has such good character. And as it is not strange to have they acquaintance hardly more than 2 Week when it to suggest to arrive. They felt, that they need to meet for What to find the love and they were right. I would want that at us was as. I Did not trust, that so can be not find yet you. And you to turn my world!!! I To feel again happiness and love from you. I want to tell, that I want to prepare Our meeting. I to know, that it to take a lot of time. On this I to want to learn all for Earlier. I to think you not against it? I want to learn your opinion.
Love and a kiss for You, yours Elena.
Letter 8

Why you to not write to me I without you very much to miss.
I very much to wait for your answer very soon.
I to want you to tell that to me alone without your letters, and I very much to love you.
I to hope that you my love can soon write to me
Letter 9

Dear Bernd
I to want to apologize before you that so for a long time cannot write to you, at us is simple to drop out a lot of snow and to not work the Internet.
I to want you to tell that to me seem that our dialogue with you can to come to the end soon because me recently to tell in the Internet of cafe that I to have a duty for the Internet which to use approximately 170 $ dollars.
I to not know about it that I to have such big duty, to me to tell that I to use the Internet already almost two months and never to pay for him, I very strongly to be surprised to this that I so should for the Internet much.
The m have not told that I shortly should pay for the Internet and that I cannot use the Internet any more. I at present to not have such big money and consequently if I to not find in the near future this money to me will close access in the Internet.
I to want to learn that you to think in this occasion, to me will be very insulting if we cannot have with you ours with you the correspondence any more.
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