Scam letter(s) from Mutala Samad to Jason (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my Deares One,
Thank you for your lovely mail and i hope you are fine as i am..
My name is Sai Amoah and i hope you read my advert ay yes that is ok and i want to tell you that am a single lovely sweet beautiful and i want a man to be with and i know you will bethe man in my dreams.. i have been away from my computer for sometime and i just put my computer on as i saw you mail to me so am so so sorry for that ok my love... This is my MSN so please invite me now now so that we can talk there as fast as possible and try to know ourselievs well soon and meet ourselievs ok and i will be good and caring to you my darling and also i will do what ever you will ask my to because my ***** is waiting for your **** soon ok... And This is my mobile number 00233246203337 and you can send me sms or call me as soon as you read my mail andsee myu photos ok...All my love and kisses to you darling and i want to tell you more about me so writes soon! ! ! Best of love from me Sai to you Darling.... xxxx Yours Sai
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