Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vylekzhanina to Ricco (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi Ricco! It is pleasant for me to see your letter. I now think more seriously of acquaintance through the Internet. I all over again did not trust, that is possible to communicate and gets acquainted with people through the Internet. With the Internet it became possible to learn about people living in other cities and even the countries. I want to tell to you about the family. We live three together: mum, I and my cat "Chezar.":) I have sent you his photo. The truth he lovely? I very much love animals. My mum very kind woman. She a lot of good has made for me. I have grandmother to it of 68 years. She lives in village, I go her to visit. My father has thrown us when I was still small and I do not want to repeat mistakes of my parents. It is hard for me to speak about it, but I wanted to be with you fair and wanted that you knew my history. Will suffice about sad. Better I shall tell to you about the life, I was born in city Zelenodolsk where I now live.
I have left school and have acted in pedagogical institute. I studied there 5 years and have received a speciality the mathematics teacher. There I have fixed knowledge of the English language and have studied the Spanish language. But I know the French language hardly worse than English. After that I have gone to work In school in which in due time I studied. I like to cook. Some recipes of me were learned by the grandmother. My favourite color bright - dark blue. And you have favourite color? It is very a pity to me, but I have no phone and I have no an opportunity to call. I know it in your country is not the big problem. But for me it is difficult to buy to itself phone. I know that we know each other but if we shall want very little to speak to phone I could search for a way to call to you. You can give me your phone number??? I hope to you the history of my life was pleasant. I hope to learn you better. What at you a full name? Regina.
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