Scam letter(s) from Tracy Osas to Stephen (UK)

Letter 1

hi steven how are u doing?its me tracy i suppose to in houston,texas.but the flight i took i never new it was a transit flight,they took us 2 Germany,when we were about living they ask us 2 get down,it was a mistake on my part that i have spent my money while in school.i didnt renew one of my flight document,i was deported back to Nigeria.
i have been try my mum number, it wasnt reachable until this time am frustrated now pls Steven help me out you are my last resort.i need some money like $600 to buy a ticket that will take me back to U.S. The security didnt even allow me to say any thing the fact that am a citizen of U.S.
i was humililated in public,during dthe process i misplace my phone. I later remember dat u gave me your yahoo mail so i decided to write u. pls help me out.pls reach me as soon as possible.Infact am not in a good health,an very sick here in Nigeria now.pls Steven help the fact that we dont know each other as much but we get to know each other some day am in a deep mess.pls steven.Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
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