Scam letter(s) from Marine to Roberto (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Roby! Many thanks for your letter. I so am happy, that you have written to me. When I receive your letter it does my day on much better. I am always happy to receive and answer your letters. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. I feel very comfortably and confidently with you. I can tell to you all that I want. Now I want to speak you about my dreams. Think we are sufficient are familiar that I could let you in my dreams. It will be good if you too tell to me about your dreams? What can you say about the water, sea, stream. What association Appear at you when you think of these words? As for me I can look at it for hours again and again. Water is my element and it is something unusual for me those wonderful turquoise splashes and warmth of gold sand. I feet like I'm a mermaid. My dream is to return to the sea not alone but with my soulmate. I want to experience with him the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore with him the wonder of moon's reflexion on the water and a lot of other things. I do not know more romantic and attractive place. The marines azure is associated for me with calmness and careness. I definitely want to experience this with my partner. There is some mystery in marine silence. At this moment there is something to live unsaid and it makes me more and more excited. When I close my eyes I see how blue waves swallow me as well as love overwhelm my heart. I'm laughing, I'm happy, I'm swimming away but then I return to the shore and my darling is waiting for me there. He was waiting for me all his life because he was born for me only. He is embracing me on the shore, kissing me and wrapping me into the towel, touching my wet hair and whispering sweet words on my ear. We belong to each other and there is nothing except our omnipotent love. This is the way I dream. I'm waiting for man who will say me one day: ' Honey, have not you recognised me? I came from your Roby dream to be with you forever '. You know I am sure that when we will se each other we will fall in love with each other for the first time. And i am sure that we will find each other as a loving couple. we will start to build our future from first our meeting. we will enjoy every minute of being together. Sometimes i think even how it will be great to get married and to live together. I know that I am a little fast but it's my thoughts about our relationship. so now I will wait till your next mail, may God bless you always.... Marine
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Roby!!! Thanks for your understanding and support! I had strange feelings when I have decided to write to you about my attempts to start serious relations! I did not know what there will be your reaction and consequently tested excitement and interest. You know that honesty this most important, I trust you! I am glad that all now all well. How you the my dear friend? or maybe i can name you now a soul mate? I think, that it is rather better maybe to be a soul mates? What do you think about it? I know, that it is not a girl's work, but i will do it, i want to make an offer to you, i want to offer you to have serious relations! What do you think about it? I know, that maybe i am a bit fast, but i think, that it is time for decisions, and i made my decision, and i will wait for your reply, i hope, that you Roby will send me a positive reply, as i do think, that we have much in common, and we can try to build really serious relations, i think, that it is really the same!!! Well, i wrote you about the most important thing, and now i want to tell you about such a thing. So, i wanted to tell you such a thing, that these several days, while we are together with you, i feel such a thing, that i do like our correspondence, and each day for me starts from the thoughts about going to the work and to write a letter to you, i think that it is not simply, and that is why i thought about it much time today, and i decided, that i must make some real steps to change my life and to build my future, and by the way not only mine, and also yours Roby too, i hope! And that is why i am here now, and i write you this letter, i hope, that you will not think about me, that i am a crazy girl, and that i want something misunderstanding, i do hope, that you share my thoughts and my wishes, and i do hope, that maybe very soon we both will know about the destiny of us, and who knows, maybe we met each other not only to write the letters, but also for something more?! But however of course i will wait also for your thoughts about it, and i do hope that everything will be wonderful!!!! And also i want to tell you Roby, that maybe it sounds a bit strange, but i want to tell you, that i do think, that we will have a luck with you in the relations, and i think, that we will know about everything very soon!!! Well, dear, i think, that i will close this letter, as i think, that i have written too much about the feeling and at the whole about the serious things, so i will wait for your reply, i do hope, that you will not think anything bad about me, and of course i will wait for any of your decisions, and i i will respect every your decision, I send you Roby lots of kisses. Marine.
Letter 3
Hi, dear Roby!!! Thank you very much for your letter! This most important pleasure of my day. I appreciate your openness to me and promise to do the same... it seems to me that you are nice and the man i really was looking for... I really enjoy reading your letter and the way our distant relationship develops. You light up my days; fill my heart with joy and hope; give me strength to carry on every day, something to look forward to. I am so glad to have found you Roby. I hope you are doing fine and enjoy the days. I know that you are interested in me now, that's why you must be sure that I have never met such an amazing man, like you! You're perfect, gentle, smart, simply the best!!!!!!!!! I think, we have very much in common, do you agree with me, honey??? I have told my ?olleagues and friends about you and me, and our relations, and they become so happy, because they know how hard and difficult it was for me to live in the past. And now I have you, and you have me, and everything goes so right!!!! I know, we don't know each other well yet, but my feelings to you are so strong, that I can't keep silent and not tell you that I want you in my life. Do you want to love and to be loved by me? Do you want to come home from work and see me, and our children, smiling, because we have you??? Tell me, I'm so interested in your thoughts about this! I can't guarantee that we will have only perfect and happy times together, if we are together. Of course, like each couple we'll have conflicts, but we'll try to find compromises, am I right? Oh, my God, I have never been so happy as I am now! You make me feel gorgeous! I know, i know, it may be ****** to say such things, have never see you. But I know what I say. And I have never told such words to any man in my life. You're the first I opened my heart and soul to. Value this, please, dear... People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I want to be with you always. This my biggest desire. I'll be waiting for your next letter. I wish you were near now. dear Roby I adore you! Your Marine. P.S. For the world you are someone, and for someone you are the world!!! (for me!:))
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