Letter(s) from Snezhana Samoylova to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1

Dear Mr. Joaquin.

We are sorry to disquiet You, but we must to inform You that Your lady Olesya, who used the services of our agency of interpreters "TRANSLATION SOLUTION", can't reply Your last letter. Olesya applied to our firm for help because she doesn't know English and has not access to the Internet. However, because of her impossibility to pay for our services, we have to block her e-mail address and stop translate Your letters for her.

At the same time Olesya is seriously interested in You and hopes to renew your communication after the account is refreshed. If You have mutual interest in continuation of correspondence with her, You can help her to pay for our services.

Additional information about translation company "TRANSLATION SOLUTION" and our services You can find out contacting us by this e-mail address, or by the telephone number: +3 8098 316 42 46.

Thank you for attention,
With hope for our future cooperation,
Ludmila Brusnikina