Scam letter(s) from Tabuno Denton to Mark (Australia)

Letter 1
I will like to say that we have been very busy trying all we can to deal with Ms tabuno Denton health issue as a foriegner,we have taking her for a scan so lucky she has no broken boness,just a hip injury which we are dealing with ,I have spoken to Mr briggs who turns out to be the agent that booked her flight, we lost the driver of the vehicle but she doesnt know about that,she will be better in somedays,
I will inform you more on her health condition ,
Yours Faihtfully,
Jacobs Dr
Letter 2
OOooo My love,
How i miss you, i am so confused and scared, i dont know waht happpend one minute i was on my way to you the next i found myself in a hospital having body pains. They told me we had an accident but all i can remember was it started training and i heard a crash.
I have been crying ever since, i love you so much, im still in the hospital but the Dr says im ok just have a slight swollen hip but that will go away after a few days. I long to be with you, i cant live without you. I dont know waht to do Mr Briggs says they have rescheduled my flight for next week but it seems during the confusion we lost most of our things, he said he has gotten intouch with the police but i doubt they will be able to recover anything.
My mum knows about the accident but there is little she can do for me, my step dada just had surgery and she cant help me out much.
I am still here till Mr Briggs can sort out the bills, my office has also been informed my boss was here to see me but she says they cant help much i was not on official duty.
I love you cant write much im alittle tired please mail soon as you can.
I feel like all this is my fault i kept on asking when we will be in lagos , I cant help but cry whenever i think of you, i hope you are ok im really sorry for putting you through so much stress, i love you dearly.
i will try and sit behind this computer for the next hour, cos i have to go take my medication.
Love you Mark.
kissses,Forever yours,
Letter 3
Hi Baby,
I dont know sweety i have been tyrying to tell you the money was in my bag and our things have been stolen, i put it there cos it was the safest place i could think of. I dont know what to do it has been on my mind ever since i found out and i dont know what to do, it makes me cry everytime i think about it and i am so worried and confused.
Yes i dont think i will need another bta, just my hospital bills, Mr Briggs has been running around trying to get our things back but i dont think he ever will now i wont ever be able to make it to you, oooooooo God why me, why now.
I love you so much and dont think i ever want to come back here homew is with you were i belong.
Please write me im waiting for you.
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