Scam letter(s) from Xouxou Li to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
My Love Steve,

My poor husband do you need soem help as you get ready come if do sendme question I have my friends USA husband help answer yoru question for you make it more easy safe you come meet me. This my husband most important me that you have safe travel and I keep you safe knwo worry so we noto only marry start most long happiest life but we most wonderful time while you here with me fo we mush make much memory much tiem enjoy for the tiem we must thenwait so I can come be with you forever my husband my love my forever life.
Yes my love I feel yoru love grow each letter you send me each word you write. Yes dear I too feel our love grow much more the strong only makek me miss you more and more each these logn lonely days.
Yesterday mornign get more warm then to much quick the big wind and rain coem and make much more cold quick today now middle morning and still it only 11c maybe have this now 4 or 5 days I wan tthe sun come agian the rain only the nights early morning.
I hope you havign much good weekend dear and you get soem more betterrest. That much good you do this extra help yoru friend cook the meat make him *** sons.

All My Love Forever
Your Wife
Letter 2
My Dear Husband Steve, I love you miss you so much dear Oh that much hot maybe use make cool. I not have my apapremtn only small fan fo rthe mor ehot days. Even many that now have this in apaprments not use or use little the most hot days our summer so more easy can sleep the night. These 3 days it becoem more cool again and today have the rain agian. I look river yesterday and them also start be much more high. This some the more big rain have in mountians and soem the more high mountian more far away snow start melt for the spring summer come. I will go ask building police today about package I sorry you not get number for it so could more easy find. I shoudl have give phone number too so if them not easy fidn becuase it in English Itjhem coudl called. Maybe alos it could take soem 3 more months before it come. My friend her husand have pacakage sent him and took 3 more months him get. I miss you so much dear I hoep you now have good rest do you here any about you visa dear when them think you have now. All My Love Forever Your Wife Sally
Letter 3
My Love Forever Steve, I answer question first put name as my id card read Huang, Shufen city Chongqing China. I miss you my love and hope you havingso much good day now you are so much the most special man my husband my love forever. Dear if you listen news here have earth move again you not worry this my love we noot even feel this in Chongqing only the workers peopel at center make moore problem them. Today it much beautiful day have some little sun already and maybe be much warm this afternoon. I will go my husband missing you needing you with me always forever. I not send you other yesterday internet agian not work right for me make me want jump stomp it sometime when I not cna get you letter send you letter. All My Love Forever Your Sally
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