Scam letter(s) from Julia to Christophe (France)

Letter 1
Salut mon nouvel ami Christophe.
Je suis tres contente, que tu m'aies ecrit!!! Je compte, que cela non
La derniere ta lettre.
Comme tu probablement connais, je vis dans la Russie.
J'ai fait ici toute la vie et etait jamais dans un autre pays.
Je pense, que tu comprends ma langue francaise.
Si tu pourras continuer les relations en anglais ? Si tu comprends la langue anglaise,
ecris me en anglais, s'il vous plait. Je connais la langue anglaise mieux que francais.
C'est pourquoi les lettres en anglais je comprends mieux!
J'ai decide de correspondre avec l'homme d'un autre pays, parce que
A ete decu de nos hommes. La plupart des hommes russes non
Respectent les femmes russes. Se comportent tres mal.
Je veux, que notre correspondance se prolonge et plus ****, mais que sera
Ensuite, on verra. Le futur depend seulement de nous.
D'abord je veux me raconter un peu.
Chez moi les cheveux clairs de la longueur moyenne. Ma croissance 170 voir,
Le poids de 55 kg.
Je suis nee le 31 aout 1979 a petit beau russe
La ville Zvenigovo. Cette ville se trouve a l'est de Moscou a 700 km, et cela se trouve
Sur la riviere la Volga.
Apres la sortie de l'ecole je suis allee a l'institut pour la faculte economique,
L'a fini avec mention honorable. Je cherchais le travail longtemps.
Maintenant je travaille comme le secretaire dans une petite societe privee.
Plus en detail sur travail je racontera a
Les lettres suivantes. Maintenant chez toi peuvent apparaitre certaines questions
Sur moi. Ne se gene pas, demande, je t'suis obligatoire pour ceux-ci je repondrai.
Tu peux te diviser aussi avec moi par les idees, les problemes.
Je peux comprendre la personne tres sensible et c'est pour cela que toujours les problemes
D'autres gens, eprouver avec ceux-ci.
Je voulais, que nous correspondions souvent. Je tacherai
T'ecrire tellement souvent comme je pourrai. Quand meme je t'ecris du cafe Internet.
Dans cette lettre j'ai mis la photo!
Au moment donne je non ai tellement beaucoup de photos.
Je compte bientot recevoir de toi la reponse.
Raconte me un peu se! Je serai content si tu m'expedieras la photo.
Seulement j'ai une demande, n'envoie pas de grands fichiers.
Puisque dans un tel cas je demanderai beaucoup de argent a Internet du cafe paient. Ton amie russe Yuliya.
Letter 2
Hello Christophe!
I am glad, that you have written me the new interesting letter. Each letter
It is chance to learn you as it is possible better. Thanks for your interest to me.
Now I want to tell about the life in more detail.
I was never married and I do not have children. All my relations were short.
I already wrote to you, that our men not so well care about Russian
Women. Frequently make unpleasant acts. Some time to me
With them it was interesting. I even thought of a marriage, but passed time,
And I again understood, that this the man same as the majority Russian.
I am still very young, ahead still all life. I am tired from such
Relations to me. I search for the present love. I hope, that will pass
And I shall understand time, that it is that who to me is really necessary.
I gentle disposition, but at the same time, sometimes has different situations. I
I can and stand for myself. At me many expensive people for me.
Certainly there are also those people with which to me it is not pleasant to communicate, but such
It is a little.
I try to concern to people well, what for conflicts are necessary for me.
In people I most of all appreciate honesty and reliability.
My interests it is cookery, animals, fitness. When is free
Time, always to eat than engage.
My favourite season summer. Summer this warmest season
And during this period feelings, and certainly wake up
I adore warm weather. In Russia the big season is cold, and
When comes warmly even people concern to each other more kindly. And you
What season is pleasant more?
On the days off I try to be with friends, we very interestingly carry out
Together time. At us many the general interests, the truth at us in
City yet so it is a lot of places where it is possible to have a rest cheerfully.
On it while I want to finish the letter. I shall wait from you
The letter.
With the best regards, Yuliya.
Letter 3
Hello, my friend Christophe!
Thanks for such remarkable letter from you. Very much it is pleasant to me
To correspond with such interesting person as you.
I was ill a little, but if I shall not write to you, you can in me
To be disappointed! And I do not want it.
Now I want to tell to you about myself, about the family.
As though it was not sad, but I now do not have father. He has died, when
To me was only 7 years. There was an accident.
That terrible day there was a strong rain. He came back home from work.
And when he passed road because of a corner on the big speed the machine has appeared, and has brought down it.
It was awful!!! We with mum could not believe in it, thought has taken place any
The mistake, but it happened actually. Always you think, that such
Terrible things cannot take place with your relatives, but a real life
It is severe. He dreams me. Dreams as though I come to him for work, we
Together with it it is spent all the day, he shows me the enterprise where he worked.
He worked at a factory. He was the worker.
I ask you, to not ask any more me about this incident, as
Till now it is difficult for me to recollect these heavy events.
To my mum 52 years. She any more does not work. Earlier she worked
The teacher at school. She adores children.
From the childhood she accustomed me to
To knowledge. I am very grateful to her for it.
Now I live separately from my mum. I rent an apartment.
Also I live one. As I prefer an independent life.
I unique in family, at me was not present neither brothers, nor sisters. I not so
I suffer in this occasion.
Tell too more in detail about the family.
I shall wait for your following letter. Your Russian girlfriend Yuliya.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Christophe.
As it is fine to receive from you the new letter.
How your mood?
I never travelled. Only in the next nearby cities.
Trip abroad for me the expensive. And I live far from the sea. Therefore did not see it really.
I think now it is high time to tell to you about the city.
Zvenigovo fine city. He is in a fine beautiful place.
Here there is also one of the largest factories on manufacture of milk.
When you go on the bridge before you such beauty, even spirit open
Grasps from such charm.
From our city up to capital of Russia - Moscow about 700 kms.
Our small town very small.
At us the person lives approximately 40 thousand,
Our city is recognized as one of the purest city in Russia. Here it is valid
Very pure streets, at night if to look out in a window goes much
Sprinkling machines.
In city many interesting places, are a lot of museums, fine
The area, parks, reservoirs. Fine city!!!
In the days off and on holidays in streets it is a lot of to people, everyone have a rest.
Tell to me about the city, that at you interesting.
I think we learn each other all better and better.
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 5
Hello, the my dear friend Christophe!
You have pleased me the letters.
I have absolutely overlooked to tell about the apartment.
This place where I spend the most part of the life, but in
Loneliness. For one to be very hard. I so want to find the
Half, I hope soon shall understand, that it is that who to me is necessary.
All the same one to spend time in four walls boringly and gloomy.
I live in a small 1-roomed apartment in an apartment house. Mine
Windows leave on the river, I frequently leave on a balcony in the evening and I like
To admire on it. It so is romantic, does not suffice only beside
The favourite person. This small river refers to Rusana.
This very ancient name and I even now cannot tell why so.
I very much like to prepare, this one of the most favourite hobbies. A way to
To heart of the man lays through his stomach, whether not so?!
In the best way at me it turns out to prepare for pel'menis fried in sauce.
Still I am able to prepare for a borshch. You heard these names. Mine
Friends speak, that at me not bad it turns out to prepare, they frequently to
To me come also I do something tasty.
What your most favourite dish, you eat houses or in cafe is more often?
At us today warm weather. The sun all the day long shines and the warm wind blows.
I shall wait for your following letter.
The Russian girlfriend, Yuliya.
Letter 6
Hello the fine friend Christophe!
With each letter we all become more close to each other. It very much
How your state of health, how are you doing on work?
I had trouble. I yet did not speak you,
But at my place there were two gold fishes.
I thought that they like each other very strongly,
As they constantly played an aquarium.
Also there was a misfortune, in the morning when I looked, I have seen that one of fishes, which
Was the boy has died.
To me was so it is insulting, because I have already grown fond of these two creations.
I have got this fish from an aquarium. And in the evening when I have come from work,
I have seen, as the second fish has died.
It was already insulting.
I so think she have died that its roommate was lost. And its love has died.
I think, that it is not necessary to speak about sad any more.
The free time has just appeared, and I at once have decided to write to you, me very much
It is important, that at you occurs in a life.
I have told about you to the girlfriends. You have very much liked them. They to me
Even envy a little. Such men, as you in our country
Really it is not enough.
That that we are far apart it not terribly. It at all
Problem. When we learn each other, necessarily better
Let's meet.
I should visit to mum. She is a little sick. Probably
It is cold. I shall bring to her of medicines, we shall talk about a life. I was necessary
I shall tell about you. In fact you become a part of my life.
Unfortunately at me is not present while its photos, but I shall ask to make a little specially for you.
On it I finish the letter. I wait for the answer.
With the best regards!
Letter 7
Hello my lovely Christophe!
As is healthy to receive again your hot letter in all sincerity.
At me now such fine mood. Even complexities on work
Have faded into the background.
How at you an affair on work? What new in general? That at you now
Occurs in the country?
You today have dreamed me! I with you sat in cafe on seacoast.
It was so romantically!!! You appeared very interesting interlocutor.
I hope this situation happen and in a real life.
I have visited mum, have brought to her of medicines. I have told to her that
Has found remarkable the man. She asked to transfer you huge
Greetings also has wished a sound health. Simply it at it not such
Good as it would be desirable. At it unfortunately one insult already was. I want to take a shower later.
It so weakens! It would be desirable to lay and dream.
What do you think of me, how about the woman? I have liked you?
Ask me too any questions. I with pleasure shall answer.
Your girlfriend Yuliya.
Letter 8
Hello lovely Christophe!!!
Thanks for your fine letter.
You such remarkable the man. I should admire. Ideas about
That you are warm to me soul. Thanks the god that you are
In this world. I today all the day have been borrowed. I went today on aerobics.
I like my figure.
And you? It is necessary to go in for sports to hold her in fine
Tone. I go to a sports hall 2 times a week. Here not so it is a lot of
Simulators. When warm weather, it happens basically only in the summer,
I run in our park in the mornings. As it is fine to breathe fresh cool air, to listen to singing of birds,
To look as new day begins. He in fact will always bring something new. It is healthy!!!
Knowingly Zvenigovo the purest city. Here in fact it is so much parks!
Such pure air, what even intoxicates the transparency a little.
I have woken up today since the morning and have decided to meet a dawn. To me was so
Well! I looked at the sun and smiled, when it got to me on
The person. I have lain on a bed and began to read the book "Idiot" of Russian writer Dostoevsky.
I read her already some times. Each time you understand her in a new fashion.
About it it is impossible to tell. She should be read to understand depth of idea of the writer.
The interesting maintenance, the description of goods and evil, the sights at the world, and certainly love.
What can be better than love like two different people?!
You read her? If is not present, I advise to make it. You will not regret!
What books to you were remembered most of all?
With impatience I wait for the new answer!
Letter 9
Hi my gentle Christophe.
How at you an affair?
At me it was sharply cheered up, when I have read your letter.
You know, when you receive news from the favourite person, becomes
Twice pleasantly. Tell to me as you feel yourself.
It is very interesting to me that I mean for you and what you think of me?
At me the free time today is a lot of,
Therefore I could esteem longer your letters, think about
Our future. I start to worry, when I understand, that you beside
No, people sitting in Internet - cafe start to look at me strange,
But me they are not important. To me without a difference that think of me unfamiliar
People, to me it is important for me, that YOU THINK of me.
I want to be near to you, to hear your voice, to concern your person,
To iron your hair and to whisper to you gentle words. It so is romantic and
Excitingly. Meanwhile we are divided with thousand kilometers, but unless for
Love this obstacle. The love is boundless in time and space.
Our meeting can take place at any moment, it is necessary only
To wait.
Awfully to be houses of one, there is nobody to talk when poorly, girlfriends not
Can always help.
With me a line should be the beloved. I very much want, that it
You were. Yours for ever, Yuliya.
Letter 10
Good afternoon, my beloved Christophe.
I am glad to hear you again!
You inspire me. I today had problems, but when I
Has thought of you all complexities have come to naught. I missed on you all
This time, for a long time fell asleep. I represented us together as we go with
You under a hand on your city, in the street it is warm, the laughter of kiddies is audible,
Beside pass wedding machines, it so is fine. We
We are stopped and started gently to embrace, our lips adjoin
And we were already dissolved in a deep and sweet kiss. Lovely, me
So it is bad without you...
Today to me there came on a visit mum. She has brought with herself
Old picture album. We with it drank tea and
Considered photos when I was still absolutely small. When
To me there were 4 years, I had pink cheeks and long hair.
In the childhood I had hair of black color and in general I was
Such ridiculous. In the childhood I was not loud, quiet, obeyed
Adults. But I became more adult and every year changed. All
Adult - it as big children, in some situations we behave
As children. And you remember yourself when was small? It is interesting to me
To learn as you itself conducted.
I want to leave from this country somewhat quicker. To me here it is not interesting and bad
Without you. Many men die from binge when you go in the evening,
Around bottles roll, drunkards too can allow themselves it,
It is intolerable disgustingly. Such feeling, that I come back in primitive
Times. In your country cleanliness and the order, and here continuous chaos.
I want to meet you somewhat quicker. As you think, when it
Probably? I want to be near to you, my loved.
Somewhat quicker answer me, please. I want to communicate with you as it is possible
To thicket.
Sweet kisses, Yuliya.
Letter 11
Hello my friend Christophe! Today I have read your letter and it was very pleasant for me, that you think as well as I.
It is very good. It is not pleasant to me if summer very rainy or cold.
I love warm and solar summer. That it was pleasant to walk on city or somewhere to have a rest.
Nevertheless the summer my loved is time!!! I envy those countries in which the summer lasts the greater season.
Recently I at all do not feel weariness. It seems to me, that it of that I have got acquainted with you.
I love seems to me start to feel! Your words show me, that you the careful person.
They speak me about your love to me. I feel it, when I read your letters. It becomes very good me.
I always think, that love this not clearest on light feeling. The love can make you happy.
The love can make to you to mountain. From love suffer. But people take pleasure in love.
If the old person falls in love, he at once becomes young and to him inflow of forces comes back.
It is a pity to me of those people which never tested love! In fact on light it is difficult for that to live, who is not able
To like!
I cannot still tell to you when I will have holiday. To me on work on it speak nothing.
More truly they speak me, that holiday will give in the near future. But exact date to me do not speak. It is very a pity!
I very much want to arrive to you. It would be fine, if I have arrived to you to city. You would show me the
City. And the most interesting places. Even if there will be no interesting places, I shall be all the same glad to arrive to you!
In fact near to the favourite person it is possible to live anywhere.
How you look at that I have lead the holiday at you? Or you do not want, that I came to you?
I never was in other country. If I shall lead my holiday in your city near to you I shall be very glad.
It will be my moment in my life. You me understand my loved? Before acquaintance to you my life
Was monotonous! I worked and went home. At home I was one. There was no favourite person. I thought, that all life I shall be lonely
Also will shall not find such person with which to me well. I any more do not speak, that a meeting of such person from other country.
But now I know you. You have woken in me love and trust. I speak you about the feelings, and you understand me!
This most important quality of the favourite person!!!
Please, think above my question!
Yours Yuliya.
Letter 12
Hi my love Christophe.
I am very glad that I can to write to you today.
Today for me very difficult day was.
Since morning, at me the head is very strongly sick.
I thought that at me the head will burst. But then more and more it was less normalized.
Now I feel well.
But the only thing that now does not suffice me, it that with me was my favourite person.
To me interestingly you have guessed whom I speak you?
I hope, what yes, you have understood about whom I speak.
I speak about you. You that unique person of whom I dreamed all life.
I would be happy to divide with you my life.
You my prince with whom I would depart though on edge of light, and a vein on a frost.
But it not a trouble, in fact we shall be a line, and you will heat me.
We will be warmed with our love. With our unearthly love we can make all that we want.
It will help us to survive with any situation.
Today at me dream was.
We sat in what that a room. We were in an armchair which constantly shook.
Here and there, there - here and so constantly.
I sat on your legs, and embraced you.
You whispered to me on an ear of a word of love from which I have been a little confused.
I even have reddened from your recognitions to me.
We kissed gently and passionately, I was delighted with our embraces.
You have kissed me in a neck, and then you have covered my body with kisses,
I was so is excited, that could not hide it.
Further we have lead fine night. It was the best night in my life.
But unfortunately on it my dream has interrupted, I was very much afflicted.
I never saw such dream in my life.
I wait for your letter!
Yours Yuliya.
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