Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello My Loved Frank!
When you stop counting all the stars from the sky, then you will be able to know all the times in which I have thought about you in the last 5 minutes.
I was at home last weekend!
In every beating from my heart you are, my love!
In every vibration of my body one hides your thought!
In every drop that sweats my heart one finds the essence of the feeling that only for you I feel.
I have never known another person for whom I have felt totally produced before your feet.
You have achieved that my dreams of romanticism take life,you have filled the mountains of my most deep desires with gardens of red roses.
You have painted in my thoughts the most beautiful landscapes that I have known.
You gathered me from the hollow where I was and you have taken me to the top of the sky to there show me the pretty things that the life has.
You have left me to enter your being and have allowed that our souls should join with the stamp of the passion, the delivery, the purity and the sincerity of a love that has found his source of life. The most sweet and pleasing recollections of my life have been to your side; to your side where always I have belonged; to your side where I find my refuge, my safety,my tranquility; to your side where I want to live; to your side where I want to die.
You know that I love you, that you managed to my life to fill it with light, to a place occupy that I didn't know emptiness until you entered the panorama.
I can say that my life is in two places at the same time in one before and after you.
You are an extraordinary being. With you I have cried and laughed, we have rested mutually often.
To have you as a love and friend is a luxury of which I can presume.
Not they all are lucky to be to his twin soul thereabouts between so many million persons.
And though the distance separates us physically, there is no force capable of separating when our souls decide to be united. I want that of once you understand, that you have the safety from which nothing is going to separate us.
And because of it today I have decided to confess to you once again that I LOVE YOU with the most perfect love; this that neither feels jealousies, does not even use of lies, this that it's pure, transparent and sincere, protected in the heart; the love of friends and lovers of the soul. Never doubt it..
I've got trouble in my life, I had debt for electricity, it's 468 dollars and was accumulating for a long time, I didn't managed to pay for it sometimes, so they just came and cut off the electricity when I was at work, and not I'm without light at all! I even can't cook because I have electric stove! Sweetheart, I'll wait for your answer if you could help me or not.
I have to apologize for this letter but I hope you can understand me..
your Nadya



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