Letter(s) from Christine Garcia to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

honey i need to go now i have class, lets talk tonight in my time i will be home at 8 pm in my time honey please send email with control number also so that if i check there is already there, thank you honey miss you very much.....i love you honey. hug and kissies.
Your future wife,Mrs. christine timmerman...

Letter 2

Dearest Robert,

Hi honey, got home at 9pm due to heavy traffic in the street, i check my email, honey thank you i got the money im so happy now, im worried about your health because your still not in good condition you still suffer sickness, honey please consult a specialist doctor so that you will be given a prescription medicine to cure your illness,im glad to hear that gold becomes up and up, honey i got stomach pain yesterday until now im still fighting to relieve the pain in the stomach i take medicine,tommorow morning at 4am im going to wake up early and do some excercise and one hour later im going top relax and prepare my breakfast at 8 am im going to university attend a class, 12 noon break for lunch time at 1:30 pm start the class for afternoon until 7pm then at 10pm hospital duty internship until 5am,...then a day after tomorrow im free vacant.. thats the time im going to clean and check all my school requirements for this coming summer class,.. honey i miss you very much.....hug and kissies...

your wife,