Letter(s) from Victoria to Tod (Norway)

Letter 1

But i thought that 1000$ will not make any sense for you to make us to meet!!! I got all the information about the tickets to Oslo from Kiev but as i see you do not want me anymore in your life!!! I like you very much and i want you to be happy and i am so sorry that you cannot help us to be together because of this money for tickets!

Vika with love

Letter 2

Okay, as i see you do not believe me! Well, i have booked already a tickets to Oslo this Saturday if you want us to meet, then i am ready to come. The lady whom i asked to keep tickets for me will be waiting till tomorrow afternoon, before 6 pm i need to pay the sum for the tickets, if i will not receive the money, than i will think that you do not want us to meet. On Sunday i will go to Kiev and try to find work there. By the way, why you do not call me anymore?