Scam letter(s) from Olga to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend, it is very pleasant for me, that you have answered my letter. To admit to you it is fair, I for the first time use such way of dialogue and for me new that with me the person who is from me on very big distance corresponds. I am glad, that the Internet enables to get acquainted on such huge distances. I do not know, that to me to write in my first letter to you, but though it not the first letter. The first letter was on a site.:) I worry a little, but excitement will pass now. I do not know, that you search, but I can guess. I search only for serious attitudes which should be friendly. I do not have not enough friends, no, I have friends. But I want to find the friend on correspondence to which could talk about the life, about your life. To spend in dialogue and acquaintance. I think, that is fine, when two strangers get acquainted on such huge distance. You concordant with me???? Forgive, I worry. I want to learn about you as much as possible, I for you now a pure sheet. But I hope, that I shall tell to you about me all that interests you. I do not know from what to start, the name mine is known to you, but I shall write to you it, my name Olga. This name very much widespread in Russia. I think, that you not for the first time hear this name. I from the huge country of our planet, from Russia where there are so many talented people, but their talent am not estimated. I was born in the Kirov area in settlement Tuga, it is fine settlement!!! But my life has disposed so, that I now live absolutely in the other city, but about it I do not want to write in the first letter, the sad history of my biography should not grieve mine acquaintance to you. I now work as the manager of billiard club. And as whom you work??? As it is interesting to me. I do not know what to tell about myself, to me years, the most part of a life lived already is a lot of. Tell to me about itself. Write to me questions which interest you that I could be guided to correspond. My request to you, I ask you to answer my letters. For me all this new and unexpected. It all is pleasant to me very strongly. I am glad, that such person who has written to me was found in the world!!!! I wait from you the answer!!! Your new friend from Russia Olga!!!!
Letter 2
Hi my stranger Gavin. I hope, that soon we shall get acquainted better and I shall not write to you this word. I shall write, greetings my dear Gavin!!!! Gavin, so it is pleasant for me, that you have answered my letter, it is very pleasant for me. I hope, that you have looked at my photo which I have sent you in the last letter. I shall try to send in each letter to you a photo, I think, that it is necessary. How you consider? We have acquaintance while I so know about you a little, what even do not know, what to ask you I has looked your questionnaire on a site, but what on can give me? It only the questionnaire. It will be very pleasant for me, if you to me about it write to me. The questionnaire it for everything, and the letter, it personally for me. I shall wait, it will be very pleasant for me. I promised you to tell in the last letter a little about myself, that I can tell to you, I the girl from a province, and now I live in city. I was born in settlement Tuga of the Kirov area, but now I work and I live in city Yochkar ola. I have finished university, faculty of the international attitudes. But I work not by a trade as by my trade here it is very hard to find work. I quite think myself happy, I have work which to me now helps to live, I work now as the manager in game club in one of playing clubs of city. I do not like this work, but for it not badly pay. I so have taken a great interest in the study and career that has not noticed how all mine girlfriends have married and have given birth to children, only I, I have remained one. I do not know, but many of my girlfriends have already divorced, they unfortunate in a marriage. In game club I see much how Russian men offend the wives, carry away from a house last money and lose them … I did not begin to search to myself for Russian the man, all of them drink much, and then beat the wife.... Forgive, for that that I write to you all this in the first letters, I am simple so is glad, that you have answered me and now I have person to whom I can tell and to whom I can talk. I still want to ask you to write my friend to me as it is possible frequently, I shall try to write to you every day. I want you to ask, why you correspond with me? Than I so have interested you? I have told about you to the girlfriend and she to me has advised to ask to you this question. She to me has told, that the man can write very much to many girls. I do not believe in it, I believe that can you and write still to whom that, but further at acquaintance we shall reach frankness. I stop to write, as to me for work I now was necessary to run wait from you answer Gavin!!! Olga!!!!
Letter 3
I am glad to that you have answered my letter Gavin!!! Today I write to you with huge pleasure that I have such frank friend who writes to me. It is interesting to me to learn you. I am excited now with a question on why you have come on this site? I know, that it for you personally. But I ask to understand me correctly, I was resulted on a site with loneliness. Girlfriends who work with me to me have advised to go on this site for search of second half. All this began that we sat on work, clients were not. We have got into conversation about what men like us why good so it is not enough men. I spoke that I have not found while the man of my heart … they very much were surprised, in fact they considered, that I the safe girl with fine the man. I have told all. All of them for 19-21 years, they to me have told what now very simply to find the man, for this purpose only it is necessary to address for the help in the Internet of cafe. I was frightened and began to speak, that I was not necessary to me of it, that happy now as has achieved not so a little. But they have told, that it is self-deception, that I simply do not know true happiness from, when beside close the man. This history of me also has led to to that I have found in the Internet of you my friend Gavin. Now I can write to you frankly all that I want. I have told about you to girls and they are very glad to that you write to me frankly, instead of for games, that your intentions serious and I at you not the next girl with which correspond only for games. I own the English language, I can speak on it. I am fond of reading of books and walks on park. And what you want to learn about cities? That is hurt I a history I do not know well where I live. Now I understand the loneliness. I very much get tired from work and I come home very tired. Only this loneliness also has forced to address to me to the Internet. I lie down to a bed and for a long time I can not fall asleep that I understand that I cannot live so for a long time that from loneliness is hurt me, not looking that at me such fine work. I understand, that all love I should give to the husband and children who while are not present at me. Forgive Gavin for frankness which I write to you, but only sincerity and frankness we can achieve understanding and knowledge myself. And what you feel, when there is no near to you of the close person? Tell more about the work. I stop to write. It is very pleasant for me to write to you. I wait for your letters from a photo!!! Olga
Letter 4

Hi my unique prince, I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to write to you. I yesterday did not write, because I leaved for village. And I today ran, that as it is possible to write more soon to you a pair of lines that with me everything is all right, and that I have not overlooked about you. I could not write to you earlier as I have left for village. We in Russia in the days off had church holidays in which it is necessary to go on a tomb of relatives. I went by a cemetery to my mum. To me it was very sad and it is sad. I sat and thought that what I lonely now, that at me was not present anybody and only letters help me. I sat very for a long time while the girlfriend has not approached and have not calmed me. And today I run to write to mine some lines how I need in his letters. Trip to village has given me many ideas on for what me to live.. .. I thought also to me much became clear, in fact you to me write that my life was easier and more pleasant and that I already without your letters cannot. I madly missed and at me tears ran. I and now cannot write to you easy to me very bad from my lonely life. Ideas that I in the years cannot be near to loved to give birth to it to children and.... Forgive me mine, but I now need to calm down. I shall write to you tomorrow I shall wait I to you am not indifferent mine? I wait from you the answer to my question. Your far Olga.
Letter 5
Hi Gavin, I am very glad, that you continue to write to me, has already imperceptibly passed time as soon as we have started to correspond. For this time we have learned each other a little and now I can write to you about myself more. But only to me to write there is nothing much. I grew on education at the grandmother. All my childhood connected to it. My parents were lost. I do not like to recollect it. My grandmother to me told, that I fine had parents. That mine the daddy was the teacher, and mum worked as the bookkeeper. We had fine family, we lived safely. Till one moment, the most terrible moment …. Can to me a little and has carried, that I was very small and could not understand all horror …. But the grandmother, she has given me all my education, she the heroine for me!!!! You so have strongly become interested in me, that now I start to trust you as the close person, I can share with you the small secrets about myself. The patience has sufficed you to read my ideas concerning me and my life. My work does a print long in my life, in fact as you remember, I work in intense conditions, in conditions of noise, drunkenness and wild passion much.. I very much frequently think of why I have gone to work here, I have finished university, at me a fine trade, and I have chosen this work. I recollect words of the grandmother when she spoke me after leaving school, that a life unpredictable, she gives us difficulty, but can and give and pleasure. It is necessary to trust only in it. It is necessary to overcome all difficulties and to not lose courage, if happen complexities. All can be overcome. She has explained to me, that in a life can happen so, that I can work there where even did not think to work. The life with me has disposed so. I have wanted to study in foreign languages, but I work here. Now I regret about it as my state does not appreciate my formation a little. I understand it and from it it is heavier to me to work here. To me to have to give them all tenderness and care to my subordinated girls, but I not joyful from the life, forgive that I write such confession. I want now you to ask, you studied as what trade? Whether your work is pleasant to you? You ready to change the life to the best? It is interesting to me to learn it. I want to tell to you about my grandmother, she the fine person, but unfortunately now is not present her, she very strongly does not suffice me. She has brought up me, as I think, perfectly. I look at girls of my age and them it is a pity to me. They go unfortunate, their persons spoiled that in due time when they should store themselves for loved, they walked on discos and bars. I and now see much 18 - 20 years girls near to men who get ***** **** and abuse them is matte in a hall.. I try to watch myself. My grandmother always spoke me, that in a life it is necessary to wait for the happiness and when she will come. That to go to it towards. And now, till now I did not have guy who would be only for me. But each time when I read from you letter Gavin, I understand, that my grandmother was rights that the happiness sooner or later will reach me. I have written today such big letter that has not noticed, that I need to run now for work, I have very much taken a great interest!!! I wait from you Gavin the answer. Yours Olga
Letter 6
Hi my loved. As I am happy that again I write to you the letter, forgive that late, but the reason was in that that the Internet of cafe has been overflown also I could not find a free time, it was necessary to go to the girlfriend on other end of city, for that what to you to write the letter to you loved. And the reason was in that that tomorrow in Russia the big holiday. " Day of Independence of Russia. " On this all have been overflown, likely everyone write native, close, loved because tomorrow the Internet of cafe does not work. It is a great holiday for Russia and for each citizen of Russia. And you in the country have such holiday? But I all the same shall wait tomorrow from you the letter and I shall write to you I would shall ask the girlfriend that she was at home in the evening. Tomorrow I likely shall sleep for a long time, because I so wearily morally and physically for these days that would be desirable to sleep strongly. And then I shall call the girlfriend to take a walk in park to sit to talk about what be, and I shall tell to it about you that you very good, clever cheerful, the man. And that that with you is good me. I now am at the girlfriend of a house, I am glad to that that could to write to you. Dear I to me is time to finish the letter, I shall prepare now for dream and I hope that you to me will come in dream, I before dream about you shall think what you have dreamed me. I tomorrow wait from you for the letter. I very much hope that you will write to me. Yours Olga.
Letter 7
Hello my love Maurizio!!! At us in Russia today a holiday. It " Day of Russia ". You heard about it? Today at all the day off. Many people today have a rest and celebrate it day. I passed today on park and near to the market. Many people have left today on street to take a walk. But I as am confident, that will be even more people in the evening. I heard today by radio, that today on the area will carry out some actions. First of all it will be directed on entertainment of people. After the area it will pass to the central park. There all to proceed. And will already start salute in the evening. I while precisely do not know where will start salute. But most likely it will do in park or the rivers which flows through our city. As I think salute I shall start on coast of the river. So there and it many people can see wider review. In a place with a holiday « Day of Russia » in our republic today a holiday « Peledysh Pajrem ». This name in mari language what literally to be translated « the Holiday of Colors ». It is a national Mari holiday. This holiday at us is celebrated in connection with blooming of many colors and the end of landing of vegetables. First of all this holiday widely and actively mark in villages. I remember the last year we have gathered all village and have arranged the big holiday. We have covered the big table, going many various dishes. First of all it were dishes of national kitchen. We gathered in a birchwood which to be near to village of my grandmother. This evening in village inhabitants arranged different dances. In them there were national dances and modern. But this year I do not go to my grandmother to village. I remain in city. Today I shall walk with the girlfriends. We for a long time did not walk any more together first of all because of bad weather. Besides I am tired from daily work. And today a remarkable occasion and remarkable weather that it is good to have a rest and wonderfully to spend with girlfriends. We today gather will meet along toward evening to take a walk on park, to discuss many questions and simply to gossip. Except for it we want to look at a today's holiday and it is good to lead today's evening. My girlfriends are going to go today in a night club that it is good to finish today's night. But I with them any more will not be. I shall go home. I would go with them, but I would not like. But all this time I think of you! Your love Olga.
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