Scam letter(s) from Cumisha Jones to Roland (Canada)

Letter 1
Baby its very unfair you couldnt talk to me,i am in pain now,why did you sign out?i came on to talk to you about something very important to me that stopped me from getting ticket after immigration scrutiny,They said i was ok but i didnt have the tax commision clearance and it was needed of me,i went to their office here in the airport before the flight left,pleaded with them that all i had was my Bta and when i get to You there in Canada that i will pay for that,the Man in charge Mr Michelle Smith of the Tax Commision Heathrow airport gave me the form of which after filling requested for the fee of 910pounds,i pleaded and cried but to no avail,rather he adviced me that i should look for money so that i can fly as its what its left now baby,i was checked and all i need is 910pounds,They said i can re shedule my flight for this evening or tommorow morning and it would cost but $100 to do that,baby i am confused and dont want you to leave me , i never knew that i would be required of this my Heart,Please baby i am writing from the airport cafe here in Heathrow and want to talk to you,i will be here till i hear from you baby....................dont know what to do ,please come talk to me baby,i need you most now Love and you can talk to the Heathrow tax Commision office for Confirmation baby,their numbers are +447031850599 and also on+447035904935 ,i need you my Heart, dont let me down baby,i have a my luagges crossed in and certified ready here in airport louge,i need you baby mostly now,i Love you and wanna hear from you Your Love Daniella
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