Letter(s) from Nadezhda Gugina to Tim (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hi my friend!

I only wished to write to you the letter and to tell as in general my letter got to you! First I would like to speak a little about myself my name is Mariya to me 29 years I live in Russia to Kazan. All the others wash data and a photo in the appendix to the letter data. I was in agency of acquaintance and to me advised yours e-mail the address I do not know whence they him took but they gave me yours e-mail that I could have acquaintance to you. And I only wanted that you have spent about 10 minutes both looked wash a photo and wash data and received from you the answer you would like to have acquaintance to me or you only would not like this? Tell to me I so only the nobility it much would like. Also I shall wait much your answer. I started to search the man as to me very alone and 29 years and I do not have man if you wish to begin with me correspondence or easier to begin acquaintance tell to me your answer. I shall wait much!

I hope your new friend well I hope that I can become for you friend Mariya! Can you send me you photo and story life on my personal e-mail: maryarosha@gmail.com

P. S. My photo and all data are in archive. My personal e-mail: maryarosha@gmail.com