Letter(s) from Elena Stepanova to Jakked (USA)

Letter 1

HI, my dear David,
thanks a lot for your nice letter, I was more than happy to hear from you today!
Hope you're well and have a great mood. Thanks for your nice photos.
I dont know what my name means, maybe "sea"?
You know, I'm tired of being lonely and i wanna be in relations, I wanna love and to be loved. I dont want to be hurted or deceived, I just want to care of my man and I want him to care of me.
I like to make people happy. And that’s why I’m a happy person!
It’s true though it’s a bit difficult to explain why. Since early ages I have been felt love and I have known that all things I do are making my relatives happy. When I was a little girl I could become glad due to the sun light and due to the rain when I was walking under an open sky! And when I became adult I have learnt how to make happy other people and their happiness was bringing me happiness too. It’s a feeling which we can’t compare with other feelings!
It’s when you’re smiling to someone and this person is smiling answering you!
Some people think that we must earn happiness struggling with your destiny.
But maybe it’s better to make a destiny our ally? To learn no to be upset ‘cause of the downs and to value even some small victories!
I think we must be optimistic and believe in destiny and then we will be happy. And of course we must know what we want. And you know I discovered that a sweet smile is the best key to the person’s heart. You must agree with me that it’s much better to hear a joke than a story about how unhappy a person is.
But don’t think that I’m trying to have fun all the time. There is nothing worse than to represent a clown when you want to cry.
All feelings like happiness and sadness must be true and you must feel them in your heart. When you’re not sincere each person can feel it and see it and it can push this person away from you. People just need to hear themselves, their feelings will never tell lie them.
If you want to go to the night club with your friend and to have fun all the night you must go, if you want to make a romantic dinner - go ahead, if you want to travel to unfamiliar country you must do it.
Maybe somebody call it madness but I call it just a life!
We must value every second of our life because it’s a gift and at the same time it’s a curse. It’s a curse ‘cause you’re burning down in a fire of your feelings and it’s a gift ‘cause you’re burning and at least you’re happy! And no one minute will ever be repeated and to catch it, to feel it and to keep it it’s the art of life. That’s why we must be ourselves. We must cry, argue and be happy…
And I believe that we will never be sorry for it!
Will you let me to make you happy? Kiss you, Marina.

Letter 2

HI, my dear David,
thanks a lot for your nice letter with photos, I was happy that you wrote me.
How are you? How is the weather in your place now? Hope its warm and sunny like we have here.
I must confess that a long time ago I could dash the words and don?t think about that, but now I understand that we have to pay for every word. I know that there are no princes on the white horses. There are no crystal castles. The eternal summer is impossible and there is no country of eternal happiness. And I even know that we all are lonely in our souls.
First of all every woman wants to see in a man the personality. Because this man is always thinking about what he can give his wife and his children. It?s very sad but nowadays many men don?t think about what will be in the future and what is in the present. How is it possible to build with them families? How is it possible to trust them? I?ve never belonged to a type of women who try to hold a man with any price. I value a comfort, a stability and a soul balance in the relationship, you know. Its a real love. How do you think?
You know, I believe that a telephone call will make us closer to each other and this it will be the next step for us, so you can call me here: +3 8068 917 36 99 at about 19:00 by Kiev time.
I would be vert happy to hear your voice! I will be waiting for your letter and also for your phone call,
yours Marina.

Letter 3

Hi, my honey David,

thank you very much for your answer, I'm very happy that you're ready to have me in your place, I would be very happy to see you and to come to you, my honey. It would be just great!
You know, today morning I was in a travel agency and they told me that the best and safest say for me to travel to you is to buy a tour there and in this case there will be no problems with a visa and something like that.
The manager told me that it would be a hot tour so it would be much cheaper than an usual tour.
The price consists of a passport which will cost me 210 USD and it will take me 1 week to make it, a tourist visa which will cost me 357 USD an it will take me 3 days to make it, an insurance which costs 76 USD and the tickets which are 687 USD. My honey, I must confess that its very high price for me and I cant afford to pay for this tour, even my relatives cant help me with it. And I cant take a loan 'cause I have to small salary for it, a bank will not give me it. I'm very ashamed to ask you for help but I just have no other choice to be together with you. I'm sure that we will be the happiest couple in the world!
My dear, I would be very grateful to you for your help and I hope that we will be together very soon!
I will be waiting for your reply with great impatience, kiss you, only yours Marina.