Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Joseph (England)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely Anthony.
I am really sad having no letter from you today, when I was coming here I thought about you much and wished if I have the letter from you. I am thinking about you so much and waiting for the time when we are together with great impatience. I am happy we have found each other and when we will be together, I am sure, I will be the happiest woman alive. I know it can sound too pathos, but it is what I am feeling for you. You are the one I was looking for and waiting for all my life and now I have you and I can tell that I have all I dreamed about. I will close here now, kissing you softly and impatiently waiting for the answer from you.
Forever yours Ekaterina.

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Anthony.
Where are you now my honey Anthony. I don't know what think and I don't know what to do. You know that I worry very very very much about you. Why you don't send me your letters. I feel myself helpless and I worry about it very much. I have very bad mood. Please my lovely Anthony don't leave me in pain. My love to you is very strong. I understand more and more my heart is filled with love you. You know that I always happy very much get yours letters. I can not up to you get through. Also I leave the message on your answering machine. That you heard me. I went in bank. And there have said to me that money already is received. I do not know that to me to do. Please say you has taken away money back? I can't live without you. I understand that you it is far from me. And when I will be with you I will be always with you and I will be for you the true wife. And I will be and I want always To look in your in love eyes. If you were now near to me and if you saw as I Now I write you these are letters, you would understand that my eyes are full love. Please please please write me as soon as possible.
Yours forever Ekaterina.



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