Scam Letter(s) from Dorice Heavens to Ahsan (Pakistan)

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Letter 1

Thank you so much for this mail.... I am reading this mail and doping some assignments ... I wish to meet you tonight my time 10pm to have a cahat and get some clarifications .... Then we will be able to talk better ..
I care

Letter 2

Hello Ather, I really appreciate your consitency in the mails, I really wish we could chat and get to know each other better, I believe I have given you details about me and I still believe that we needed more ...
I still need to have your pics and all that... I dont have much to ask now but maybe when we chat...

Letter 3

I love those pics ...though to you it doenst look romantic as you , but I want to say at this point that inward beauty matters to me more than the outward beauty... I think you have been so consistence and truthful with your dealings and I WOULDNT MIND WE MEETING IN PERSON SOON TO HAVE A KIND OF HEART TO HEART KIND OF DISCUTION...
Thanks for all your quick responses...

Letter 4

we can still be prob

Letter 5

The Agent said he I will have to fly to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore ..... is that correct ?
please tell me so i will not book the wrong flight if i get the money.
Anxious to meet you.



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