Letter(s) from Natalia Agagina to David (Mexico)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend David!
For me it is very pleasant that this day you with me. I
Are is very happy to see and read your fine letter.
My dear today very remarkable day!
My soul sings also happy beams of a heat from your letter me heats. I very simple girl also can speak with you on any
Themes. I very much wish to learn you better. I am very happy, if you
Write to me more and more about ideas! So it is pleasant to divide
With the person about ideas of ideas and feelings! I wish to tell that in Cheboksary I live with mum! I very much love it, and I adore.
It does not work. My mum on pension. It is borrowed in a kitchen garden but now it sits at home now not that season,
And now its big season has ended!
Now it will be at home and I shall meet it frequently, in the summer it lived in the small house about a kitchen garden and in the summer I saw it very seldom.
My daddy also the pensioner and it lives far in Samara! My mum has left the daddy and has left in Cheboksary together with me!
And now we here live! My daddy every month writes letters. My daddy often drank alcohol here on it mum and has left it.
In letters it writes to me that it often drinks! Such family to me certainly
Is very much pity, that I have no brother and the sister, but I very much very strongly love the parents.
I not when was not married and not when had no children.
I love children I hope that I in the future will have children from the love person.
Now has come to finish time my letter...
As with impatience I wait your mutual answer... It is very pleasant to me to have contact to you!
I look forward your letter.
Your Russian girlfriend Natalya

Letter 2

Hello my finest the man in the world David.
Today very good day as I have received from you the letter!
And I wish to tell to you, that I very strongly love you and I cannot live without your letters! In these letters your soul is enclosed!
I wish to tell to you, that I very strongly love you, and I to you love in my heart will live millions lot of years!
I want, that you have wondered at you the same force as well as at me? If yes, this answer very much will please me please!
my dear tell to me please that you love in the food!
I love traditional Russian kitchen!! They - are various pel'menis, pancakes with cookery and still it is a lot of dishes!
Whether tell to me please you love Russian kitchen or tried, you? If yes, it is very fine?
But I do not like to eat much as it is necessary to observe of the figure. Tell than you, are borrowed in free days and that you did yesterday!
I I go to free days with the girlfriend to walk or one I sit at home but sometimes and with mum.
I very strongly would like that you have told! Unfortunately I have no many friends as I do not like to receive new friends girls for friendship.
As in the past I had girlfriends who very much were good friends, we were everywhere together, but they did not help me in
Difficult situations! And on it I have no girlfriends very much as I have any big trust to them!
I think that before two people there should not be secrets! I am right? I have checked up the former girlfriends and have understood what they!
You have such friends? If yes, I very much understand you.
My favourite knight you for me the unique which I very strongly love as you me very urgently rescue from
loneliness! And you know that such loneliness and when nearby there is no favourite person?
This very bad feeling! And I do not wish to speak about it as I have which that person I very strongly I love also it you my knight!
Dear I like to spend time on coast and to me it would be very pleasant if we with you
Time have lead together on coast and have arranged picnic.
My city Cheboksary is about 850 km from Moscow.
The darling I think that it would be better for us with you if we have met you this month
Also would spend not forgotten time in a place.
On it I finish the letter!
I wish you good day!
Your lonely love Natalya.