Letter(s) from Victoria Reznichenko to Andrew (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Andy!

Thank you so much for your e-mail. I was very pleased to get it and I am answering you with a big hope that we'll continue to get to know each other and it will be pleasant for both of us and maybe will lead to decision to meet each other and to develop our relations. I liked your pictures very much! Thanks a lot!!! I find you very handsome and attractive man!!! I would like to say you that I appreciate your interest in me and I would like to write you that you seem to be very interesting person and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. Why a little bit? Because it is only start and I don't know you very well but I will try to be open and to answer all your questions that you can have to me. I think that speaking to each other in letters we can find a common language and to get to know each other better enough to share our secrets and dreams, thoughts and feelings. Do you agree with me?

As you know my name is Viktoriya=) If it is hard for you to spell you may just call me Vika;0)
I was born on July, 10, 1980 in Kodyma city and when I finished school I moved to Brovary in Kiev region...But I have never been out of Ukraine never the less I still hope I will have a chance one day;0)
I am single. I have never been amarried and I have no kids. But I wish I could. I am dreaming to have a family.
That's why I am here actually. My friend set me a good exaple when found a nice loving man from Canada and moved to him. They are living their happy life and I decided to try. Why not?

I am the only child in a family. My parents are my best friends. They always support me and I love them dearly.

I work in local school as a PT teacher and I do personal trainings in step during the evenings and weekend in the school gym. It is rented by club I work for, so I almost live in my beloved school=)
I do really enjoy my work as it helps mo to keep fit and work both with children whom I love=)))
and new interesting people who take my classes in step, so if you wanna have a personal coach, you've already got it;0)

I am almost happy with my life. The only thing that I really lack is a reliable gentlemen.
Yeah, real gentlemen... Actually that's why I decided to try myself in Internet as I am greatly disappointed in our men.
I also need some time to learn a person better and correspondence will give me such a chance. But I don't want you to think that I am a fan of long lasting listings... Of course not... some couple of months will be quite enough for me;0)

Well, I am not going to bother you with my biography and frankly speaking I have to be back to my work, that's why I wish you to have a nice day, full of energy and positive emotions,

Sending you a sweet kiss,