Scam letter(s) from Victoria Reznichenko to Al (USA)

Letter 1
Hi,my dear friend ! Thank you for sending a letter to me,I was really happy to receive it.
You seem to be agreeable and interesting person and i`ve found something common between you and me.
I hope our communication will be developing in a good away. Now I`d like to tell you about myself in details. My name is Zoya I`m a winsome girl of twenty seven. I was born on the 20th of January in 1980.
I live in Kypyansk, Kharcov region ,a lovely town in Ukraine. It is not so far from Russia so my native language is Russian.
I graduated from the East Ukrainian Pedagogical University and have a diploma of a teacher. So I work as a teacher in primary school.
To be true first I didn`t want to work in that sphere because of small salary but now I love my job with all my heart. It brings me not enough money but pleasure. I have amazing understanding and warm relationship with my pupils. I find myself as a teacher because I like to take care of somebody and make my folks happy. I love children very much and dream about my own son and daughter. There is so much love in my heart and I need to give it to somebody who deserve it.
I live together with my mother and my younger brother. I have to work hard to fend for ourselves because my father died in an automobile accident six years ago and we don`t have a provider now.
Father`s death was a heartbreak for me because we were the dearest people and I adored him.
I have been lonely for nearly two years after that accident,I didn`t want to communicate with antibody. I miss my daddy so much!But before this misery had happened my parents were very happy together and I know what an ideal family should be!
I was trying so much to find my real love but my attempts weren't successful and I`m disappointed in menfolk of my native country because most of them are *****,idle person which treat women badly so I decided to try to find my love through the Internet. You never know where and when you will find the LOVE! May be it is you?:-)
Frankly speaking I was a little bit afraid of such way of acquaintance because I`m too gullible and frank person and there is so many rascaldom in our cruel word!
But I have heard that foreigners are generous,affectionate men which appreciate kind-hearted and easy-going Slavic women. I hope you are suchlike person!
I dream about happy fireside with good-natured man,whom I could trust and share all the interests and wishes,whom I could give all my unspent tenderness and attention and who would always understand me.
I have likeness with Cinderella and I hope for my prince coming!
I`m so romantic girl and I`ll try to do my best to make my husbant`s life bright and pleasant.
By the way from my own experience i can say that male`s appearance is not very important indeed because man should be generous and kind first of all.I`m looking for my soulmate, soul is more important than appearance for me.
So as you see I`m a sensitive but optimistic girl. Despite all my problems I believe in my future happiness and fulfillment of my dreams.
I don't know English, UNFORTUNATELY;-( so I use translation agency. I would like to learn English but because of financial difficulties in our family I don't have such a chance now.
So if you are interested in me write me back I want to communicate with you,my new friend!)I`ll be waiting impatiently for you answer!!Hope till next letter! Zoya
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