Scam letter(s) from Linda Cole to Sunny (Ireland)

Letter 1
It was good to read back from you, just want you to know that i really appreciate all what you said in the mail will also be glad to let you know more about me as well also will like you answer this few questions . 1. My fav color?
2. My fav movie?
3. My Fav Band? 4. My occupation ?
5. thong,bikini or granny?
6. beach or mountains?
7. tatts/piercings?
8. craziest thing ever done?
9. Smoking or liquor ?
10. Could U travel anywhere? I know this will makes you know a little more about me, also if you think there is anything you want to ask me pls feel free to ask me and i will be so much glad to respond back to you.hope to read back from you. Linda Cares.
Letter 2
Hi, Good morning to you and how was yout night, i guess you have a sound sleep the way i do. just want you to know that i really appreciate all what you said in the mail and i feel very great to read from you b/cos it makes me happy when ever i read any mail from you although have never done this internet stuff before and you are the first man am doing this with and hope this works out for both of us b/cos we are both looking for love and who will make us happy for the rest of our life.i really like the way you describe where you live and i will like to come over for a visit for to meet you and show me around your country b/cos i never been there before and i will let to visit if you really want me to come, so i will like you to ask me any question you feel like asking me and i will be very much happy to answer them for you.hopw to read back from you. Linda Cares...
Letter 3
Its good to hear from you, just want you to know that i really appreciate all what you said in the mail and i will also appreciate to answer all your questions also want you to know that i have a lovely day also missing you so much. 1. My fav color?Pink
2. My fav movie?Romantic Drama,Action,Comedy.
3. My Fav Band?Wes life
4. My occupation ?Cashier
5. thong,bikini or granny?Bikini
6. beach or mountains? Beach
7. tatts/piercings?Ear Piercing
8. craziest thing ever done?None
9. Smoking or liquor ?None
10. Could U travel anywhere?Yes i can travel anywhere if i have the opportunity
11. What do you like about your self ?My Hair
12. What kind of food you prefer?Sea Food
13. What is your fav eau de toilet?Kenneth Cole Black
14. What is your fav merk?Don't Understand
15. Would you like to be married first before you share the bed with me?Yes
16. What do you think about Children ?Yes they will be my future
17. If you would want children how many would you want? 3
18. Do you prefer Gold or Diamonds?Diamond
19. If you would describe your body what part of it would you prefer to describe?My Flat Tummy
20. Do you consider your self a person with self-confident ?Yes I think this will make you know more about me also if there is anything you still wish to ask me pls feel free to ask me.hope to read back from you.
Linda Cares....
Letter 4

It's very nice to read from you.... i did think it would be nice if i am been sincere,loyal,honest,passionate,as i have always been so you know a little more about me as know one knows where this mind end us all up...I am Linda by name as Grandma will call me but you can call me Cutie.........I am 29yrs old from a suburb area in Ohio but in Nigeria with my grandma after the lose of my parents,I am on here in search of a long term relationship ,friendship and hopefully marriage no games at all.I just graduated from fashion and designing at the Xavier university ,Ohio Cincinnati....but presently i am a cashier in a supermarket and decided to come stay around with my grandma so she don't get to be so lonely and thinking about the past loosing my parents..
I don't want to get hurt any more in life this is why i had taking so much time waiting to meet the Mr.right who will love me for me,I am 5.7ft tall,average,good looking,honest,loyal,sincere and honest as my friends will say.......There are many guys out here in Nigeria that tends to disturb me for marriage and others but i wouldn't like to date an African,although i am not a racist...My Dad is from Dayton Ohio,usa and my Mom is from somerset,Uk despite the fact that my grandma had to get married to an English............but i am half British and half American though...
I will be asking some personal questions from you and will like u to get back to me asap...
1.what does an handsome man like you want on an online dating site?
2.Do you think you could ever get the Mrs.right on an online dating site if that is what you looking for?
3.Are you previously married?
4.Do you think you could get married again if u find the Mrs.Right who wants you for whom you are and what you do?
5.what does an handsome man like u do for a living?
6.Do you mind the fact that we are thousands miles away searching for the TRUE love?
7.Do you have kids,if yes that is good ,how are they doing?if not i am not still bothered though....
I will be looking forward to reading more about you in your next mail message..... God Bless Linda Cares
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