Scam letter(s) from Marjana Lolova to Michael (UK)

Letter 1
Hi, Michael! Thank you for your letter. It's really nice to get in touch with you. Hope this acquaintance will lead us to something serious and nice, and we just need to make it so:) Well, these are our first letters and I suppose we should start from telling each other at least some basic facts about ourselves and it's a shame, but I really don't know where to start from:) But I'll do myself best in this and will tell you all those things that I'll remind:)) So, let's make this acquaintance as much resembled to the acquaintance in the real life as it's only possible. So, I start from telling my name, though you could already knew it and as well you could forgot it:)) So, my name is Marjana and I'm 23. I live with my parents and granny. She is very old, and she left alone after her husband's death, so she lives with us. You know,Michael, maybe this story won't be so much about me, but I just was so astonished when I heard the story of my grandparents love. That was there first love for both of them. They were together from the school, they studied at the same institute though on different departments - grandpa on the Historical, and grandma on the Philological, and they got married when they were 20. But in 24 years by grandpa died, he was an archeologist, so he traveled a lot and was in different countries. And he had a hobby - its' called something like rafting, but when he went with his friends for the last time he drown. It was a real shock for my grandma, and even now she cries on the day of their wedding. But what is most interesting as for me that she never got married any more. So, it was her the first and the last love. Yes, it's tragical story, but it made me to believe that such pure and real love still exists and one day I'll find the man who was meant for me as my grandparents were meant for each other. But also I hope that our love won't be so tragical, I'd like to live in love with my man till the ends of our lives. I don't mean that it became the aim of my life to find a man of my life, but I'm so tired of being alone even when I'm among my friends or relatives. I like to be with my friends, and actually I have a lot of them, but now I feel that friends, or relatives love, it's not enough for me. I need to be loved and to love with all my heart. I just want to fall in love so deeply, that no one would be able to get me from there except the man who'll fall with me. Maybe you could ask me why didn't I look for this man to my heart in my country. Well, I tried to, of course I didn't met with the whole country:)) But as far as I got, I haven't met man who could be really interested in serious relations, in real love. And that's why I tried to look for my love in the Internet. Who knows, maybe my real love lives somewhere there, waiting for me as I'm waiting for him here, and soon we'll meet, or maybe we've already met:)) Well, I promised to tell you about myself and instead of this I told you about some strange things:)) So, as I've already told you, I'm 22, and I study on the 5th course of the Agricultural University, I'm going to be a veterinarian. I think there are a lot of human's doctors, but there are no so many really good veterinarians, so someone should to improve this, so let me be this person:)) I like to study, and I spend a lot of time for this. But when I have free time I waste it for my friends or relatives. I like to drink tea at the cafe with friends, to talk about some nonsense, I like to sit at the kitchen, eating pies with my relatives, and talking about some family things. Actually I believe to be in touch with your dear people is very important. And of course I like to sit in the evening reading some book, or just watching TV in a company of my pets. Actually I have no siblings but my parents allowed me to have animals, pretty nice alternative:)) So, I have one dog, her name is Shiri, and two cats - Lubchik and Murchik. I love them never less than all my friends and relatives, well, actually they are my real friends:) Also I like to read, I like this a lot!!! Maybe this is a gift of my granny....:)) She was a University teacher of ancient literature, actually Germanic literature, so it was she who taught me English, and gave me her love to reading. Actually she knows more than 6 languages. I hope I'll be also such wonderful specialist in my field:)) What about music, I don't have any favourite stile, it depends, you know. Well, I suppose I've already bored you greatly with all those family stories and my thoughts:)) But I don't know what you could be interested in, so maybe next time you'll ask me some questions and it will be much easier, especially for you, Michael:)) But actually I hope that next time you'll tell me more about yourself, I just want to know you better. So, I'll be looking forward for your answer, with best wishes, Marjana
Letter 2
Hello to you, Michael, for one more time! I hope not for the last time:)) It's so pleasant to got your letter today. Thank you that you didn't forget to answer me back:)) But I think its' not enough to stop here,and I'd like to know you more, and hope you want the same, so let's not waste time and proceed our acquaintance. Of course, Michael, I'm eager to know as more about you, as its' possible, but I think now I'd better keep telling you about myself. Well, where to start from... I've already told you in my previous letter some facts about myself. But now I'll open you some hidden things about me, are you ready?:) So, as you remember I'm going to be a veterinarian. I suppose it's because my parents allowed me to have some pets. And I cared about them since my childhood. Or maybe because I love them so much, and want to make their lives some easier, then people made it. So now I have at least three loving things who always suffers from my love to animal:)) And if people don't have too much against my future profession, but when they hear about my other feature they usually think that I'm some kind of crazy thing:)) The thing is that I don't eat meat or fish, so I'm a kind of vegetarian. I came to this rather because I pity killed animals, than because I'd like to have some special diet and to be in fit. But if my future partner, husband will eat meat I won't mind this - we are adult people, so we are free to make our own decisions. And actually to keep myself in fit I fond of jogging. You know, in the childhood I went in for folk dancing, but now, I prefer fogging. Most of all I like to wake up early in the morning, while there are not so many people, take a player, and go in for jogging, listening to my favourite music. you know this and contrast sprays gives you a lot of energy for the whole day. So I'm always in good mood:)) But these activities are not so good for the time when you have a flu:)) Well, what else... Oh, what about my favourite music, actually I have no any special preferences about it. I like to listen to good rock. But actually my music preferences depend on my mood, or something other:))And the weekends I like to spend with my friends, I don't like discos or bars too much, as there are too much smocking people, I don't like this. I prefer to spend this time at my or my friends' places, or walking in the streets if its warm part of the year. Ok, I think I've already gave you a pretty normal doze of a shock information about me:)) Hope you are not from those people who take vegetarians as crazy people and soon I'll receive one more letter from you:)) And maybe you'll tell me more about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies or maybe your odd things:)) I'm thirsty to know everything about you, Michael!:) So, I'm waiting, and till then I wish you to have wonderful time, your Marjana
Letter 3
Hello, dear Michael!! You know, it's becoming a kind of habit of mine to wait for your letters, as when I read them I receive so many positive emotions, so for me your letters are like a cure for bad mood:)) It's a very nice cure I should tell you, hope you won't take it from me:)) What about having children, you know, as for me I think it's very serious question and the answer to it should be taken by both partners, it's impossible just for man or woman in the couple to decide whether they'll have children or not. And I'd like to discuss this question with my future partner at first. Of course as any normal woman I'd like to have children - what else could be better then to have children from your beloved man? I think nothing. But in any way I believe that we both should come to this decision. if we'll decide that we should have children then we'll have them, but if we'll think that we'll be happy just for two of us then we'll be just together. I just want to be happy with my beloved person, to make him happiest man in the whole world. And I hope we'll be so. My dear, you know, maybe it sounds some ironically but really since we started to know each other, I spend all days waiting when I'll be able to go to the Internet club, check my mail-box and find there one more letter from you,Michael. I know, we exchanged only with several letters, but as we are getting more and more about each other, it seems to me that we have a lot in common. But I should confess to you, I'm some afraid of this feeling of mine. It seems so strange to have these feelings only after such brief acquaintance, but when you feel that there is something in your everyday life that gives you some strange feeling of some change in your life, but you cannot understand what is going on. You look throw the window and realize that this slush is not so awful, that sky is blue, the wind is fresh and that's why everything is wonderful in this world. You are happy and don't pay any attention to some trifles in your life, that could spoil your mood in the past. But still you cannot understand what is going on with you, what had happened? You just feel that everything is so wonderful, though you still miss something.... And only when you come in touch with the reason of this your change you understand everything. Or it seems to you that you understand. But anyway now you feel that you are a keeper of some very important mystery of the whole world. But you don't have a soul to share this mystery with...But now it's not so easy to put you out. Well, I'm not sure, dear Michael, if you'll understand all those my words:)) But its' something what I feel now, at least some scheme of it:)) Actually, you know, Michael, I understand that it's pretty dangerous to have such feelings to the person you've never seen. I've heard a lot of awful stories about some people who just looking for fun in the Internet, not for serious relations. But as one of my friends says - fortune favours the bold. And by the way till now I could not find a person who can understand me somewhere near to me, so why not just try to look for this person in the whole world? Who knows where the one's second half is awaiting for him? And maybe because I'm tired of being alone, tired of waiting for the day when this second half will come to me by himself. I look at my friends, and see that one half of them is happily married already, and the other has serious relations. It's very difficult to understand how could they create such strong, such loving relations. It seems that there are so many misunderstanding, difficulties between men and women. but maybe here is a secrete? You should have enough strength, mind, patience or something else to be able to live with the person with all his highs and lows, or maybe the thing is rather in your heart? Whether you really love this highs and lows of the person, or you just can live with this? Maybe you have some thoughts on this,Michael? Maybe you have some idea of whet is it better, or what it should be. I'd like to know your opinion on this, dear Michael. I'll be waiting for your answer eagerly, and now you know this:)) your dear Marjana
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetheart, my dear Michael! You know, actually I fully agree with you that one meeting is much better than endless letters, so I'd like to meet with you. I don't actually sure when should we definitely meet - as for me i also don't want to live in dreams without knowing what is it in the real, but as well I don't want to meet with completely unknown person. So, maybe we start planning our meeting and at the same time we know each other better? What do you think about this, Michael? What about your questions, frankly speaking I was some astonished of them, as I thought at least to some of them you can find the answers in my letters. So, as about the university, as I told you that I study at the agrarian university as I'm going to be a veterinarian. And I have to study one more year as I'm finishing this year. What about my favourite food, I told you that I'm a vegetarian and I have no other preferences about this, but I don't eat either meat or fish. I don't drive. What about God, i think it's not so easy questions. I'd say that I rather believe in the Someone who rules all these things on our planet or even more than just our planet. Well, I hope now I answered all your questions:) I'll be waiting for your answer, hope you won't make me wait for too long:)) your dear Marjana
Letter 5
Hi my sweetie Michael!! I was so happy to get your reply as I’m always waiting forward for your letters!!! And all this time I could not do anything properly and all this because of you, oh you such a cruel being!:) And what makes me happy more is that you really want to meet me in real life as well as I do!!! Yes, I want to visit your country so much, and to see it for my own eyes. I’ll try to know everything about all possibilities if I can get visa and then will write you. The only thing that I know for sure (my mom told me it) is that I need to have an international passport in order to fly abroad as I have never been to before, as far as I know it is pretty possible to have it in a month or something (may be even less then month!). I’ll verify it and write you in the next letter. Hope you are missing me as well as I am, so I thought it’ll be pretty good if you have some my photos so I decided to send you some of them for you breed some more love for me in your lovely heart!:)) I send you my kisses so that you can feel the warmness from my heart. Waiting for your reply, your loving Marjana
Letter 6
Hi, my loving sweetie Michael!! Have you missed me? All my thoughts can’t leave you and all your words even for a minute. So it’s like we’ve already together:)) There are some news, pretty cool I think!!! At the Travel Company < > , where I was this morning I was told that actually it’s possible to get a visa for me but it’ll be a tourist visa as I’ve never been abroad and we never met each other (such a pity:)) ) and what else is that you shouldn’t sent me invitation letter for as I also can’t get a guest visa to you. So, this tourist visa will be valid from 2 weeks to 1 month (I wonder how can a person remember all these things – you should see this travel agent!!! So I even made some notes not to forget something useful and still it’s like a mess for me:)) ) and the whole process of this visa making can take something about a month. As for passport – it’s to bring all the documents at once when I apply for my visa in order not to waste the time. And now some sad information: for passport I need to pay 115 euros and 310 euros for visa.You know, I was astonished so greatly when i heard about such prices but then I was told that in these prices they included costs of their services. They told me that if I were doing all those documents by myself then it can take me about several months or even up to the half of a year or more, due to different queues at the OVIR, where the passport should be made as well as in the Embassy. And besides even if i will take the interview in the Embassy then still there is a possibility that I can be denied in the visa issue, but this company lessen this possibility and by the way i won't need to go to Kiev , this company will do everything. it can be pretty useful especially at the thought that it's not so cheap to go there and if it will be needed to go here for several times. But the main problem is that I cannot support myself in this, as I'm just a student and my scholarship is only about $10 per month, as well as all my friends. And I cannot borrow those means from my parents, as they don't posses of them, even though my dad is an engineer but his salary is only 525 hrivnas (I don't know, my dear, whether you are familiar with with the Ukrainian currency but it's about $105 per month, although he is one of the best specialists in our region). That's why, my darling, I have no other way to make all our dreams come true than to trust you, my Michael, and to ask you for your support.Well, I gave you their address (in the beginning of this letter) if you want to know some more information. But there is one more positive thing too!!! They told that after the first visit to your country there would be no problems for me to open a multi-entry visa, which means I can come to you again and again and stay there with you. Isn’t it great?!! Sweet kisses for my sweetie!!! Your loving Marjana
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