Letter(s) from Svetlana Tkachenko to Ervin (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear!
Thank you for your answer, I see you are really serious about me.
Of course, you would wonder to know why did I choose such not ordinary way to look for the soul-mate. I heard about Internet a lot but I have never thought I would apply there looking for a husband. Stories that some girl met a dream man from abroad and married him seemed to me funny. But one friend of mine decided to try. She lives happy life with her husband in Holland now. Maybe this story made me decide to have a chance.
You know, if somebody ask me what is my best dream, I would answer that I want to be happy. It is ordinary answer for every woman. But the meaning of this " to be happy " is different for everybody.
Somebody wants to have a lot of money, somebody wants to have an interesting job, somebody wants to go all over the world, somebody wants to be " Miss USA ". But for me happiness means what??? Let me tell you. I don't dream to make a carrier, I am not interested in it.
As for money, I don't want to be rich like Bill Geitz. I prefer to have a stabile material life. I don't want to win some kind of beauty competition. For me happiness consists mostly with happiness in the personal life. The best happiness is to have a good family, based on love, trust, respect, passion and the wish to live together the rest of life. Maybe it is because of the mentalities in my country. It went from the ancient times and still worked. Maybe it is connected with my own family, I mean parents. I don't know. But from my early childhood I dreamed to have good husband and nice children.
My family will always be on the first place in my life. I know, when I meet a right man and feel love in his eyes, I will give him my heart.
And I hope he would value this gift.
Am I boring? I hope, no. You want to get to know me, my character, my dreams, my hopes. So, I tell you about it. By the way, I wonder to know your opinion as for the same subjects. Would you write me?
Honestly, I am interested in you and hope to continue our correspondence very much. So, decision is yours...
Kiss you,Svetlana

Letter 2

Hello, dear!
I hope you have nothing against that I call you "dear"? I am verypleased to meet you.
I hope thay you are too..
My name is Svetlana I am 38, live In Lugansk.
I was married but now I amdivorced and I have a son .
His name is Denis.
Hi is 15. He lives with me.
He is very nice boy.
We like life and enjoy every single day of it .. but I miss a special man whowill fill in my life with new sense!
My friends say as I am kind, loving,caring, friendly, always willing to help people around me.
I have heart full of tenderness and love that i want to give to the rightman. Men are often attracted with my looks but i am looking for a manwho will see a real woman and personality under my beauty. Life isvery short and passes very quickly, I do not want to waste it beingalone. I want to love and be loved , we will see, may be this Right man are You?
Maybe it is our time to be happy ?
Write me back to this address and I will tell you much more about myself ! Warmly, Svetlana

Letter 3

Hello, my dear!

It's too hard for me to know that reading my letter you think there's only a standard one.
I've just wanted to give you more information about me and I hope to take it from you.
If you think that I'm a scammer don't write me, please. I've just wanted to build warm and tender relations with you, to be honest and use my chance to find real love. I don't need your money, because it's nothing without love. I hope you are really interested in me, because I want get to know more about you, about your life, your wishes and hopes. I'm very single and want have a soulmate, man who could understand me...
If you are still interested in me, write me back. Tell me about yourself.

Friendly, Svetlana.

Letter 4

Hello, dear .....edited....!
Thanks for your reply. I hope we'll build warm and tender relations. I know that it's so difficult to do it on the Internet.
But I know some people, who met each other in such way and they are very happy living together. I like to communicate with people and I think that I'm very easy going person. So I use Internet to get to know more about other people and their way of life. I meet many people at my work. I work in the hospital as a nurse and every day meet new people. I like to help them and keep their good mood every day.
Because it's very important for their health. I like my job so much,
But the most important for me to know that people need my help and I can do it.
Why I'm looking for a husband from other country? I'll be honest with you.
I always liked people from different countries and wanted to be closer to them. But after divorce with my ex husband I understood that I want to find my second half from abroad. My ex husband left me with my son and went to younger women, she is only 21. He pays for her education at the university, but doesn't trouble about his own son. May be he'll change his attention to Denis, but I can't believe it. Nevertheless, I don't need his help.
It's so difficult to find honest and loving man in real life, because they see only my profile, but not my soul and my heart. I'm looking for a man who will understand me, become a good father to my son, will be honest and tender with me.
I wand have beloved man, I want to care about him and make him happy.
I want to wake up with him every morning and prepare the best dishes for the breakfast. Have you the same dream?

P.S. It's difficult to know each other using Internet only. Send my your phone number, I'll call you with pleasure.