Scam letter(s) from Natalia Dorohina to Ian (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my friend Ian !!! I am glad that you have written me. In general it is very interestingto correspondence with you. Because with you I can find out more aboutworld and life in your country. But me more pleasantly and moreinterestingly find out about you. =) For certain you would like tofind out more about me so. Because I want tell you more about myself.I hope you will be interesting find out about my hobbies... But I cantell that at me not concrete hobby. =) But I like to look films,listen to music, read books and newspapers. You like visit cinemas???I visit almost all new films. Because it amazing with beauty andsense... Recently I looked "Samii luchshii philm". Certainly at me wasvery much big impressions. Also I like looking melodramas. I wish findout what music type like you??? And I like to enjoy Classical musicand New Ege. Because it directs at reflections and I like listen thistypes music for dream. Basically I listen Enya, Enigma and manyothers. Except for this music I like also popular english music. So.Probably you reflect why I'm began write to you??? I can tell onlyone... I cannot find in Russia person who loved and respected me. Asone wise person has told: "WHEN WE LIVE WE ARE IN SEARCH, IN SEARCH OFWHO CAN GO WITH YOU ON A VITAL WAY. BECAUSE ONE TO GO VERY MUCH ANDVERY MUCH DIFFICULTLY". I think that you agree with me??? Moreparticularly, I search person kind and careful!!! Probably it onlychildren's dream. But I think that you such. purpose my life it findperson who can cares of me and ours with him children's. Recentlyhappened so I was on funeral schoolmate. Recently he has died of useddrugs... And he has died of overdose. He was the excellent friend, healways came to me the aid when to me it was bad. He was the successfulbusinessman. But unfortunately he has used drugs. I very much regretabout it. And consequently I categorically against drugs. I understandthat you difficult to understand my letters. Forgive me that I usetranslator and consequently probably mistakes in translation. Ilearned English at university and I can speak fluently. But I do nothave time write in English in internet-cafe. I hope that youunderstand... For this reason I use translator, it is fast and simple.So. I shall finish now my letter and move to home have rest beforetomorrow's day. I shall wait your letter and I can tell you that yourletters began more than simply e-mail... Today I again shall send youmy photo. I hope to you pleasantly... Yours faithfully Natalya!!!
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Ian !!! I'm glad see your letter again in mail box. It is very pleasant mefind out about you even more!!!! Sorry that I cannot write youyesterday... But since yesterday's morning I was on daily watch inhospital. I did not sleep and think about you... Therefore having comehome during the lunchtime I sleeped. With mornings I went to sportshall. I like go in for sports because I think that it is useful forhealth and maintenance of spirit. From kinds of sports I prefergymnastics and aerobics. I like swimming. Summer time on river calledSolonec, this most salty lake in Russia.... In this lake extractsalt.... Certainly, after that it is necessary to wash a body, but Ilove movement and consequently I float in this lake!!!! and wintertime in pool. I like to watch myself and I like when I look beautiful.=) And for this purpose I put not small efforts. Many from our peopledo not go in for sports. They speak that they do not have time. But Ithink that for sports always is possible find time. I daily go sportshall. I was accustomed to sports in childhood. Father always spoke methat it is necessary and I completely agree with him especially now. Iremember that time when I studied at university. It were cheerfultimes. Certainly study was difficult, but after study always cheerful.At us was cheerful company and we each day off went to various clubsand cafe. This tradition has remained till now and when we meet thatwe gather in any bar. And we recollect ours student's time. Many of ushave already work in other cities. But the majority still in our city.When I studied in university we studied set of sciences, but basicallynatural sciences. We six years studied so much to become the doctor.It is always pleasant to recollect student's times. But now I wishtell you about tastes in meal. I love different kinds of thefoodstuffs. But basically I can cooking myself. I like cooking becauseit very much interestingly. Especially when you cooking something new.My favourite dish it Blini with cottage cheese!!! The true Russianhouse Blini with cottage cheese!!! . I love them. You know that suchBlini??? Still it is interesting me what you like??? And how the foodin your city is various??? You are able to cooking himself??? I stillwant to ask you phone number. Simply I want to hear yours voice. And Ithink that you probably too not against hear my voice. I cannot togive you my phone number because I live in an apartment where notpresent phone. I as have no cell telephone. And neighbours do notallow me to use their phone. Most likely I shall call you fromtelegraph. So. I shall move now home. I hope that you are not offendedbecause of absence of my answer yesterday and will write to metomorrow. I shall wait very much... Yours faithfully yours Natalya!!!!
Letter 3
Hi my dear Ian !!! I recently start to understand that I get used to your letters andthey become for me big than is simple letters. I always withimpatience wait for your letters. I learn a lot of interesting aboutyou... For me they became the important part of my life. I hope thatyou so concern to my letters... I have written you that I live a lone.I live in an one-room apartment in several quarters from my parents.Almost every day I go to them, I learn as from them affairs as at themhealth. When I have moved on a new apartment neighbours concerned tome unfriendly. And now many too concern to me not so well. But is andgood people. They frequently call on and ask advice. I always helpthem and they answer me gratitude. I believe in God because at my workfrequently have address to him. But it only behind encouragementbecause when you see that people die on your arms same you cannot isquiet look it. Therefore I some times in a month find time to descendin church. I'm orthodox christian. I think that anyone people is bothgood and bad. In hospital I'm collide with people of different peoplesand different creed, but I do not do among them distinction. For meall people identical. I swore Hyprocratic and therefore I help allpeople not looking on anything. And as I concern to them in lives.Unfortunately not all people consider as I and consequently in theworld occur any collisions and acts of terrorism. As well as at us inMoscow and others cities of Russia it has led to to plural humanvictims. But I am confident that people will think again and will makeso that we doctors had not to rescue from death of people. Becauseonly doctors and those who has directly suffered completely understandsize all tragedies. Fortunately now all is quiet and not a lot of workat doctors. But every day there are incidents, failures, unfortunatecases after which we should work strenuously to rescue a life tovictims all these incidents. But fortunately while who has not diedalso to our brigade is possible to perform the work well. By the way Iwould like to know your address... I hope that you to not befrightened to give it to me??? =) I am simple very curious and wouldlike to know more about you. I can give you my mail address where youcould write the usual letter. But I ask you do not send me any gift.In fact speak that people abroad are very generous on gifts and signson attention. =) To me of it not it is necessary. I understand thatyou have such desire, but I the modest girl and consequently I can notsimply accept your gifts. You write to me more warm and kind betterwords and for me it will be the best support in a life.My full name: Dorohina NatalyaMy address: Orenburgskaya oblast' City: Orenburg Zip 460000, Post Office 1box 3059 I wait your answer as nightingale of summer, so speak at us.
Letter 4

Hi my kind friend Ian . Directly I want to tell for a long time waited for that moment that tosee your letter and I again I can see your kind words. At me there wasyesterday a tragedy therefore I at once be sorry my letter will beshorter than usually. To us in hospital has acted it is hard the sickpatient. He has got in failure on the automobile. We tried to rescueto it a life, but unfortunately he has died. We tried to extend itfrom hands of death during eight hours. But at him was extensivehaemorrhage in internal bodies and he has lost a lot of blood. For meit not the first fatal outcome, but I as to this I can not get used.After work I for a long time sat in the apartment and for a long timecould not will calm down. Hands were shaked and from my eyes tears inthemselves flew. I wanted to write to you more today, but I cannotforgive me. Well that you at me are also I can write to you about thefeelings and experiences.I love you.Natalya...
Letter 5
Hi my lovely Ian!!! On it was much easier to me to experience death of the patient when Ihave read your letter. Many thanks for support!!! You are truegentleman!!!! How do you will look if I shall visit you??? For a longtime i dreamt to visit any country. I visited a few places even herein Russia. And if I have so dear Ian in UK that why I cannot visit himCertainly if my dear not against! May i think really?!! Now a lot oftravel agencys here is. Even the middle class similar to me presumesthe trip. Agencys work through banks and I could take the loan inbank. To do all papers, to do the visa, to buy the ticket it is likelyall things which I should make. For 8-10 months I can pay debts. Ingeneral I agree!!! And you??? By the way i have the cousin uncle inyour country. He lives there with family. Seems to be he is theofficer of police. Likely he dear person. I could address to him. I amsure that he will not give up. But if I can make all myself what forshall i to ask somebody?!!!! Total I want to know what you think aboutit??? Then can you tell to me the city nearest to you withinternational airport??? What else.... Yesterday to me came my brotherwith son Pasha. I very much glad to this. He asked about you. I havetold him much about you and he asked me transferred to you greetingsfrom him. Yesterday I played a lot of time with my nephew. Pasha suchinteresting he already goes and speaks much. Yesterday in the eveningwe went to walk on park. I like to walk in streets and park of ourcity. Because to it so it is much connected in my life... We walked onstreets of our city. I very much love ours parkway on which we walk.They beautiful especial now... As the vegetation grows! I have writtenin the end of my last letter that I love you... I want to tell thatit's truth. I not at once have understood, but when has read last yourletter... I have understood that I love you. You can will count thatit cannot be, but believe me it the truth. On it I shall finish letterto you... I wait answers from you on all my reflexions... Yours love Natalya!!!
Letter 6
Hello Love Ian !!! I was the happy person when read your letter! It will be verywonderful to visit you, to see your Uk !!! I am sure that we shallspend our time madly interestingly! Lovely Ian we shall continue thistheme necessarily. But... my hopes were not justified a little. As youknow I wanted to take the loan in bank for trip to you. But I have metan obstacle. My ignorance of laws of the financial market played amalicious joke for myself. I live in an apartment which I took by thebank's loan. It was a some years ago. Precisely 4 years ago. I live inthis apartment and I shall repay residual debts 11 more years forward.I lived and did not know problems. Except that I have not the right totake other loan. . I found out it that day when wrote the last letterto you. I could not sleep that night. Simply I knew that I should takethe help from my uncle about which I spoketo you. So... I hadconversation with him. My mum started conversation and i havecontinued. In conversation she asked the financial help. So... he wasnot against the help for us. On the contrary he has named it a gift.He has told that for a long time did not give something for me and mybrother. The unique handicap for this purpose that he is in termlessofficial journey. And he cannot go in the bank to make transfer forme. Because the nearest bank is far from him. During this moment Ihave become gloomy a little. And has diluted conversation of mylovely. About you. I have added that you are to be his fellowcountryman. And we are strong lovelys. Whether he has specified is itreally that you live in Uk. I have ratified it. He has asked me abouttrust to you. I did not understand about what he speaks. But with afirm voice has told: Of course I trust. Then he has told that we couldcarry out transfer by means of you on your account. He have no bankbeside to him. But he have a laptop and internet connecting. Dear Ianif you will assist and will give me your bank account detail then Ishall be beyond all bounds grateful to you. I can arrive to you atonce. He cannot to do online transfer to Russia. He has held back itbut has told that there are weighty reasons for it. And after hismoney will be in your account you simply will send their fasttransfer. Certainly... all is logical! Please I ask your assist. Sendme your bank account detail. I hope for you. I didn't want to ask yourhelp. But is compelled to ask a little. In fact it is a little... ithink, i hope. Please Please Please . I hope you will not give up tome in my small request. I guarantee confidentiality. My uncle is thepeace police officer if you has not overlooked!!! So... I shall waitvery much the letter from you. Very much I hope to see there goodnews!!! Till tomorrow!!! yours love Natalya!!!
Letter 7
Hi my love Ian !!! I am very glad to receive to receive your letter with your details ofbank my dear. It is really joyful to me my dear and I wish to thankyou for it my dear. Really thanks my dear, ohh my love after all wecan really meet now, it so is pleasant to me my dear. Thanks of thanksof thanks... My dear. But only in your letter does not suffice namebank!!! My uncle really requires details to send you money and bankthis one of the cores!!! You understand it??? Then if you in thefollowing letter will write me name bank that all at us with you itwill be good. I love you and I think that at all of us will turnout...I wish to tell to you that today on June,12th in our country a great holiday: "Day of independence of Russia"!!! It is really remarkable day as all country celebrates it, in ourpark pass various competitions for children and for adults. I thinkthat follows me after I shall write to you the letter to go to walkwith nephew Pasha to walk, to entertain it. I think that it will likeit. It would be much better if now if you be with me was you and wetogether with you were at this time in park or in parkway and youwould see as our people loves the country... ohh my love I so miss onyou, I so wish to be now near to you!!! My dear, I really very muchwould like it... Tonight, when will already darken, will pass salute,I necessarily wish to visit it and to see this grandiose show mydear!!!On it I should finish the letter and move home. My dear, I lookforward your letter. Yours Natalya!!!
Letter 8
Hello my beloved Ian !!!!! It is always pleasant to me to receive yourmail my dear and I am glad to it very much... But nevertheless I wishto apologise before you for that that I did not answer you earlier mydear, forgive, but the Internet - the cafe has been closed also I hadno possibility to write to you the letter my dear... my dear, to mereally pleasantly your trust to me and I am glad that we with you herealready shortly will be together my dear and we will be happy. Weshould speak gratitude words to the uncle for that that he helps usreally it is perfectly my dear. I love you and I will be always withyou, my dear, I once again wish to tell to you that I am very gratefulto you for that that you have trusted in me and have believed. I loveyou. My thoughts only about you, I love you! You warm to me a soul inHeavy time. I think we will be together for ever! This thought willlive In me throughout all my life. Do not leave me favourite never. Iwill not sustain it. My heart will be broken off on a part if we arenot together. I believe, that we soon will meet you and we will loveeach other eternally! I Sat today on kitchen and prepared for myselftea. And I have thought, that would be fine that I have prepared Thistea on us a two with you. It would be well my dear!!! my honey, I wishto tell again to you of a gratitude word, and you only know my dear,that the patience is necessary for us, I love you my dear and always Iwill be with you!!!!! Yours Natalya!!!
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