Scam letter(s) from Olga to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your answering to me. I hope we'll become a good friends or maybe more then just friends.
Life - is a lottery. If we don't play and take chances, we can never be winners....So, lets try to build tender and affectionate relations.
But first of all I'd like to tell you a little bit about me and my life.
My name is Olga, as you've already known. I live in Ukraine, in the city of Primorsk (South of Ukraine).
I'm 30 years old, I was born on the 18 of March in 1978. I'm 170 cm in high and my weight is 56 kg.
I'm shapely and good complexioned woman with brown eyes (but when evening is coming up my eyes become a little bit green) color of my eyes can even depend on my mood.
My hair isn't very long, and I'm a blond.
I adore smiles and laugh, I like, when someone can make me laugh, because I'm very bright girl:)
I'm rather open, easy-going, family-oriented, faithful,passionate gentle and seductive woman.
I graduated National Medical University in the city of Zaporojjya, and now I'm working at the hospital as a nurse.
I'm working in the children department. I like my job very much! It can't bring me a good money and fame, but every day, when I see smiles on children's faces, I forget about all my problems and in these moments I really can say, that I'm very happy.
In my free time I like to devote attention to my self and visit step-aerobics lessons or go to the gym.
I like music, and listen almost all kinds of it, especially I like pop, R&B and sometimes classical music.
I also like watching different movies (romantic comedies, scares and dramas)and sometimes I enjoy watching cartoons:) I think, deep inside I have one little pease of a small girl:)
I like to read, especially magazines and different books of famous authors (novels, poems and scientific literature). Books can develop our mind and viewpoint of life.
I've told you some information about myself. Dear, thank you so much for your photo, you are so attractive man!
I look forward to hearing back from you and getting to know you better.
Warm hugs to you!
Letter 2
Hello, sweetheart!
Once again it's night, once again it's time to put my fingers on the keyboard and I really hope, that my fingers will find their way to build the most beautiful words to the most handsome man in my heart at this moment...Once again it's just time to feel you close to me, once again it's time for a wonderful feeling, that cross my mind and make me feel, that I'm the most luckiest person in the world.
Honey, your letters are a sweet nectar to my lips, air to my lungs and a ray of light to my heart.
Every letter, that I write to you - is the another step to you and I hope, that you'll also make these steps to meet me.
I want to tell you more about my family and my life. I'm one child in the family. My mother and father are still live together. My parents had a great and exciting love story in their youth. They met, when they both studied at the same Medical University. In first day of spring they knock together near the
University, "my mother's" books, that she hold in her hand, fall down and "my future father" began help her to gather them...when their eyes met, it was the Love at first blush! Their hearts flashed with love, tender and passion. It seems like a fairy-tale, but it's a real story which gifted me a LIFE:)
I was so wondered, when my parents tell me this story. I think it's to beautiful, to be true...but deep inside I wish such fairy-tale happen with me.
As you've already understood my parents are doctors and I also decided to tread in my parents steps.
We work in different hospitals, but I like to share my experience with mum and dad in the evening, when I come home. They usually give me a good advise and recommendations.
I adore nature and always, when I have a weekend I try to spend these time out door. I also like to walk down the street in the evening, when i come back home from work. I've never take a bus, I like to go along the luminous signboards of shops, stores and other buildings. I like to inhale smell of the city and its almost empty streets....
I look forward to hearing back from you soon and getting to know you better.
Dear, I like to learn more about you, you could tell me everything you want. And if you want you can ask me whatever you wish, don't be shy:)
Warm hugs and all tender kisses to you!
Sincere yours, Olga.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear heart!
I want to thank you once again for your beautiful letter, which full of tender and warm. Your letters bright my days and bring a big smile on my face.
Just knowing, that you are allowing me to come into your life and change your whole world as you know it tell me, that you are more than ready to be loved by a woman, (like me), who want to take you into her life and make you the center of her universe.
I think we have a lot in common. I'm searching my soul mate, my beloved. The beau ideal of man for me - is handsome man (like you), faithful, honest, tender, affectionate, courageous and family oriented.
I dream about is to be able to make some one else happy in this life and share each simple moment with him. Whole our life consists of many different simple moments...Every simple day could become the most amazing in our life, but almost all people miss these days, and always complain...I think we should take all opportunities, that life gives us. People unlearn enjoy with every moment of our life, with fresh air; sun and moon light; whisper of warm wind, rivers, streams and seas; ticklish rain; fluffy snow or something else...
I want to enjoy every moment being with you, I want to share all my love and affectionate with you.
I want you to hold me and never let me go. I want to smother with your love. I want to whisper all the most tender and passionate words to your sweet ears. I want to become the most gentle, seductive, stunning, captivating woman only for you, my honey. I want us to become the most strong poison to each other. I want to cuddle you tight to me and feel your heart beat, to drink your breath and become *****...
I want us to dip in the Whirlpool of our senses and passion...I want to treat you with my love like King... Honey I want to make all your intimate dreams true! I'll do everything, what you want, I'll give you whole myself. My body is ready to meet you, honey. I want to make you crazy with joy and pleasure with my arms, lips and tongue...
Dear, please tell me about you **** dreams and your sweet desires...I want to know everything about you.
I kiss your sweet cheeks. And I open wide my arms to you, darling.
Dear Gavin to tell you the truth - I don't speak English and I don't have own computer or phone, so I have to use service of Translation Agency...I'm sorry, that I have to say you something like this, but I think, that you should know...
Please write me soon. I'll count every second for your next letter:)
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetie!
It has been a special day every day since I've first met you...You gave me a reason to wake up with a smile on my face every morning. As i wake up, I know, that I will be joining a world, that includes a honest and tender person like you...Dear Gavin, every word, that you receive from me every is writing by me. I write my letter for you, on the sheet of paper, and than bring it to the Agency for translation.
Surely I know, honey Gavin, that I have to learn English, and I'll search good English classes.
Life is the ability to chose, we chose everything in our life, we chose our friends, we chose to feel happy, we chose to work and we chose to love and life has always been like that, yes it is about the ability to life and love. Love is what we are born to feel, it make us to feel broken, sad too many times and weak too many other times but to enjoy the whole life completely then we have to feel love.
Honey, TRUST - is something beautiful and we build too many things in this life when we trust because we forget to be afraid and when your mind and your soul are free, then you have balance and harmony in your life which means that you have the ability to chose and then we chose to how to love and how to keep this love.
My darling, I'm a very sincere person and the life gives us that possibility and in our life to many things are available for everyone song of the birds, sound of the waves yes many of these things are free for each of us in this life to enjoy it, the ability to be honest, the ability to love yes the ability to love and that is what we forget too many times, the ability to give, the ability to get, the ability to love each other or at least tolerate each other. So, I know, that thousands of kilometers separate us, but I believe, that it isn't important for us, because our feelings are stronger...
Dear, I think we must find in our life a free part for LOVE...I'm talking about the most amazing sense in all over the world, to my opinion, Love to someone special for us.
Love to that person, whose smile gives us opportunity to breath and to live...I'm not talking about the love to different kinds of material things. The love, that we give to material things - is some kind of love, that only take and never gives back, so that is why in my life I really give my love to people that is around me because when we get older then we don't remember things in our life but we remember very well faces and smiles that have been close to us that is my philosophy in life.
I hope, there is a little part in you heart, that still empty for today and waiting for a love...
I hope you will share with me your heart and soul, because my heart is open for you...
Honey Gavin I dreamed yesterday night in my bed about you, and about our meeting. I want to share my dream with you... First of all we will have out for a nice long walk along the beach in the sun holding hands. When we come back into the house I wander upstairs and run a nice bath with oils for you to relax into while I prepare the dinner, you slip your body out of your clothes and lower yourself into the warm bath, some music playing as you start to unwind.. You hear the noise of the "Chef" in the kitchen and smile.
You hear the noise stop and my footsteps come up the stairs and see the door open, you look over and smile, I kneel alongside the bath and put my hand on your cheek to turn your head toward me, I kiss you with a passionate kiss, our tongues meeting and playing excitedly, my hand drops from your cheek and over your stomach, the oils making the sensation the more special, your ******* go rock hard with the feeling of my fingers passing.....
Honey Gavin and now I want you to continue this dream. I want to know what can turn you on, and how could I bring you a God's pleasure. I hope you've understand me, dear... I'm sending you one of my favorite poem, maybe you'll see something same, like in our relations:)
I'm sending all the most soft and passionate kisses and tender hugs to you!
And I'll be wait for your new letter soon.......
Letter 5
Dear Sir, Gavin. Olga is a client of our firm. She uses our firm's service of translation and Internet services. Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment, which is rather small. If you are not interested in the further correspondence, we ask you to observe confidentiality concerning the personal information from Olga. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Manager of "Paritet"
Elena Filipova.
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