Scam Letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Christer (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hi honey is been along time we met on chat,i really hope u are doing okay there like am here doing okay,i really miss u okay,i always think about u okay,and always think of making love with u my honey,i always think of been under u and to be feeling ur cock,the day we will meet real infact i dont even know what to say ,we are going to share alot of love,am going to suck u til u cum,and am also going to give u al my body okay to do anything u want with it,honey i dont want to be worrying u about the phone okay but u remember u promise me in my mail that u goona help me buy it this past friday but u did not say anything about it honey i know u love me and want to do anything for me to have the phone and am also willing to have it so fast so that we can shgare alot of love okay,bcos some times i wish to save some mesages on the phone but bcos the phone does not belongs to me when remove my sim to then some of the messages delete okay,plz honey plz can u tell me some thing about the phone bcos i dont want to be worrying my mum with her phone from monday going okay ,honey u are in my heart and no one can change my mind of or no one can stop me from loving u okay ,plz i want u to help me buy it on monday okay u made a promise but it seems u ve forgotten it , HONEY BABY I LOVE U AND I KNOW U ALSO LOVE ME willing to haer from u okay,honey i wish to be feeling ur cock for tonite okay
willing to haer from u soon



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