Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Ray (USA)
Letter 1
Hello New Friend Ray!!!!!
Ray I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you have answered my letter. The site of acquaintances has shown me yours profile which coincided with my inquiry. You have seemed to me to the most interesting and I have decided to write to you. I to not go to clubs. I live in Russia, I hope it does not become a barrier to our dialogue because I have found you and I do not wish to lose now, I wish to communicate with you. I want to tell more about myself. My name Kseniya. I live in city Kuzhener. To me of 28 years, I was never married, I live together with mum. Daddy at me is not present also I do not know where he. I work as nurse in local hospital. I like my work, I can help people and to me it very much pleases. I am glad when I see happy people, and you Ray? I go to cinema, I like to have a rest and I like to dance, go to theatre. I can not have a rest much because it is necessary to work much. To me it is very bad one and consequently I have decided will get acquainted to you. At us in city has appeared the Internet of cafe and I have learned that from it help is possible will get acquainted and has decided to try. Ray you have liked me also I want to learn you better. I hope that you will tell about yourself more. I as hope to receive many your beautiful photos. I want to learn as from you character? What you search in women? How you have a rest? I with pleasure shall answer all your questions and I shall be glad to receive your letters frequently. I send you a photo, It is pleasant to you? I shall wait for your letter on my e-mail:
Your new friend Kseniya.
Letter 2
Hello Ray!!!
Why you have ceased to write to me? What happens with you? I experience for you. When we have started to communicate with you, the soul prompted me that you the one whom I search for all life. But now I do not see your letter and I suffer from it. On what you please inform do not write to me. I hope that you have not forgotten me and write to me tomorrow.
Yours Kseniya.
Letter 3
Hello Ray !!!!!
How your day? I hope that all well and you feel normally. I am very glad to receive your letter. To me your words are very pleasant. I am glad, that you were in Ukraine. This country is very similar to Russia. What is Skype? Unfortunately I to not have phone and I do not know as you to call. I am on distance of 850 kilometers from Moscow. Ray I am glad to receive your letter and I am glad that is interesting to you. You liked my photo? And today's? I shall send necessarily to you more than the photos and I hope that you as will send me the photos. At me it is a lot of questions to you and I very much want to learn you better and more. I hope that you will answer them and I can learn more about you. I want will get acquainted to you for serious relations and I do not want to play in any games. Ray I want to tell about myself more. My growth near 5 ' 10, weight approximately 54 kgs. A breast, a waist and hips accordingly 89 - 65 - 92. I as want to learn about you more. You will inform me? Ray I love sincerity and honesty. I like cleanliness and the order, I adore cooking and I think that at me well turns out. I would dream of that that I had man which will love me and which will be loved by I. Ray you can be it? I want to learn you better and I think that then we with you shall decide we one approach another whether or not. Inform me about what woman you you dream? What at her should be character? What she should be able to make? You will send me a new photo? I hope that I shall receive it soon. I to send you my photo. It is a photo it has been made on walk in a wood. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. I wait for your letter,
Sincerely, Kseniya.
Letter 4

Hello My Friend Ray!!!!!!
Ray I am glad to your letter how you feel? I am very glad to receive your letter. All that was bad at me disappears from heads when I receive your letter. Thanks for all your pictures.! I am very glad them to see, tell about them. I want to learn more about your family. Ray you will tell to me? At you it is a lot of relatives? I live with mum in one apartment. To my mum of 58 years, daddy I do not know also mum of nothing speaks about it. I of nothing ask because also mum once has asked began sad, and I do not want it. At me to have the grandmother, she lives in village Ismenci. Mum call Galina, and grandmother Zoya. And at you Ray? I like to go to the grandmother in the summer. At her it is very good to have a rest, clean air, I can be with the grandmother and help her in everything, she has learned much me when I was small and a vein at her. In our country few good men and who good are already married. Therefore I now one. Ray you like me and I want to learn you more and more every day. I want will meet the man which sincere with me which will love me and which will be glad to ours with it to happiness together with me. I am sure that the adult the man understands it and consequently age for me not the main thing. Ray I do not love quarrels and conflicts, I want to be with the beloved to see his smile, to feel his passion, tenderness and caress. I to send you a photo when I was in village at the grandmother in the summer. These photos have been made two years ago. It was very hot summer, days were clear and solar, and evenings very beautiful. I liked to spend a lot of time I to the grandmother in village. How which I to you send a photo to you? It I .. You like flowers??? What???? To me very much like field and roses. I already miss your letter. Where it?
I hope that I shall receive soon.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 5
Hello Ray!!!
Ray, mum and the grandmother transfer you the greetings. I send you the kisses, and I hope, that you receive them, and they warm you, and you feel well. I very much wait for your letters and I hope, that you will soon write to me. I very much wish to receive your letter. Without your letter every evening sad and I feel alone. But I trust, that I shall receive your letter soon and again happiness in my opinion and I am happy. I miss and I wait....
Letter 6
Hello Ray!!!
At me on eyes of tear. I wished to receive your letter, but it is not present. And I wished to inform you fine news. I saw yesterday a fine dream in which we were together. I wished to tell to you. But you could not write. And me it is sad, Ray I understand, that you have not had time to write to me and that will leave to write soon, but I any more will not be in the Internet of cafe. Ray I wait for your letter. And what to you dreamed? Tell to me?
Letter 7
Hello My Ray !!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. How you? What today was interesting? How your mood? Now solar weather. Now 9 o'clock in the morning. I today went along the street and have seen a small cat. He was such small and I have taken him home. Ray I do not know what name to him to think up. You can advise me? I do not know what to think up. How you like to have a rest? Ray you can tell to me more about the and interest. Ray that you like to eat? I love ice-cream, I simply adore it also I like when it thaws in a mouth. I adore a pizza and at me even to have the recipe of its preparation and I make it sometimes. And what you like? How films? You like dance? To go to theatre? How you relax? You love a beach? The sea or the river? I adore to look comedies and I think that we could look them together. How you think Ray? I love the river, I was on the sea only once in Sochi and I very much love it. I adore as a cool wind from the sea freshens me. As water washes legs. THIS NOT OVERLOOKED FEELING. I adore to bathe. You like swim Ray?
I would like to dance with you, you would dance with me? I so was lost in day-dreams about that that we shall make together and likely has asked you much.
Well on it I shall finish. I hope, that you like my photos.
They have been made on ours an ice platform I like to skate.
But I still badly go for a drive. You are able to skate?
I shall wait for your photo and the letter.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 8
Hello Ray!!!
Ray why you do not write? I worry and I wait for your letter. But I pray, that all would be good with you and as soon as you can you will answer me. I shall wait very much, with impatience. At us today cool and only beams of the sun warm a little. If I have received your letter it has warmed my heart, and I felt better. Ray I very much wait for your letter.
Your gentle and sincere Kseniya
Letter 9
Hello Ray!!!!!
7:30. I am glad that you have not overlooked about me and have answered my letter. I am glad will receive your letter. You bring to me pleasure and I feel well. I hope that you soon to recover. I worry for you. I am glad that you understand me Ray, I hope that I shall receive yours photo. I very much I want to receive them much. I want to learn about your friends, what you can to tell about them? At you it is a lot of friends? At me to have friends but best my girlfriend it Nastya. I send you a photo on this a photo I with my best girlfriend Nastya near a bed. I with her friend with child, we together went to school, together studies in school and many have learned about life. Only she after school has gone studies as the teacher and I in hospital. I well studied English at school but I hope that you understand that that I write well, whether or not? Ray tell me. Teachers spoke that at me turns out better to talk than write. At me it is a lot of mistakes? I do not love grammar. Ray how call your best friend? You for a long time with it be friends? At you to have a photo where you together? You can sent me it? I hope that I shall receive much your a photo. You very much like me and I am glad to our acquaintance very much. I already miss and I wait your letter, I hope that soon you will write to me.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 10
Hello My Dear Ray !!!!!!!!!
Ray your letter as a beam of the sun and it warms me and my heart. Thank. Ray as you? How your day? 7:31 Now fine time and excellent weather. It is a little right cool also the wind blows. Thanks for a photo of your best friend. My name Kse-ni-ya. I also to wish to hear your voice, but I cannot find a way to call to you. I to search, but I cannot find phone with an output in other country. I continue to search, when I to find I shall inform you. I very much ?skf am glad, if you to visit me. I think, that the most close airport is in Moscow. Ray I want to learn about your work more. You with pleasure go for work? Ray it is pleasant to you? At you friendly colleagues or they do not like you? At you to have enemies? I work as nurse and my work very much is pleasant to me. I love it because I can help people. Especially well when people happy leave hospital and on them face smiles. I work six days per one week, sometimes to have to remain on days off. It is necessary to be on duty and look that all was good and then I work even on Sunday. Ray and how you work? What you usually make in weekend? I usually go on Saturday in the evening to the grandmother when at me to have time. Usually time in two weeks I was necessary will be at it all Sunday. At me very good grandmother, she has learned me to make good pies, but at her it turns out better. You want to try pies of my grandmother? I would think that she was is glad if you could try them. My girlfriend sent the regards to you and my mum too. I hope that you receive them when open the letter. Ray I send you a photo. I hope, that you like they. I to send you a photo, on this a photo I near an aquarium. We in hospital have a room of rest where patients have a rest and spend time. These photos have been made there. I would like to receive your letter now but likely you sleep, what you make when to you there comes my letter?
I wait for your answer.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 11
Hello Ray !!!!!!!
Ray today at us solar weather, the sky blue and I thought, that today I shall receive your letter which will warm my heart, but it is not present. What happens? YOU cannot write to me? Why? I hope, that at you all is good, mum asked to transfer you greetings. She speaks, that to I not would forget to send the regards to you from her. And I have not forgotten. I hope, that when you will receive my letter at once to me you will write. Even some lines. I shall wait.
Ray I miss you!!!!!
Yours Kseniya
Letter 12
Ray I ask you do not take offence at me. I urgently should run for work and I hope that you understand me. I shall explain all to you tomorrow. I ask you do not take offence, but I do not have time now.
Forgive that I can not write more.
Letter 13
Hello My Dear Man Ray!!!!!!
How at you affairs? I hope, that at you all is good. I miss you. Now it is snowing and a lowering sky. Time 8:40. I so am glad to read your letters! I shall transmit your words to my grandmother. Thanks what to tell about the work. I not well dance. But I would dance with you! Ray I hope that you are not offended on me. Forgive that could not write, I yesterday was late for work. There today was a lot of ill and me have urgently caused for work. I am very tired because did not sleep today at night. It was necessary all night worked. Ray I thought of you. I like that that I have got acquainted with you. You very much like me. I the first time meet such the man as you and I hope that our acquaintance will have the big future. I yesterday have fallen asleep on work and know that have seen? I have seen a beach, on it of nobody was. I went in the sea and sand warmed my legs and I have decided to be in water. I was in water and have lain on the sun sunburn. I have put on a skin a cream from sunburn and did not know as to put it on a back. And here you have appeared. You went one and I have asked you to help me. Ray you would help me? Ray tomorrow there will arrive my grandmother and I want to prepare for her favourite pies. You ate what or Russian dishes? Ray you would like to try them? You tried pel'menis? Or a borshch? I am able to prepare for many Russian dishes, the grandmother learned me to much I think that I can surprise you. I hope that I shall receive your letter tomorrow, I miss you and I wait for your letter. I hope that you have not strongly taken offence at me. I very much apologize but I the truth could not write to you. I send you the kisses and I hope that you receive them.
Yours Kseniya.
Letter 14
Hello My Dear Man Ray !!!!!!
I am happy to receive your letter and on mine face a smile from that that you have not overlooked about me. I hope that at you all well and that day has passed successfully. I like my work. I do not understand time. I do not know how many at you there time. Recently I to write to you in the morning. I do not know phone of hospital. The Russian girls are known for dance? I never about this heard. You to wish to send something? I am very intrigued. The address of hospital: 42542 area Kuzhenersky, street of Communistic the house 2. I do not know in what business, I cannot open a file. Which you to send me. What I need to make for this purpose? I am glad to see a photo. Ray I want to talk to you seriously, we already for a long time communicate also I I want to learn about you more. At you to have secrets from me? Ray only tell fairly. At me is not present neither secrets and I shall answer on like your question. I think that we should know all one about the friend and we should not have any secrets. Ray you to me like, my mum, the grandmother, my girlfriends know that I communicate with you and send the regards to you much much. They are glad to that that I have met you. Speak that after acquaintance I have changed. You know? I became happier. I each day wait when I can come in the Internet of cafe and read your letter and me is very sad if I have not received it. I would like to receive more your photos and I hope that you will send them to me. We with you as two climbers which get on mountain. And at top of us the happiness or disappointment expects. How you think that waits for us? My grandmother when came that asked about you much. I to her have told all also she too trusts in our big future and I hope that it will be so.
Ray what you think? What your friends think? I hope that you do not have from me secrets and you answer on all my questions sincerely.
Likely you are tired to read my letter? Whether or not?
How to you my today's photo?I to send you today my photo.
This photo has been made one one year ago in the summer.
We with the girlfriend went to a campaign in a wood.
In our area it is a lot of rivers also there are very beautiful places. We have found this place very much for a long time and we often went with the girlfriend there and had a rest. I hope that is pleasant.
I shall write more tomorrow.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 15
Hello My Lovely Ray!!!!
I am glad to your letter, it as a beam of the sun warms me and my heart. You like my photos? You very much like me. I want to talk about your relations to other women. At you was much girl in life? Why you left him? What you did not arrange in them or in in your relations? I communicated with guys and many wanted from me only sex. But I want more, I want the present love. And you Ray? I would like to see you in the future. You could fly to me? My address: 42542 area Kuzhener, street of Builders the house 4 apartment 7. Yes, I live near to Kazan. I do not understand your question about the translator. I have with you a dictionary which I have taken in library when I see a unfamiliar word I to look there. Ray, I understand all that you to write. I to speak in English better than to write. If we to meet, we shall understand each other. Thanks for a picture, now I to look at it and the nobility where you. When I went to school, I was looked after by the guy, we together went to cinema, together went on dances and I thought that we always shall be together. But once he has left with parents for other city and I more never saw it. He was gone and then I felt like badly. In college I got acquainted with guys much, we with girlfriend went on dances. I there has got acquainted with guys, he was nice and looked after me, but also I once was gone did not know where he. Appeared that he married the rich girl. And then I have understood that was mistaken in him. Seem he love only money. I do not know why to me so did not carry in life, I thought that in general I shall be always one but have met you and my life has changed. Ray you believe me? It is the truth. I feel perfectly after have met you, I think of us much. Sometimes I leave on a balcony and I think of us, I look at stars. Ray you would like to look at stars with me? It is beautiful.
Your life has changed after you have got acquainted with me?
I hope that I shall receive your answer tomorrow.
I send you my photo with beautiful flowers.
Would would like that you sat next to me.
Yours Kseniya
Letter 16
Hello My Lovely Man Ray !!!!!!
I am glad to your letter, at us also I your letter today am warm is happy to receive. I am glad to learn more about you. Thanks for your frankness and openness. I also never to you lie. I do not know as me to open your wedding video. Ray, understand me, I understand that at us a big difference in the age of. But I search for serious relationships. I search for the man with which we shall be to speak about what. Which will love and cares. I about him shall care and love him. Which will not hurt me. To me it is necessary skilled the man. The true love is necessary to me. I enough in a life suffered, I am tired from this. I want love. My mum and girlfriends see, that I am happy, that you have appeared in my life. For them before the main thing that I was happy. I look not at your age, and what you in a soul. What you in a soul? Ray how you feel itself? I hope that well, what happened at you today? There was that that interesting? When I went today for work that I thought of us. I constantly think of you. About that as you also that you make. About that as has passed your day and I would want that it at you always was good and you frequently smiled. I would like to be with you and to see now your smile. Ray how you think there will be we with you the first kiss? How you imagine to yourself it? Ray I think that it will be fine. I would like to feel as you touch to me and press me to myself and we are kissed. I am sure that it perfectly. I would like to be now with you and to kiss. And you Ray? Ray when I was not familiar with you that I felt what that melancholy in heart. But all has passed when I have met you, your letters give me glad, I feel inflow of forces when I read your letter. I today promised to go to Nastya. She speaks that at her mum that with a throat, likely she has caught a cold also she asks to look. I think that all will be good. I send you the kiss. Look at the sky if you see stars that to find constellation the Big She-bear. It is similar to the big ladle. I send you kisses in it a ladle and I hope that you receive them and they warm you.
P.S. I send you photos from rest to Sochi at a beach on a mooring.
Also one more photo with my girlfriend in our court yard near to our house.
I already miss you and with impatience I would wait what to receive your letter tomorrow.
Your gentle Kseniya
Letter 17
Hello My Lovely Ray !!!!!!
Ray your letters bring pleasure to my heart and I am glad to receive them. My heart knocks strongly strongly when I read your letter and it is pleasant to me. I went in Sochi in holiday. Sochi is to Black sea. I also miss on you! I hope that you understand that I feel to you. Ray you to you for me the same close person as mum, grandma and my girlfriends. But I hope that you will be more than the friend. Ray you would like to be mine the man? I feel that each day I think of you and only about you and I can not think of anything. This feeling is expensive me, it very much is pleasant to me. Ray you are very dear to me, I never met such men as you and I think that you such one and there is nobody similar to you. I very much worry and likely have made many mistakes but I I should tell you it. I can not hide anything from you. I feel that in my heart there is that that that changes my life. And these changes like to me. And you Ray? I feel that I am in love. I have fallen in love, but I want as to know that you think of me? What feelings you test? I love you Ray, I am not sure in it completely, but I think that I have met the love about which you dreamed also it Ray. I send you the photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. How it to you? On these a photos I on a swing. This swing stand at the grandmother in village.
I often go in the summer to the grandmother to help her.
I like to walk and there it is very beautiful also fresh air.
I always wait for your letters and I
hope that I shall receive your letter tomorrow.
I very much miss.......
Your sweet Kseniya
Letter 18
Hello My Lovely Man Ray!!!!!!
How your day? How you feel? How your mood? Your letters please you? I adore to read your letters and when they do not come I I feel lonely. And I hope that you will write to me frequently. To me it is very pleasant, that you so to think of me! To me your words are pleasant! I also very much wish to hear your voice. But I cannot find a way to call to you. I continue to search. As soon as I to find, I shall inform you. It is a pity to me, that at us nobody connects such service, nobody to call in other countries and consequently we do not have output in other country. I nevertheless hope to find such phone. I hope, that at all of us it will be good. I last night watched the TV with mum and she has asked to make to her massage. After massage she has told that to her very easily. I studied to make massage when still studied in college. There me to much have learned. You would would like that I have made massage to you? I am able to make massage well? Mum speaks that after my massage each cage of her body breathes as new. Ray you like massage? I am able to make a lot of different massage. After my massage you will have many forces and you will feel like perfectly. Ray and you are able to make massage? You would make to me it if I have asked you? I am sure that at you it to turn out, at you and I very much would want to feel strong hands as you will make massage to me. Ray I send you kisses, many, much, the fine kisses. If you will go in the evening and will see stars from each of them you will receive my kiss. You see stars? Ray my kisses warm you? They warm your heart when you sleep? I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that your day will be filled with happiness. On these a photo which I you to send I on a beach. We with the girlfriend went in Sochi two years ago. We had a rest under the permit which have given my girlfriend on work. She has taken me in Sochi. It is surprising a place! Ray, there beautiful landscapes and good beaches. There very much it was pleasant to me. We have well spent time.I hope this photo will warm you, and it together with my kisses brings to you pleasure and love. Ray I shall sleep today and to dream of that what we with you have met.
Suddenly I shall see our meeting?
Yours Kseniya
Letter 19
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Ray!!!!!!!!
Ray I love your letters!! I adore them!!!I read also I is happy!!!!!
To me your words are very pleasant. Yes, I love a beach! I like to kiss, I would like that you kissed me on a neck. I would like to test the French kiss. Thanks for your fine photos with an angel! Ray, I shall look forward mail from Tanya. When I to receive it, I to answer it. I never to injure you. Ray I miss you and I think only of you. You look at stars? You know that each star is one life? When the person dies that a star falls. You heard about it? When people find one another that stars make together. I searched your and my stars. I think that they together in the sky instead of so it is far as I from you now. I can be bad I write English and you do not understand all my answers and I can not understand completely your ideas but I know, I know that I to have you and it glad my heart. Our feelings, ours imagination, idea give us force and any barrier do not prevent us to learn one another better. You dreamed of our meeting? You will not believe but I recently saw it. We have met you in the street. You have approached and have asked me a question. It is possible to go with me at cinema? I have told that it is possible, and have asked to have you the ticket whether or not. You have told what to have and I have gone with you to cinema. It was what that the comedy and we together with you laughed. We walked along the street, in park, our hands were together and you held me. Ray you know has passed our first kiss? I have not fallen nearly and you have picked up me and have pressed to yourself and we have kissed. IT WAS FINE!!!!!!! I felt as my body shivers with happiness and I have wings. You see dreams of us Ray? What you see in the dreams? Tell me, I want to learn about your ideas more. You would would like that my dream became a reality?
I want to kiss you Ray!!!!!!
I hope that I shall receive your kiss tomorrow. You will send it to me Ray?
P.S. I send you my photo.
Your gentle and tender Kseniya
Letter 20
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Ray!!!!!!!
Ray I am glad to receive your letter, it again warms my heart. I am glad that we understand one another and that we became closer one to another. Ray, I also very much want our meeting. I dream of that fine day when we shall be together. I hope, that you to receive this letter and you do not have more problems with mail. I have received all your letters. Thanks for a photo! Ray what to you speak your relatives? Mine mum and the grandmother are very glad that I am familiar with you. They constantly ask about you. Ray they concern to you as to the son and the grandson. They are glad that I to have the person which as is close to me as well as they. Ray and your friends as concern to me? What they think of us? My girlfriends think that at us the big love. When I tell about you all of them are silent and listen closely. They speak that gifts would like to present you. The grandmother wants to present you the pies, at her very tasty pies and I am sure that if you will try their that to you it is pleasant very much. My girlfriends ask to send you the greetings and congratulations, mum speaks that if could that with pleasure would give you the big gift. How a gift you would like receive of my mum? Ray what you think of us? What you think of our relations? You very much like me and I feel heart that you which that person I searched for all life. Ray you would like to be the man of my dream? And my prince? You know that me does not suffice now? I do not have no your eyes, your voice, your smile, I want to feel you to touch you. I want to feel as your hands embrace me. I want to feel as our lips kiss one another. Yes between us the big distance, now we communicate only letters, but I shall make all what we with you were happy together. That we could be closer one to another. What all about what we dream was a reality.
Ray I hope that at you all well, what you think? What your friends and relatives about us give?
I miss and I wait for your letter and your answers.
Yours, sincerely, gentle Kseniya
Letter 21
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Ray!!!!!!!
I so missed and waited for your letter. I likely would be very much upset if you have not written to me. Ray my heart is pleased and when I think of you, I am happy. So it is pleasant to me to see your photos. It so is surprising, that my photo in yours a computer. We so it is far, but we can see each other, it so is unusual to me! Thanks what to tell about itself, I wish to know about you all! Ray many my girlfriends, my mum, the grandmother, speak everyone that I have very strongly changed also I I feel it. All of them speak that I am happy. As you think as there will be our first meeting. I want to meet you, I think that I would grow for that what to be with you for ever. I am glad to receive that you write me and I am glad when I receive your sincere letters. Ray I am grateful to you for that that you have changed my relation to life, have made me happy, have presented love and caress. Ray I many times imagined our meeting, in park, on a beach, in the street, at cinema and it is a lot of much still where. Ray but most of all I like one my idea when you meet me at the airport, I run to you towards, you see me and open the embraces, and we with you are kissed long long. You take me on hands and we with you leave the airport, we sit in the machine and we go to you. Ray when we go in the machine we are kissed and then when we come, we come into the house and we include pleasant music. I cooking for us with you supper together with you. We make together easy salad, we cover a table and we light meetings. We do not depart one from another. We is constant together both our love and caress warms our bodies. After we had supper, we have started to dance. It was fine, dancing we have come in a bedroom and there made love.
Ray and how you think our first meeting will look? What we shall make on it? It is pleasant to you my new photos? These photos have been made at date of city in the past to year. I do not know you know that such I to hold in a hand or not? It is sugar cotton wool. It is very tasty sweet. In the childhood I very much loved it. There was a parade and a holiday and we with the girlfriend have gone on the area. On these photos you can see our building the mayoralty. All of them transfer you my lovely greetings. I showed them your photos and they find you very nice the man. I shall wait for your letter, I want to be with you in your embraces for ever, I know that we shall be happy together. I want to be with you and only with you.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Kseniya
Letter 22
Forgive Ray. Forgive, I do not know what to tell now. Forgive me, I do not know what to tell now......
I do not know what to write, I promised you that I shall be with you but I do not know as to make it. I do not have words, on my eyes of tear and I feel very badly. As soon as I have left travel agency I feel very badly. At me hardly heart has not stopped from that that I there have learned. I have learned cost of trip. Ray it is a lot of, the truth. I do not know that I can make, and consequently I do not know when I can be with you. I do not know when we shall meet. From it it is hurt me, I have promised to you, but I can not constrain the promise before you. Ray To me it is very bad, I want to be with you and I would want that we with you were happy for ever. I learned what documents are required. And I have all this, all necessary information and all the rest for reception of the passport and the visa. But I can not pay reception of all it. I can not pay official registration of papers and receptions of tickets. It is a lot of and I can not make it. Forgive Ray........ I understand that I have given you the promise and now to me very badly from that that I can not make so to be with you. But I would not have money what to be with you for ever. Ray I want to ask you only about one. Do not leave me, yes I am far, yes I can not arrive, yes I do not have money and I the poor girl. BUT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! I love you Ray!!!!! I want to be with you and I ask you, write to me, I want to be with you and I shall make all that we with you were together for ever. I understand, that I have not executed the promise but I ask you do not leave me from for it.
Forgive, forgive that I can not be with you now.
Forgive me Ray..........
Yours and only yours Kseniya
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